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chiefsucker reviewed on 07 Dec 2009
The combination of myTexts and myTexts snow is working really great for me, I don't know why other people complain. You have to understand that it's not about a theme, but a lot more. Only if you have the eye for specific details, you'll see the minor, but necessary differences. Most of the things we see, we don't realize that they have to be or that the improve the overall user experience. But that's still not a reason for bashing the developer's work.

With both versions I can focus on writing and forget distraction (it's so easy to switch to the Tweetie window, or iChat, or Safari, or …, but not with this nice full screen view hiding everything unnecessary). I have to emphasize again how much I like the combination of both versions. I use the snow version when I'm on the go. This way I can minimize reflections from the glossy screen. The normal version is best for working at home or in darker environments and it is very eye-friendly in this circumstances. And keep in mind that the difference between both versions isn't only the color. The developer improved every detail and made sure, that every small bit of both versions is aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks also for this piece of another great MOApp software!
[Version 1.5]


chiefsucker reviewed on 08 Oct 2009
Best Twitter client for Mac OS X!

I searched a long time for the best Twitter client for Mac OS X and finally bought Twitter. Tweetie has a great, polished and focused UI and I can do everything I want. The multi-account support is implemented in a really great way (I'm a huge fan of the iconized sidebar) and the overall interaction is very intuitive.

I love the sophisticated keyboard shortcuts throughout the whole application. Another great feature is the conversation view that lets me easily follow a running conversation. Looking up user data and following / unfollowing is also a very easy procedure and something that I previously did only through Twitter's web interface.

The last thing I like is the integrated image view for TwitPic etc. It not only looks nice, but it gives you also a fast and QuickLook-like interface whenever you need to view an image. It gets easily out of your way so you can continue to read newer tweets.
[Version 1.2.4]


chiefsucker reviewed on 08 Oct 2009
myApps is a nice and focused license keeper.

I'm a real software junkie and own hundreds of different licenses. With myApps I have a dedicated and fast way to store my data and to look it up whenever I do a clean install of my Mac or buy a new one and just want to transfer some of my licenses. The nice thing about myApps is that it supports not only serial numbers, but also files (I don't like license files at all, but that's how some developers implement their validation and it's nice to see that myApps supports this kind of license keys).

The other great thing is that I can add notes to my application licenses. Whenever I have a support incident I take notes about the speed, friendliness and overall impression of my ticket. When I buy new software I look this data up and decide if it's worth to try another product from the same developer. Another thing I keep in the notes section is information about the purchase, like a direct purchase or bundle purchase and what data do I have to backup if I want to migrate an application with all my personal settings and data.

Great app, great developer and really fast support.
[Version 1.1]


chiefsucker reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
Chax is the missing plugin for iChat!

During the last couple of years I used Adium a lot, but a lot of things bothered me (e.g. missing MobileMe sync, sometimes strange contact list behavior, the software isn't pre-installed on a Mac). Then I discovered the excellent iChat plugin Chax.

With iChat you can already add a lot of different services, but Chax provides an all-in-one contact list that makes things really easy. This was the only functionality I used over a couple of months. Then I discovered that Chax has a lot more to provide than the all-in-one contact list and I fell in love with this plugin.

It's worth noting that the developer does all the work in his sparse free time, but he's blazing fast. There was already a Snow Leopard compatible version of Chax out there a couple of days after the official Snow Leopard release.

You should definitely try this software out and donate a couple of bucks to the author of this excellent plugin.
[Version 3.0a4]


chiefsucker reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
I love applications from MOApp and this one is no exception!

There are tons of diary/note taking applications out there, but most of them are half-hearted solutions. At this point myDiary joins the game. I really like the polish and look & feel of the application and the best thing is that I can add images, movies or files to my entries. Sometimes I'm too tired to enter a lot of texts, so I make only a couple of notes and record a movie. This makes the process a lot faster after a really long day. When I have a little bit more time, I love to go deeper into my thoughts and write longer entries. myDiary helps me with some sophisticated text features.

There is also a possibility to encrypt the whole diary, but I don't need it at all. I would love to see an improved backup functionality in a newer version, because the current one isn't sufficient for me. I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder regarding backups and it would be nice to specify different backup locations with different schedules. However, the current implementation should be more than enough for most of you.

You should definitely download & try myDiary, it will be worth it, I promise.
[Version 1.2]


chiefsucker reviewed on 24 Sep 2009
Pukka is the best Delicious client for Mac OS X.

