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conejo23 reviewed on 13 Apr 2013
In the strongest terms possible I urge everyone to avoid Intego's products like the plague. At a prior MacUpdate Promo I purchased VirusBarrier for both my macbook pro and my wife's. This was about 9 months or so, ago, a very recent version. Everything was fine for a few weeks, and then trouble hit. Her computer would randomly start running so slowly it was like it had no available RAM, then the same thing happened to mine. Got so bad that my laptop became unusable. Took it to the Genius Bar and we tried everything. Replaced the hard drive, the logic board, the hard drive cable (thank God this was all under warranty), same behavior. They finally concluded it was a software problem. I was finally able to boot the machine up to where I could uninstall this software, and instantly my machine was fine. Did the same with my wife's and instantly her machine was fine as well. No more issues.

Their stuff is just horrible and I will never, ever, put another product from Intego on my computer and I encourage all others to adopt the same philosophy. This is crapware.

FYI, when I finally realized it might be this stuff, I mentioned it to the guy at the Genius Bar and he just rolled his eyes and said "why do you have this junk on your computer? Get it off, we see a LOT of problems with their software."
[Version 10.7.1]


conejo23 reviewed on 14 Dec 2012
This is horrible, horrible software. I bought a family pack, installed it on my computer and my wife's computer. Everything seemed fine, but then her computer started slowing down, more spinning beachballs, performance finally got really bad. Then one day my computer essentially froze, just nothing but spinning beachballs. Took it to the Apple store and they tested all the hardware, everything was fine. Told them I had VirusBarrier Plus installed and they laughed. Said "get that off immediately, that's likely your problem".

So, I came home, had to boot to a full cloned backup because my computer was completely unresponsive. ran the uninstaller, restored to my hard drive, and now everything is fine. My wife's computer? Ran the uninstaller on hers and now that computer is working perfectly.

This is a garbage app that will do far more damage to your machine than any mac virus (if such a thing even exists) would ever do. Do NOT put this software on your computer, it is essentially malware of its own.
[Version 1.1.6]


conejo23 reviewed on 26 Oct 2012
This is a great app! Got it as part of the MacHeist bundle but would absolutely pay $15 for this (or more). Does a beautiful job of helping me manage my menu bar. And the latest version which allows you to drag and resequence items both on the menu bar and the bartender bar? That alone is worth the price of admission.

Now, all the stuff I use once or twice a week on the menu bar is hidden in my bartender bar, and my menu bar only has the stuff I need to see and use daily. And in the order I want to see it. Well done!
[Version 1.0.3]


conejo23 reviewed on 15 Apr 2012
Yes, it does not appear to be in active development. That said, the version I bought like 18 months ago still works fine, and in Lion. I just hope it continues to work because this thing is a great application. For the money, it provides ridiculous value. We're moving our small business to a new office and the layout provided by their space planner was horrible. I wasn't sure we could make the space work. So I got out this app and after 90 minutes of brainstorming, we had a brilliant space layout that blew the new landlord away. Printed it to a PDF to send to their space planner, and the leasing agent said "wow, this is impressive, what app did you use for this?"

Now we've just fine tuned the plan with carpet, furniture to spec, paint to our colors, and we can see very clearly how the new space will look. This has been a VERY good app for us.

Listen, even if it's not being actively developed, it's $30, and for what I've used it for, seriously, I would've paid 5-10 times that much.

I just hope they don't let this die on the vine. I'd be seriously bummed if a new OS broke it.
[Version 1.0.0 Public Beta 10]


conejo23 reviewed on 22 Dec 2011
I first found out about this app through the bundle offering. I didn't buy the bundle, didn't need most of the stuff in there, but was intrigued by Postbox. I've long looked for a pro-grade email app and have been surprised how difficult it is to find on the Mac platform. I currently use Mail with MailTags and Mail Act-On and have my processes dialed in to a pretty high level. I'm a fan of inbox zero methodology, and I practice it.

So I was excited to take this app for a spin. I had a few people waiting to hear what I thought about it before they decided whether or not to take a look at it. Here's what I told them:

I cannot recommend this app. Now, it has a LOT of features I really like, like tabs, robust search, smart folders that are better than Mail's, and it's just a much nicer looking app than Mail (which has become increasingly ugly in my opinion, with the Lion version being downright homely). I want to like Postbox and would really like it if I could use it as my new app of choice. But I can't. Why?

