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cubanpete reviewed on 08 Feb 2014
I have had no problems at all with 2.82. On Mountain Lion.
Works great. No crashes. Fine software. thanks a lot
[Version 2.82]


cubanpete reviewed on 08 Feb 2014
Very good for my data. Exactly what I needed.
Works flawlessy. Thanks a lot!
[Version 1.3.2]


cubanpete reviewed on 05 Jul 2013
You can get the LAST REAL OPERA VERSION 12.16 on
this Opera page:
Thanks Opera for making an update to the abandoned Browser!
My rating applies to version 12.16 of course
[Version 12.15.1748]


cubanpete reviewed on 04 Jul 2013
Opera is now at version 15 and it is based on WebKit Chromium.
I am saying no thanks to this "great new version" and bye bye to Opera in the future because of the reasons given below. I also gave a bad rating.
The design is ok. Speed is good to. Opera emphasizes on performance, however I am not sitting here with a stopwatch to examine microseconds, so I have stopped paying attention to how fast this browser is compared to Safari for example.
I've been using Opera since version 3.0, so I guess by now I'm a power user. To me other things matter.
The new version of Opera is however something entirely different because it's based on Chromium apparently.
So what does this mean? Well, I you hated Opera NEXT then don't update because Opera 15 is Opera NEXT.
Gone are many features that have made Opera great.
Missing features were simply ignored and not built in.
Biggest deal-breaker for me is the missing bookmark manager! Imported bookmarks go to the Speed Dial as BIG icons. GRRR!
No more sidebar to keep bookmarks or notes open.
The downloads view page is unusable for me.
Automatically reload a page after an amount of time is gone.
You cant stack tabs anymore to reduce clutter.
The keyboard shortcuts must be enabled. Gone are one-key shortcuts - you mus now press up to three keys for the simplest of actions
You can't really fine-grain tune this browser like you used to with opera:config. There is a config page with a couple of settings but it is extremely dumbed down to what Opera thinks is best for you. BAD
You can't store sessions any more.
You can't make settings for individual pages via right-click anymore to set a site's cookie or script usage.
You can't right click and block individual content anymore.
Impossible to set the browser to AUTOMATICALLY open links in a new tab next to the current one.
Settings are global -you must add pages as exceptions which I think is awkward.
Ok this list could go on and on. I used the software for 30 minutes and I have already found out so much but I may have made a mistake anor missed something. I want to stop now because I think you got the idea.
You may ask if there was something I liked. Well, as I said the design is ok. I'm sorry to say that's all I like.
This is not a browser I want to use. This software will drive me nuts. I don't even trust it enough because of the lacking of some security settings. I don't know how much info it leaks to web sites.
There is simply not enough here that makes me trust Opera.
So what I'll do is I'll use TimeMachine to revert to the previous "real Opera" version. Maybe I'll use this another year or so, I guess it's safe enough, while in the meantime I'll making a slow but final transition to Firefox.
[Version 12.15.1748]


cubanpete reviewed on 22 Jun 2013
Thanks for this beautifully designed app - it's a joy to use and change the appearance of the Mac UI, which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Also, lots of templates to go.
Its a good thing too that the developer participates here.
[Version 1.0.9]


cubanpete reviewed on 19 Jun 2013
CC also means Cash Cow
[Version 1.0]


cubanpete reviewed on 01 Apr 2013
Very good and very promising app.
Did not crash once. Easy to use.
Extremely fast, even when TimeMachine is performing a backup (which I didn't even notice)
Great work! Thanks.
However, I cannot drag & drop images from the browser to a photo editor. And unfortunately the keyboard shortcuts for enlarge/resize while in fullscreen mode do not work for me.
[Version 0.51]


cubanpete reviewed on 15 Mar 2013
While it has a gorgeous interface it tended to crash on me several times on the first day on Mac OS X 10.82.
Just creating and then deleting a note caused a crash.
Today on the 2nd day a crash caused the fonts not to display properly. I was not able to fix this problem even by uninstalling and reinstalling the app over and over again.
I checked if the font Hoefler-Text is available to the app. It is. Still no luck.
I wish I could fix this.
Finally I had to uninstall this promising app because it because unusable...
Please see this screenshot I made to see how the font issue looks here.
[Version 1.5.1]


cubanpete reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
The real Nullsoft Winamp is an ultimate player. I'm sorry to say WinampSync is far from an ultimate player. In fact it doesn't have much in common with the Windows Winamp. So this is more like big Winamp's sad little brother who stayed small because he didn't eat his spinach.
I think the Nullsoft team lacks resources to fully develop this.
Sad. This could have been a killer app.
But I am using Winamp anyway. Just not this version.
I love Winamp so much that I am running Winamp 5.63 for Windows on my iMac using Virtualbox (free app). So now I have the real Winamp and I can use all my plugins AND SKINS!!!. Also I can use Streamripper with Winamp and record streaming audio with Winamp.
Memory usage for VirtualBox (running Windows Fundamentals and Winamp) is 430 Mb and well worth it. Works fantastic.
Other solution: You may also try installing Winamp 5 in a virtual container using Wine. You could then run Winamp like any other app. Didn't work for me but you may be lucky.
I will help anyone who wants to set up Winamp with Virtualbox
Or try installing Winamp 5 with CrossOver. Again: you may be lucky...
[Version 0.7.3]

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