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chriscosta reviewed on 20 Dec 2011
I really can't use this because of one simple reason...

The "Annoyance Blocker" does not work nearly as well, nor is as flexible, as AdBlock Plus in Firefox.

I gave it a go as my default browser for 2 weeks and the ads everywhere, finally got to me.

I'll say one thing though, when watching Flash (YouTube) video, or Silverlight Video (Netflix), Camino seems to use a lot less resources than Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. So Camino has become my "Netflix & Youtube Browser", just because of that :)
[Version 2.1]


chriscosta reviewed on 20 Dec 2011
This isn't a program I convert with all the time but when I need to convert a pesky mpeg file that makes other programs crap the bed, this is what I use. It's wonderful, it's free and has a ton of features. This is also great for doing simple trimming without getting those media header nightmares.
[Version 1.9.3b7]


chriscosta reviewed on 20 Dec 2011
This app is such garbage. The move from freeware to paid app on the crAPP Store, just seems like a lame grab at some money from unsuspecting dummies. Do not get this app. Instead, go find an unofficial download for VisualHub 1.34.1, use the Lion Updater, and you'll be set. You could also try VideoMonkey, or Handbrake, but stay away from ReduxEncoder!!
[Version 2.0]


chriscosta reviewed on 26 Feb 2009
Works great, simple to use. Well developed software for free!

I love it, hasn't failed me yet.
[Version 2.1]

chriscosta commented on 25 Dec 2008
Aaah, sweet, sweet, µtorrent. There has been no other BitTorrent client wrought with so much controversy it seems. When Macs when to Intel a couple of years ago, I switched from Windows. It was either Mac or Linux in lieu of Vista. My old PC desktop still runs Windows XP.

In Windows, without a doubt, µtorrent is the fastest, smallest, most efficient BT client, period. My old PC desktop has µtorrent installed. There's a reason it's the most popular BitTorrent client on Windows. When I migrated to a Mac, the waters were a bit more muddy, however. I spent a considerable amount of time finding a replacement for µtorrent on my Mac. In my search, I switched between XTorrent (*shudder*), Tomato, Transmission and eventually settled on Azureus (after a brief trial of BitTyrant). I gave them all fair shakes. I tested them repeatedly and the consistently fastest download speeds (along with desired feature set) came from Azureus (aka Vuze).

For what seems like forever, I, along with many others, waited patiently for µtorrent to be ported over to the Mac. The leaked Alpha was unstable but showed much promise. I gave it a whirl but went back to Azureus (or Vuze at this point, but I used the 'classic' AZ 2.5 view).

Then, I got an e-mail from the µtorrent mailing list telling me that the beta was out! I was overjoyed.

I've since left Azureus and use µtorrent exclusively. It's faster than all the other BT clients I've tried, it's lightweight and with the recent updates, it's stable! The interface is simple and clean. I don't know what the fuss is about over it's GUI, there's many other Mac native apps that have similar styled interfaces, like Safari for instance. As long as it shows me the information I need and I can interact with the client, I'm good to go.

Needless to say, I'm glad to be rid of the bloatware that is Vuze.

I must say that no other BT client works with my DSL Gateway's firewall as elegantly as µtorrent, UPnP works wonderfully.

On a side note... I really wanted to like Transmission. I'm a big fan of open-source software but Ludde was a genius and left us an awesome BT client that has yet to be topped. I imagine that the 1.0 version of µtorrent will be the best BT client for Mac and will surpass all other BT clients because at the end of the day, stability and *speed* are what people using BT clients need and want. Already, it's pretty obvious that µtorrent is the fastes BT client on Windows _and_ Mac. They just need to tidy up the PPC support because on the forums, it's mentioned that PPC support is still in an experimental stage.

Right now, it seems that the two most popular BT clients will be Transmission and µtorrent and like the dev from Tx said, some competition is good. Whether you like one or the other, it comes down to personal preference and priorities.

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chriscosta commented on 25 Dec 2008
I have had no trouble since the betas keeping µtorrent running. I *am* however, running an Intel Mac with the latest version of Leopard.

I understand that lots of people that are running into problems are using older PPC hardware, or an older OS than 10.5, which technically isn't supported. I understand that Tiger isn't supported and that it's really unstable on a Leopard but PPC machine.

Hopefully the developers will be releasing a more stable program across older hardware and OS'es.

Keep in mind that µtorrent is still in it's early beta stages but development and new versions are being released to fix issues as fast as they can.

And as with any software, most of the stuff people write about are complaints. I'm sure the 'happy campers' would outnumber the people having problems, if they all wrote reviews. Not to mention, that the bad reviews were for older less stable versions. It's always good to revisit a software program during the beta stages to keep track of it's development. I'd hate to see people lose out on a great program simply because an early beta turned them off of it.

For me, the early beta versions were great but the last few betas of µtorrent have been nothing short of stellar.

Just give it time, I'm sure they'll have the bugs worked out so it'll be as awesome for you as it is for me. I'm not being zealous, nor am I being 'fanboish' but I am very happy with the direction µtorrent is taking on the Mac.

chriscosta commented on 11 Dec 2008
I loved this program. It gave such excellent Xvid results. Better quality and filesize ratios of anything I've ripped DVD's with on PC or Mac, even if it was slower. But sometime in the past 10.5.x Leopard micro-update, it stopped working. When you load a source up, you can go through all the motions, make settings, crop, etc, but when you go to add the task to the queue it "loses" the source and doesn't add the task. Also, you can't add any tasks to the list regardless of what you're doing. I'm very sad that this program was broken by an update and the developer seems to have all but abandoned it. The forums haven't seen any real activity in months. :(

Using Intel Mac with OS X "Leopard" 10.5.5

If anyone knows any way to fix D-Vision 3.2.2 so it works again, please reply to this review thread!
[Version 3.2.2]

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chriscosta commented on 11 Dec 2008
Well, I figured it out. You need to completely uninstall D-Vision 3 through the "File --> Uninstall" menu item from within D-Vision 3 and then reinstall it and the files it needs and it'll work again.

I took too long and was unable to edit my comment above.

Hope this tip helps someone else!!

D-Vision is still the best Mencoder/Xvid encoder out there! It's slower than some others like HandBrake or VisualHub but the quality is outstanding!! It does it better with a smaller filesize, amazingly. Also, the encodes work with my PS3.

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