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+1 commented on 04 Nov 2013
My Google Drive is listed as Version 1.12.5329.1887. While running in 10.9 Mavericks, my finder crashes every minute on the minute. I found this support article which exactly describes my problem:

Quitting Google drive fixes the problem.
[Version 1.11.4989.8546]

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+52 replied on 05 Nov 2013
Thank you for the link, Babalooz. Google seems to have fixed something, because the problem has disappeared. The application's version number appears to be the same, which is curious.
+3 commented on 05 Oct 2013
Thank you, Dave Teare, for your comments. First of all, I would like to tell you how terrific 1Password has been and how important it is to my workflow. While I appreciate the amount of work that you have put into the product with "huge changes under the hood," and "complete rewrites," all that good work means nothing if you're making poor decisions and taking away features.

For me, the removal of Wi-fi sync was a gigantic misstep for two reasons:

1. In your blog post, "We listened: Direct sync in 1Password 4 for iOS," you attempt to justify the removal of this feature by saying, "1Password 3 provided direct syncing between Mac and iOS via Wi-Fi syncing, and while it was great in it’s day, it was never perfect. Between the need for manual syncing and networking issues, it did not provide a great user experience." I have a real problem with the premises of your argument. How can it be "great in its day," and "not provide a great user experience" at the same time? Are you arguing that your standards have been raised over time and this feature no longer is up to your high standards? So the solution is to drop the feature? This is why I find the title of your blog post almost offensive. You didn't listen, Dave. If you were listening, you would not have released version 4 without full wifi sync support. Instead, you did what served your own interests WITHOUT listening to your customers, got a bunch of complaints, decided to change your mind, and you STILL don't have wifi sync working in the latest version of your desktop and IOS products. When you A:Don't listen and B:Say you did when you didn't, it makes me not TRUST you and your company. I would advise that TRUST should be the unwavering foundation upon which a company who is acting as a steward for your entire password database is based. Which leads me to the other reason.

2. You said in the same blog post, "Over the years, our team fell in love with the ease of Dropbox and stopped using Wi-Fi sync altogether. Since none of us used it, and in light of the feature’s problematic nature for many of our users, we decided not to include Wi-Fi syncing when we rewrote 1Password 4 from the ground up." These are HORRIBLE justifications for removing this feature! You guys, "fell in love" with Dropbox sync? Seriously? How does falling in love make that feature more secure for my passwords? "Gee, I'm nervous about storing my entire password database in the cloud. Oh wait.... two dozen developers I've never met are in love with it? Well, count me in!!!" Come on, Dave. And who cares if YOU GUYS never used it? I glad you're confident enough in your encryption standards that you're willing put your password database in the cloud. I'm not, many of your customers are not, and many never will be.

I'm not updating anything until Wifi sync, or an equally secure alternative is fully restored in the product. But more than that, I'm watching you and your company carefully for a change of attitude toward your customers. Your customers don't care that you rewrote the app. They don't care how hard you worked on it or how many man hours went into it. They care about their passwords. They care about security. They care about their workflow. Moving forward, please demonstrate that you understand this. Not with disingenuous blog posts, but with solid decisions that respect your customers' interests.

Thanks for reading this.
[Version 4.0.1]

+5 commented on 17 Jan 2013
If you're looking for a suitable replacement for Skitch, may I suggest Monosnap? I've been hanging onto my Skitch version 1 because version 2 is such a P.O.S. But since I've been using Monosnap, I haven't needed Skitch at all. I use SFTP to upload my screengrabs. Monosnap does it lickety-split and copies the URL to the clipboard in the process for easy pasting. And it's all very configurable in the prefs.

It's been nice knowing you Evernote... (Not) Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. :-)
[Version 2.0.4]

+1 reviewed on 02 Feb 2012
This latest version eliminates the volume control. Now, the only way to control the volume is to use the OS's volume control. I use a headset for skype calls which is not affected by the OS's volume control. Calls now come into my headset at full blast and I have no way to turn it down. Just when you think they can't come up with anything to make this program any worse....

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+52 replied on 03 Feb 2012
I discovered another problem with this version. When I'm in a Skype-to-Skype video call with someone, and that person is also a contact in my address book who has a mobiile phone, messages that are sent use SMS to that person's mobile number instead of just showing up in thei skype chat like they did before. This bug caused money to be deducted from my Skype credit! Please Microsoft... do something! The wheels are coming off the wagon here!
burypromote reviewed on 11 Jan 2012
I'm giving this product a one-star review. Here's why. FLV Spider allows you to save flash videos, but all the while it saves them in its cache. If you want the video deleted from the cache, it wants you to pay for the pro version! What if you download something that you don't want others to run across? You have to PAY THEM to delete a file from your own computer? I would call this unethical at best. Extortion at worst.

If you're in a situation where FLV spider has video files it won't let you delete, do the following.

1. Open terminal and type "lsof" (minus quotes.)

2. Search through the output (You may want to copy the output from terminal into a text editor.) for a path starting with "/private/var/folders/" After that, you'll see what appear to be many random characters, but toward the end, you'll see "/com.mp3flv.flvspider/" At the very end of the path, you'll see ".flv"

3. Copy the entire path. It will probably look something like this:

4. Then, using terminal, type "rm" and paste your whole path to the file. Then press enter. That will remove the cached file that FLV spider wants you to pay to be able to remove.

I'm disgusted by this. And I can tell you this: anyone who would make their software work in this manner will never see one penny of my money. >:-(
[Version 3.0.5]

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+52 replied on 12 Jan 2012
I'm quite familiar with the concept of shareware and I'm completely in favor of developers offering different features in their products based on whether the user has decided to pay for it.

However, I stand by my opinion. The ability to delete a file from my own computer is not something I believe I should have to pay for, shareware and EULAs notwithstanding. I'm very interested in what argument you would present to the contrary. Why do you think that making the "delete" function available only in the "pro" version is a good idea and a good way to market your product?

The experience left a bad taste in my mouth and, as a result, I will not be doing business with you. If you're cool with that, that's fine. But I would imagine I'm not alone.

Additionally, your argument that rebooting to delete the temp file(s) is a "simpler approach," would be an inaccurate assumption in my case (and others, I would imagine.) My computer acts as a server for several users both in my building as well as others via the 'net. I can't reboot on a whim without potentially affecting others.
+4 reviewed on 30 Apr 2011
I consider this little gem of a widget indispensable. So, I feel a little bad about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Easy Envelopes doesn't print a Facing Identification Mark or "FIM" on the envelope. If the objective is to help your mail sail through the postal services automation, not having a FIM is glaring omission. They've known about it for a long time and new versions have come out and they still don't do it. Addressix does it, but it's all but defunct at this point.

It's worth mentioning that the barcode Easy Envelopes uses is a POSTNET barcode. As of May, 2011, this barcode format is being deprecated by the US Postal Service in favor of the Intelligent Mail barcode, or "IMB." Since they won't even add a FIM, I'm guessing that IMB is not in Easy Envelope's future. :-(

I hope I am proven wrong on all counts. That would be wonderful.
[Version 1.0.9]

burypromote had trouble on 14 Jan 2012
Version removes the volume control! I use a headset and calls blast in at full volume. I can't figure out how to turn it down. Bad can get worse!

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