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Crucial commented on 03 Aug 2012
1.5.5 was great. Great in that it worked reliably.

I am on Mountain Lion and just wasted an hour and a half after updating to 1.7. First the app wouldn't see my journal file, when I finally got it to open the file by changing its location in the sync preference everything was fine until I quit the app, then I had to go through the whole move the journal file in preferences thing again, and again and again every time I quit and re-launch.

I used to have the journal file hidden away in a bunch of folders on Dropbox which worked fine, now the app insists on it being at the root level (apps should never take over the organisation of your folders unless you ask them to), but even at root it wont open the file on startup.

Before the update I carefully copied 1.5.5 to my desktop, but now that is gone as the App store cleverly updates your apps rather than deleting and replacing so where do I get a copy of 1.5.5?
[Version 1.7]

Crucial rated on 08 Apr 2011
[Version 1.6.2]


Crucial reviewed on 08 Apr 2011
Before I praise the product, I have to praise the products support.

I was having problems with the trial version of the software. It connected to my host machine first time without having to mess with any preferences or router settings, I could see my host, but not control it. I emailed support and received a helpful reply three minutes latter. Local time for the developer was 23:30 hours. Did what the developer suggested and my problem was solved (set the remote host to screen sharing, turn off remote management).

In addition to testing JollysFastVNC I also tried Chicken of the VNC 2.1.1. The Chicken would not even let me log into my remote server and gave me a cryptic error message. When I tried the Chicken with a machine on my LAN that I regularly access with built in Screen Sharing I got the same cryptic error. I deleted the Chicken within 5 minutes of installing it. I don't want to waste my time on something like that when JollysFastVNC connected first time, has a plethora of easily accessible settings that makes sense, and support that is there when you need it. Is JollysFastVNC fast? I can't answer that as the Chicken was dead on arrival, and I have yet to compare it with LogMeIn, although LogMeIn has never felt fast in the past.

After my short test I immediately purchased the Home edition that is available on the MacApp store for $10. The difference between home and pro editions is that the home will only store seven hosts, and is meant for non-commercial use. The pro allows unlimited hosts, and commercial use, all other features are the same.

If there is one thing that could be improved it would be the documentation. Adding a short tutorial or list of what settings to use in System Preferences on the remote machine would be very useful, as would a troubleshooting section for dealing with stubborn router settings.
[Version 1.22]


Crucial reviewed on 27 Sep 2010
I was looking for something that would extend the functionality of the Finders Command-Tab application switcher. This does everything that I wanted and more. I have no interest in the dock previews as I keep my dock hidden and use Overflow as a dock replacement.

I looked at almost everything out there, and tried Witch and WindowFlow. Both had problems with listing invisible windows, and I disliked the vertical listing with the emphasis on windows and not applications.

DockView, has none of the problems that the other apps do. It adds functionality to command-tab without changing the behavior or appearance of command-tab, all it does it add the ability to see / preview application windows and then select them directly.

The developer is incredibly responsive and added two small features that I requested in less than 12 hours.

My one complaint is that the icons lack polish.
[Version 1.37]

Crucial commented on 19 Feb 2010
This thing is great. Been using it for years as it creates great looking galleries / albums with minimal work.

It still works in 10.6, but it looks like the developer may have dropped development, which is a real shame. A few years ago there was talk of a 2.0 version, posts in his blog about features and even sample screen shoots, then he lost interest and things have been deafeningly quiet. I do hope that he picks up where he left off and updates this into the polished gem that it could have been.
[Version 1.8]

crucial commented on 12 Feb 2008
I tried 1.3.1 and found it offered many useful features. I didn't buy it because it was buggy.

Emailed the developer and never heard back.

1.3.2 is now out, and I can not test it to see if it works as the developer gives you a one time 15 day trial period. I wont buy buggy software, and I wont buy software I can't test.

I would suggest the developer re-thinks his 15 day trial period, or makes it version dependent.
[Version 1.3.2]

crucial commented on 30 Oct 2007
Just tried this on 10.5.

The preference pane says it is loading, but nothing happens. Thankfully the uninstall script works.
[Version 0.7]


crucial reviewed on 23 Oct 2007

Like the other reviewer I have tried several GTD apps before, and all seemed overly complex, and incredibly rigid for my needs. Your needs are probably very different than mine, and a task management program / methodology is a very personal thing. There are no right and wrong ways, only ways that work and don't work for that particular user in their particular context.

What sets TaskPaper apart from all the other GTD / ToDo / task management programs is that it does not impose a strict structure on you. By liberating you from someone else's strict structure you are also liberated from having to tab from field to field and feeling like you are doing data entry. Entering information is just like writing notes.

TaskPaper is is based on an incredibly easy to learn syntax that you type like punctuation. Projects are denoted with a : at the end. Tasks have a - at the beginning. Contexts or tags use a @. Thats it. Nothing more to learn. TaskPaper then takes care of all the formating, allows you to search in multiple ways, presents projects in different tabbed views that behave in much the same way as Safari tabs. Click a project and you view only that project in the current tab. Command click and your project opens in a new tab. A couple of pull down acts like bookmarks letting you go directly to a project, or tag view.

Unlike any other so called productivity app, TaskPaper lets you change fonts, font size, font color and background colors. You can personalize it to look right for you. No more forms, with distracting fields all over the place, or columns that are too wide or narrow. It looks like a well formatted intelligent list, because thats what it is.

The back end of TaskPaper is a plain text file. You can move that file to any device, email it in the body of your email, view it in a web browser and even edit it on a PC. Because the syntax of TaskPaper is so transparent you can even create your tasks on a PC then view them on a Mac.

If this sold for $1.00 someone would still be complaining it was too expensive. I guess those people just don't value their time, or feel like anybody should be able to make a living from their programming skills. If I consider how much time TaskPaper has saved me, it pays for itself in hours.
[Version 1.0]


crucial reviewed on 19 Jun 2007
A great app.

Behaves as you would expect it to, its stable, easy to use, has a totally consistent interface. To be recommended, especially at the price of $18 and often on 'special' for less.

The search, or filter is incredible allowing you to see in an instant what you have spent in any time period, or on any type of transaction.

A few issues though.
1. The icons have to be some of the ugliest I have ever seen on a mac app.

2. Updates are very slow. 2.0 has been promised as any day now for over 9 months.

3. The simplicity of the app creates problems as it is lacking some refinement. This would be ok in a 1.0, but not a 1.8 that has been out for 3 plus years and is still not at 2.0.

4. Types have to be set in each accounts preferences individually, and have to be added twice for deposit and withdrawal. They also can not be copied from account to account. Splits are very primitive, to the point that they are basically useless.

5. Transactions are color coded, but with only three colors it is impossible to see if a transfer is a deposit or withdrawal.

6. Missing the ability to turn columns on and off. All your accounts including loans and credit cards have a check column even though these account types do not normally have checks.

7. Not enough keyboard equivalents means that you are constantly moving from mouse to keyboard while reconciling.
[Version 1.8]


crucial reviewed on 18 Aug 2006
This looks like just the app I need, something to delete all those .trashes and .ds files on my USB thumb drive so that when I mount the drive in windows, half the files are not junk. It says that it will scan a folder or volume, delete all those pesky files and then eject the drive.

When I launch the app and select my drive it gives me the option to select just a folder (the folder had 5 items, but FC reported deleting 40 .ds files), but it then looks like it deletes all the .ds and trashes file on the drive. When I click on eject nothing happens. The drive remains on my desktop. If I pull it out the system gives me an annoying warning not to do that, and when I mount the drive on my windows machine I see FinderCleaner has done absolutely nothing.
[Version 1.9]

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