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the mac mini clearly had me see the 2.0 light and appreciate Windoze interestingly enough - can't wait for a MacBookPro!

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chinarut reviewed on 16 Oct 2006
i have to admit - this had gotta be the easiest VCD creator I've used to date - it actually works. per last post, the quality of the encoding is quite fair and not surprising considering how fast it encodes! two features I would want is (1) the ability to adjust the quality of the encoding (and/or replace the encoder) and (2) the ability to reorder (esp if you drag a bunch of files from iPhoto for example.)

if anyone figures out how to improve/hack the encoding output - please post here!
[Version 0.21b1]

chinarut commented on 26 Feb 2006
I just did an initial install to a fresh install of Address Book. Worked like a charm!

I'm a long-time Plaxo user from my Outlook day, used the web version as a crutch for the past 6 months, and really happy to see progress coming along on the Mac OS X front!

I was very pleased to see my old categories come back as Groups in AB and all my contact notes show up in AB as well. It's *very* nice to browse my categories and have easy access to my notes compared to the web version.

Be aware you may need to do a "sync now" - the "initial sync" didn't do anything and was a cause for false alarm in 1.0b2.

I didn't see my contacts with AIM IDs show up in my iChat and since Plaxo now supports Skype IDs - I'd love to see both these apps integrated a bit more smoothly.

I'm a bit confused on the system requirements part - I've seen 10.4 on one site, 10.3 in the release notes, and 10.3.9 here. I have it running on 10.4.5 right now.

Going to keep using this for a few days before posting some ratings.

All in all, this is very promising and look forward to a complete iCal (and if Plaxo gets really ambitious - Mail) integration and then it'll really be bye bye Outlook! ;)

connect on!
[Version 1.0b2]

chinarut had trouble on 07 Oct 2006
Thought I'd give everyone here a heads up about a known defect I encountered:

"The issue you are facing is a known bug in Plaxo update request. Once you send an update request with your vcf card and the contact responds with a personal message. Unfortunately, Plaxo picks up the vcf card of yours and replaces your contact's information with your information."

good news is your official online version (aka. My Cards) remain unaffected. (whew!)

Patch in progress. no ETA from support.


"While sending an update request please send [a] personalized message to your contacts requesting them not to reply for the update request e-mail directly. Do mention them to fill up the form and click on the 'Confirm' button."
[Version 1.0]

chinarut had trouble on 18 Apr 2006
Plaxo b2v159 has been chugging well for quite awhile and now suddenly, the Plaxo menu items are greyed out and it no longer syncs.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
[Version 1.0b2]

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chinarut replied on 19 Apr 2006
I went to use Address Book this morning and the menu was enabled. I don't know what I did other than sleep my mac and wake it up. I tried clicking around to see if it's particular selections and the Plaxo menu continues to be active.

Any insight into the circumstances that cause the menu to be greyed out would be great. glad to be going again.

be happy to help troubleshoot the issue if need be - just contact me.

chinarut (developer) replied on 19 Apr 2006
I got a kind response from Drew Colace, Plaxo Developer and got permission to post this known issue on his behalf:

In b2 v159, syncing your data with Plaxo Online no longer locks up the
Plaxo menus as it always did in previous versions - so, now when
Plaxo for Mac is busy communicating with Plaxo Online, we disable
menu commands that could cause problems during a sync. We do disable
many of the menu choices during sync, but there still are a couple of
options available to you which makes the responsiveness of the menu
during sync better than in previous versions.

One situation, that is looks like you've encountered, is when Plaxo
for Mac exits a sync operation with an unexpected error it may get in
a state where it believes it is still synching data even when it is
not. In this case, generally just quitting Plaxo for Mac and
restarting it sets things right again. We've made further effort for
the coming update to Plaxo for Mac to guard even more against this
case so hopefully you will not encounter this situation again once we
release the next update.

But, depending on the size of your address book and what might have
been going on, it could have just been possible that Plaxo for Mac
was doing its job fine and was just busy for awhile syncing quietly
in the background when you went to use one of the Plaxo menus. ( I
guess it's okay for me to hope, after all, that it was working
correctly) I am hopeful this is the case given your report that you
just put the Mac to sleep and upon awakening it, Plaxo for Mac's
menus were once again responsive. This would not have been the case
if Plaxo for Mac was confused about its sync status.

I hope this sheds some light on what you encountered even if it
doesn't give a definitive answer.

Thanks again for your report!

Kind regards,
Drew Colace
Plaxo, Inc.
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