- no global rules. In PB they're called filters and you can only create filters at the account level. To me, that's just insanely stupid. I have 10 email accounts. You're seriously asking me to create the same rule 10 different times and manage it that way? If I want to make a change to a rule I now have to change it 10 times? Ridiculous.

- no tags. My workflow has evolved to where tags are not a nicety, they are a necessity. If your app doesn't have them, I can't use it.

- Quirky behavior. I don't always see all the messages in a folder. I'm looking at a folder right now. The header tells me it has 15 messages in it. The list is showing me 6. Not good. I created a smart folder. The header shows it has 2 messages in it. The list shows none.

- navigating folder structure the way they display everything is cumbersome. It's much cleaner and more efficient in Mail. It's hard to describe and perhaps for some they'll find that they like PB's implementation better. For me, it's not intuitive the way the pane on the left is broken up between the top and the bottom sections and how what's displayed in the bottom section changes depending on what is selected.

I honestly don't understand why someone can't get this stuff right and create a seriously kick-butt email app. I keep waiting but one never appears. I was hoping PB was it, but nope.

Give me an app that has a rich rules/filters functionality that can be managed an applied globally, give me the functionality to create rules that apply to any message and then apply them either automatically to all qualifying emails or on demand to one specific message, give me robust search and smart folder capability, industry compliant tagging, and a genuinely mac-like appearance and user experience and I'll pay $50 or more for that. I don't use any app as much as I use email and I'll pay someone well to give me a genuine pro-grade application.

Maybe PowerBox will get there, but so far, this doesn't qualify.

final note: I add my voice to those complaining about the lack of support from the developer. If you now email their support address you get an auto response directing you to their help documentation, which is limited at best. It is clear they are trying to discourage direct contact. If that's their desired approach, then what they should do is create a user forum where users can help each other out. But as it stands, the only way to learn the app is trial and error. They're making things harder on their clients than need be.

These guys should take a cue from a company like the OmniGroup, who has terrific customer support, always encourages interaction with their customer base, DOES create genuinely pro-grade apps, and also has a user forum that provides a tremendous amount of value to their customers. Bottom line, Postbox is missing some of the pro-grade features I need from an email app, and even if it had them, I'm not enamored with the way they choose to interact with and support their customer base.

I'd love to see these issues rectified and this app turned into something I can revisit and seriously consider. Today is not that day.
[Version 3.0.2]

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conejo23 replied on 28 Dec 2011
No, Postbox has not resolved any of my concerns with their app. To my knowledge, all my perceived shortcomings above still exist. And I'll echo what another reviewer above wrote. I decided to try to exercise filter functionality. So I created a rule for one of my accounts and then tried to invoke the rule (filter) on a selected message. Nothing happened. And I may be misunderstanding the functionality, but I see no way to invoke a single rule directed to act on a single message. Instead, it looks like one can tell the app to run all the account's rules on that one message. If I'm understanding that correctly (which may not be the case), then I would assert that is not particularly useful.

at this point, at least for my needs the most robust solution is Mail with MailTags and Mail Act-On added in. With those, I can select a message and run a specific rule to act on that specific message and it works beautifully and efficiently, every time.

Postbox has a lot going for it, but if you make extensive use of rules, I think it stumbles there. My basic sense is that the app was designed for people who use a single account, like gmail. It wasn't designed for people with complex email structures, like mine with 10 different email accounts (a combination of personal and two different businesses).

I hope they're listening and that they add this functionality. If they did, I'd be seriously jazzed about this app. But right now there's no way I could use it. It would absolutely kill my productivity.

conejo23 replied on 28 Dec 2011
re the 'hacks' thing, technically that's true. And it's a risk. At any point the developer could decide he's done and we lose that functionality. But to date, he's been incredibly responsive, the apps are always updated in a timely fashion and ready for the next OS prior to its formal release, and I've NEVER had any app instability from their use.

