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cougarblue commented on 24 Apr 2008
I haven't any experience with this software, but I have to toss in a comment about Mac the Ripper. I can't think of any reason to jump ship from "the ripper" which does a fabulous job in copying DVD's. For a free piece of definitely MAC s/w, it does a great job. Kudos out to the HandBrake, Senuti, and MactheRipper people for making the iPod and DVD work easy and giving away their fine skill.
Speed is a relative term, yet my daughter using an old iMac/G3 gets a ton of work done using MTR.
I'm always happy to see a developer come up with an improvement, however when a said developer comes up with a very windows piece of shareware that pales in comparison to Mac-style freeware, I'm not too sure they deserve my money, nor my respect.
[Version 2.2]


cougarblue reviewed on 23 Mar 2008
Senuti is one of those simple, it will do the job, nothing more, nothing less essential pieces of software. I recently used Senuti to add 6500 songs to a new hard drive and it preformed perfectly with all songs added in less than 2 hours.
The interface is a little bit different, than previous versions so read the help manual on "Getting Started". That said, it's simple to use, you have a iTunes like view of your iPod's contents, and you can either drag or or use a button to add any songs to your copy of iTunes. You pick your destination in the preferences, be careful not to duplicate every song, by hitting the button twice. I advise my friends with laptops to use a WD Passport or similar Simple drive in the 160-250 gig range as the destination rather than your internal hard drive to preserve space and yet have a portable drive with no need for AC power. Apple with all the "are you sure you want to do this" advisory messages failed to add a message, warning users that it you open iTunes without having your portable drive or other drive containing your songs attached, the OS will automatically change your preferences making the storage point for your songs, your internal drive. Then if you later add the portable drive it will copy every song to your internal drive which may not have the space.
With Senuti you can easily drag your Playlists to iTunes and all the songs in your playlist will be added also. I see no reason to pay for any other programs to transfer your songs from your iPod. Senuti is proven, dependable, safe, and FREE.
[Version 0.50.2b4]

cougarblue commented on 16 Feb 2008
The Russian site works fine. I know it's a year later than when the download site was first listed and 2 years since the developer suggested we go to HandBrake instead, so I have no idea what the compatibility with 10.5 might be. I now have the download and I'm going to give it a shot. I cannot get a workable copy of a widescreen movie off HandBrake using any of the pre-sets, nor when I add my own. In some cases you have to settle for 320 X 126. I hope I can remedy the problem with DVD2Pod.
[Version 0.2]

cougarblue commented on 05 Feb 2008
The best way to kill your software is to get too cute with restrictions, codes, or expiration dates. I've been a Mac user since 1986, beta-tested 100's of games and utilities, and assembled shareware/freeware discs for user groups. Take a good look at the software products to make it from the beta stage to successful sales and I don't think you could name one that made it to retail shelfs that played the expiration game. Limit the features, whatever you think best, but once you make a small utility hard to use, the Mac world runs away from you. After I noted that you misbranded your product as freeware, I decided against even downloading it.
There are too many comparable products that do the same thing, to charge either an unreasonable high price or make it difficult to install and use.
One of the very best freeware efforts ever is 0.50 Senuti. I have had a great experience using the software. If the developer made it to version 1.0 and charged $19, or added features and charged up t0 $29, I'd pay for it in a heartbeat. If the German guy who developed similar product priced at $49 to start; sold a hundred copies, I'd be shocked.
Sadly you have chosen to get fancy and shoot yourself in the butt, by making the process more trouble than the products worth.
[Version 1.0b12]


cougarblue reviewed on 06 Jan 2008
I had long forgotten that this game existed as a board game. It was a favorite of mine before DVD players and iPods, could take the boredom out of a cross country flight.
SMasterMind is a great adaptation of the original. You can make it as difficult or as simple as you wish by increasing the number of colors and rows. It's a matching game where you try to guess the hidden row of colors by getting white indicators if you have the right color in the wrong place and black if you have the right color in the right place.
I'd like to see a bigger board size and glossier colors maybe metallic or "candy" colors. I would expect to pay for the game at that point.
As 1.2.4 is now, it's worth more to me than the games I've paid $29-$59 for.
Installation is no problem drag into apps, and the game is stable on my G4 iMac, G4 PowerBook and MacBookPro. I have spent a lot of enjoyable time playing SMM, it ranks up there with Quinn as addictive games I wouldn't want to be without.
I'm embarrassed I sound like a shill, but honestly I have no idea who the developer is.
[Version 1.2.4]

