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consumer commented on 04 Aug 2008
First immediate improvement I notice is that "egg" and "Egg" are now recognized as being the same item. The previous case-specificity of ingredients had driven me batty for a long while. The next step is to get "egg" and "eggs" to be shown as the same item, or as a previous person mentioned, the ability to edit an ingredient en masse.

I look forward to seeing where the new developer takes the application.
[Version 1.3]

consumer commented on 10 Jul 2008
Version 2 promised that the volume adjustment correction made by iVolume was carried over during the audio CD burn within iTunes. That was the only reason I bought it, and it never worked. No responses from the developer when I notified him about my problems.

developer 15, me = 0
[Version 3.0.1]


consumer reviewed on 15 Jun 2008
Pretty slick one-trick application. I have family that are new to Mac, and I was going to manually create a "check these out" list of applications on my personal website, but I had been putting off because of the time involved. When Appster popped in my MU RSS feed months ago, it piqued my interest. I am just now writing my review, but this application was quick and simple and afforded me no excuse to further procrastinate on generating the application list to share with family.

Thank you for having the Notes section html'd, because I use it to provide links to tutorials on the applications I share with my family (e.g., Macworld, and ScreenCastsOnline).

A feature that I wish to have, that I do not think will not take away from its simplicity is export/import as csv or .xls . I keep a list of my applications with their relevant serial numbers and registration info in a spreadsheet. Being able to pull that info and have it fill into the Notes section of Appster, or conversely, be able to have Appster export as an excel-compatible file in addition to html would be swell.

Thanks for sharing this application!
[Version 1.1.5]


consumer reviewed on 06 Jun 2007
A fine application that I use often.

Some things I would like to see:

1. An updated crop feature; it currently confuses me. Personally, I would like to select what I want saved/croppped in the preview window, because I am not very good at the guessing currently required.

2. A way to automatically add the captured webpage url to the file details / spotlight comments section. 'Tis handy to know whence I grabbed the webpage.

thanks for sharing this application!
[Version 0.4.3]

consumer commented on 17 May 2007
Athough the application feels a bit rough, it has potential to be very nice. With only having one dog, a specialized pet database is not something that I would use heavily, however, with some additional features something like MiPetz could offer some great utility to family of mine who have many different animals, and who often hire sitters.

I did not find developer contact info, so my requested features and notes on the application are below:

Possible bug: arrow keys do not work within text entry fields

- FAX entry box would be useful
- Allow the addition of other entries (e.g., I have a boarder, a backup vet, a 24 hrs emergency clinic)
- Allow export to vcard format for compatibility with Address Book
- Allow import of vcard

- Allow export as a csv file instead of a text file so that it is possible to import information into spreadsheet or financial software
- Add dollar sign (or currency of choice) and trailing zeroes (.00) to all money entries

Feeding Scheduler:
- Allow user retitling of "Meal 1"; "morning", "evening, or a specific time is more useful than "Meal 1".

My initial assumption was that "events" meant a list of upcoming events, such as the next visit to the vet or boarder, but it turned out to be a diary (that forces date/time when note entered). Whereas I would like to see some sort of calendaring in this software (perhaps with export to iCal format?), the term "Journal" I feel more appropriately reflects the current state of this feature.

- It just prints the MiPetz window. Is there supposed to be more?
- It does not offer a dialogue box (like it does for print elsewhere in the application), but immediately prints to default printer

The lack of printing options is a major deficit of MiPetz. As it is now, the user can only print a page containing the information of what is currently being viewed. I do not think many people will find much utility in one printed page having the feeding schedule, one printed page having the contact information, and one printed page with the notes. Instead, I think it would be more useful to have a way for the user to select exactly what information to print out on a single page.

For example, I want to take a trip next Tuesday. While I am gone, a friend will be taking care of my dog will need a care sheet. On that sheet I will have Vet contact information, 24 hrs emergency clinic information, the feeding schedule, my contact information, and any other additional notes I want him to be aware of. If all this info was already stored in the MiPetz database, having the ability to print it all out together - on a nicely formatted single page - sure would be convenient.

Similarly, I have family who have horses, dogs, cats, fish, and gerbils. When they travel, a care sheet generated for each animal (or each type of animal, or all on one page) would make things easier for whomever cares for the animals.
[Version 1.0.2]

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consumer replied on 17 May 2007
to continue....

The icon does not really match the application's function in any way.

In the end, I plan on following the development of MiPetz, because it seems to be light on the CPU/RAM and I do feel that the developer is on the right track. There is an alternative here on MacUpdate called SafeDog, a filemaker-based application, but it is rather sore on my eyes.
consumer commented on 15 Feb 2006
This seems to be a nice application. I appreciate you sharing it. I would like to be able to select what components of an entry is shared, however.
That is, within a company I may have birthdates added to specific entries, but I do not want to share that with everybody on the network. So having somesort of way to strip it before sharing would be keen.

For that matter, is there a way to export an address book entry with certain info not populated in general?

[Version 1.1.1]

consumer had trouble on 30 Jan 2008
*truncated articles when saved as a pdf*

Apparently there is a limitation on the size of a page that may be captured when saving in pdf format.

For example, the following page will look fine in the preview pane, but will be truncated in the final output:

I only just noticed this bug, and looking through my archives, I see that I have a bunch of incomplete pdf files. ack.
[Version 0.4.3]

consumer had trouble on 15 Sep 2007

Release date: can change year, but the month and day is forced with some arbitrary date

Number of Media: will not keep value entered
[Version 1.6.5]

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