For me as a heavy internet user I need a place where I can save a lot of web sites I stumble upon - Delicious is the perfect place to have this information easily available everywhere where you have an internet connection. The only problem is the clunky way of adding new bookmarks.

Thanks to Pukka you don't have to worry anymore about entering your data. With the help of a simple bookmarklet the “I don't want to get in your way” UI pops up, lets you enter everything you need, and then seemlessly fades away into the background.

Since the last major update there is also a very nice and polished Spotlight-like search for your bookmarks and I also love the AppleScript integration, because I backup a copy of my bookmarks locally.
[Version 1.8.2]


chiefsucker reviewed on 24 Sep 2009
Greatest spam filter on earth!

SpamSieve is a plugin for a lot of different desktop mail clients. Most of them already have a spam filter, so what's the point? SpamSieve is simply the best and most effective solution out there. I use this application with the built-in Mail.app since a couple of years and I have no more spam in my several inboxes.

I'm a heavy mail user and it's astonishing how much time you can safe with this seemlesly smart and functional piece of software. And this for just a couple of bucks.
[Version 2.7.6]


chiefsucker reviewed on 23 Sep 2009
Great, fast and honest support!

The first time I wrote a support request to MOApp I got an immediate response. The support is just overwhelming. I can write to the developer with every problem and I bet he will have a solution.

myTexts ist also a great software. I used WriteRoom for a very long time and I was satisfied. I didn't even know I need something else, something better, something that is suited for my needs. Then the developer from MOApp released myTexts and I was overhelmed again.

Distraction free wrting with media-like organization capabilities. This is iTunes for texts. I don't have to save my document every couple of seconds and live in a fear that everything will be lost if this stupid crap of Microsoft software will crash again. I don't have to constantly check my mails and the Twitter stream. I have my texts, nothing more. This is such a great experience, you have to try it out yourself.

If you have questions regarding some functionality, or you think the software needs a great new feature: no problem, just write a short message to the developer and I'm pretty sure you'll have a great, helpful and friendly answer in a very short time.

Hands up, definitely five stars!
[Version 2.3]


chiefsucker reviewed on 15 Sep 2009
I've searched a long time for a blog editor, because I can't look at the ugly web interfaces of some blog engines anymore. It's not only about visual design, but also about system integration. What I most often miss in the web browser is easy drag and drop and some common OS functions. Through my search I came across three blogging applications for the Mac: ecto, MarsEdit and myBlogEdit.

ecto has a very cluttered interface and since another party bought the software it doesn't seem to be actively developed. This wasn't a good choice for me. If I buy something and pay money I want to see good support in return. I checked MarsEdit and myBlogEdit and both developers update their software on a regular basis.

The functionality I need seems to be present in both applications, MarsEdit and myBlogEdit, so I downloaded both of them and tried each of them a couple of days long. While MarsEdit is fast and polished, it just doesn't feel right for me. There's really nothing wrong about it, but it just doesn't work with the style of workflow I have. The last candidate in my review was myBlogEdit and while it provided the functionality I need, it had also a very natural and intuitive interface. After the first couple of minutes I felt like at home and it was a great overall experience.

I also tried a couple of normal OS features, like drag and drop etc. and everything worked like I expected. I was impressed about the basic image editing capabilities. Now I don't have to do basic image processing steps in another application, I can add it to my blog entry and set the most important preference in myBlogEdit.

I'm a very code-based person and the second best thing I like about this software are it's text editing features. I can use HTML tag templates and use also a couple of sophisticated keyboard shortcuts. This way I can focus on the text I want to write and don't have to switch to the mouse when I feel I'm in “writing mode”.

Another feature I like is that I don't need an internet connection to see my blog posts. This way I have something like an local archive of my blog and I don't have to worry if a nasty bug or exploit will delete my online content. Buying myBlogEdit was the best thing I could do to improve my blogging workflow. Thanks so much for the software and the fast, friendly and excellent support!
[Version 2.1]


chiefsucker reviewed on 09 Jan 2008
It looks nice, but isn't really stable, has a lot of bugs and is sometimes hard and inconsistent to use.

The developer reponse is one of the worst I've ever seen.

The guys seem to make money and this is their only intention. Cha-Ching is e.g. in the current MacHeist bundle, but still buggy and rather unmaintained...
[Version 1.2.2]

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