Is Postbox better at handling large amounts of mail than Mail? I dunno. For me, PostBox was slower and I suspect that is because of it wanting to index every message to support its robust search functionality. I get roughly 200-300 emails a day and for me, Mail is very fast, I've seen no slow down with Lion. Now, I use POP3 exclusively. Tried IMAP and hate it, but I understand why some use it. I have a laptop and no need to sync email across multiple machines. For me, POP3 is cleaner.

For the post below where the person said Mail with these two add ons is more powerful than PostBox, and then someone challenged him on that, I don't think you can say one is intrinsically more powerful than the other. What does that mean, "powerful"? Depends on what functionality is important to you. If you don't care about rules and tags and instead want powerful search functionality and social media integration, yes, PostBox will be more "powerful". If, like me, tags and robust rules implementation are critically important, then PostBox is anemic, profoundly lacking, and Mail is far more "powerful".

Each app has their strengths and weaknesses. If you want social media integration, Mail gives you none. You want robust search, Mail is somewhat limited. You want tags and on-demand rules? Postbox doesn't have them, period.

just depends what you need and what's important to you. For me, I simply can't use Postbox yet, it's just not ready for primetime for me.

conejo23 replied on 28 Dec 2011
printout...just one clarification. You're confused on one point. Postbox DOES have robust search, much better than Mail. But no tags and nothing like the rule flexibility and implementation of Mail and Mail Act-On combined.

And for me, it was much slower than Mail. Again, likely because of the indexing, but I found I was much slower to process mail in Postbox, spent too much time waiting for the app to completely processing on a new batch of inbound emails.

So for now, it's still Mail for me. And the power email users I know who really practice inbox zero methodologies? Most of them use the same setup.

conejo23 replied on 29 Dec 2011
First, Postbox does NOT have rules that apply to all accounts. Whoever told you this is wrong. Here is a quote directly from an email i received from Postbox support:

"Postbox doesn't support Global Filters. Filters must be setup for each account, and once this is done, you can then go to the Tools menu and then select "Run Filters on Folder" or "Run Filters on Message."

You can also easily verify this by downloading a demo copy and trying it out for yourself.

and yes, you can use Topics as Tags, but this is a non-industry compliant way to get there. For many, no big deal. for me, it doesn't work because once i archive my emails into Mail Stewart (once a year i archive the emails from 2 years ago so i only retain the last year's emails in Mail itself, to keep size down), i'll lose those Topic designations and will no longer be able to search by them. With MailTags, they are actual tags and are imported and handled as such and i can search my archived emails for them.

if you don't care about archival concerns outside of Postbox, Topics may suit your needs for 'tagging'. It doesn't meet my requirements.

and whoever told you they have global rules is flat out wrong and doesn't understand the product.

conejo23 replied on 29 Dec 2011
typo: the archive application i use is MailSteward.

great app, by the way.

conejo23 replied on 02 Jan 2012
I thank the Postbox developers for joining the discussion here. That's a valuable thing. I'd be curious to know if a topic I assign to an email gets imported into MailSteward as a tag.

And can I assign multiple topics to a single email? Sometimes emails need to have more than one tag/keyword associated with them.

Re not implementing every feature of other apps, obviously, yes. Don't imitate. Innovate. That said, the lack of global filters is nuts, in my opinion. It creates massive confusion and extra work for the user. A good app should clarify, not confuse, and should make the user's life easier, not more complex. There's a reason this is a heavily requested feature and you guys would be wise to implement it asap. You've lost business for the lack of it, I guarantee it.

Re the ability to run ALL filters on a single message, who does that? Maybe somebody, but I've never wanted or needed to do that. But I run specific rules on one message multiple times every day using Mail Act-On.

For me, I would give Postbox an extended demo if it resolved these issues:

- provide global filters
- if topics do get imported into MailSteward as tags
- if I could run a selected filter on a selected message, and do it via hotkeys. just having it is cool, but if I have to use a mouse and a menu system to do it, not interested
- if I could trust the display of messages. When I run a search and it tells me there are no matching messages when I know there are, when I select a folder and the header says I have 6 messages in there but only displayas 2, when I create a smartfolder and the header says there are 5 messages in there but displays none, I can't trust the app. And I certainly can't use it.

This app has a lot of promise, would love to see it cross my finish line.
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