cougarblue commented on 22 Dec 2007
I've used iCyclone for about 3 months on my MacBookPro. I found that it did indeed reduce the heat coming out of the bottom of the MBP when I was holding it on my lap or using it in bed. I normally had it set at 2000 or 3000 rpm in manual. When I did a startup, regardless of my previous settings in would go into Automatic mode. That brought about a serious problem all users of iCyclone need to be aware of. The program had my fans running at 5000-5400 rpm which destroyed both fans. I cannot use the computer until I get an expensive repair. The only warning was a sudden rattling noise which got louder over 2 minutes then the fan died. One fan died a day after the first, when I thought I had disabled the program. Unfortunately I did a restart, the program started in Auto mode, killing the fan in less than 5 minutes.
My advice DON'T USE iCYCLONE in a MBP or risk killing the fans. They are NOT made to operate at 5000+ rpm which iCyclone will push them up to.
[Version 0.9.4]


cougarblue reviewed on 08 Oct 2007
It's very difficult to understand what you're doing without any documentation. The previous versions had fewer choices, and no "sets". For me it was very easy. I don't like the bitrate image quality set so high at 1000. Keep it in a set down to 700-800 and you'll be a happy camper with great images and have more space. Before 700 was the recommendation.
The developers have given us an incredible gift. This is the most important iPod related software I use. A HUGE Thank You to the developers. When you figure out all the nuances, you'll get great mp4 copies of all your Simpson, Seinfeld, Frazier, shows as well as the movies you own and wish to see on the iPod.
Take a look at the linked tutorial to learn terms and methods. Even if the author isn't using the newest version, you'll get all the info you need. The second is the developer info, also very valuable.
[Version 0.9.1]


cougarblue reviewed on 29 Jun 2007
I found that I was unable to copy my playlists with IPod Access; as has been reported. Some songs were transfered as only as a title others with both song and title. That was a problem other reviewers had too. The program would be fine, if improvements could be made, and if already excellent programs were not already available for free.
I then went with my old standby the FREE Senuti. 5571 songs on my iPod, 5571 songs accounted for on my computer.
The report on iPodRip seemed a little too glowing so I checked the comments and reviews on that program as well. For the most part every review reported a problem with iPodRip.
I would give both programs two stars, unreliable with separate sets of problems. I can only recommend Senuti. It's not fancy, nor loaded with features, it just does the job flawlessly.
Until IPod Access can develop that reliability, I can't give it a positive recommendation.
[Version 4.0.6]

cougarblue commented on 03 Jun 2007
Can we get past the seemingly mandatory explanation that the iPod doesn't sync in both directions and thusly we need a helper app? That said, Senuti is free, I had no problems in recovering the 5581 songs lost when my hard drive took a dive using Senuti. Hats off to anyone who cares enough about the community to donate their work.
For more functions, iPodWorks is a great $8 option.
I can't explain the technical aspects of iPod or iTunes song filing functions, but if I can get the job done for either nothing or $8 why the heck would I want to spend $39?
I wish the developer well, however this is too much for a one trick pony, I only spent $129 for my copy of Microsoft Office.
And one more thing, please no more kissy-kissy reviews from developer 'friends", I still won't pay you $39.
[Version 3.4.4]

cougarblue had trouble on 10 Sep 2008
Tymon, I won't tell you the ole" "well you should have backed up and not erased anything until after installation, but that said, you can set your summary iTune page for your iPod to not auto synchronize, and on each individual category Pictures, Movies, Playlists, etc, you can make them all manual, where you pick the settings. Use either the back up command under the FILE menu to back up all your iTunes files after first consolidating them, under the ADVANCED menu. Senuti.
Key with Senuti is reliability, it will not lose any files, use the help menu to take each step to begin, backing up to the extra head drive and ALSO back up to DVD with the FILE menu backup. I am a cheerleader for this program. This is the best iPod retrieve utility and FREE.
[Version 0.50.2b10]

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