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bruddahmax commented on 21 Apr 2004
first off - i'm a paid user, never had any significant problem with Acquisition, and never had any need to contact the developer.

there's an awful lot of Anonymous postings here about how much of an ass the developer is. curiously, 99% of these seem to be written by the same four or five writers - the style is unchanging and there are about five distinct styles of "acquisition sucks, i was ripped off" ad nauseum. they report how shockingly rude Dave is in feedback forums - i've been through about 400 of the forum messages over time and i've never seen Dave be a rude arsehole to anyone. he sometimes delivers info in a very direct way, but i wouldn't call this rude. certainly not abusive in any way. and no, i am not a paid shill or actually Dave himself, just an observer wondering where all of this "the developer is a jerk" stuff comes from. i have a suspicion it may be from "competition" who are trying to scuttle Acquisition and pitch their own products.

regardless, i couldn't give a flatulent handbasket whether he's rude or not - i don't need to deal with him. the software is excellent. it works - lots of results, and high probability of downloading things in their entirety. there are free alternatives but none of them seem to have the polish of Acquisition. Poisoned is ok but downloading seems to be touch and go, although there are far more results in Poisoned (because of the multiple networks).

regarding spyware - Acquisition checks for updates. i have several products that do this. somehow i think my state secrets will no be revealed by this software behavior.

to the complainers - you may have legitimate issues, especially if you paid and didn't get support for whatever reason (i suspect you didn't try really hard, though - the support on the forums is excellent). if you think other programs are better, that's swell - use those other programs. but don't post anonymous "the developer is an ass" posts in the reviews here at MacUpdate - you accomplish nothing.

one thing i do wish about Acquisition is that it would connect to more hosts - 5 just isn't cutting it - and allow limiting to 15 and 20 downloads as well as just 10 - there's a big gap between 10 and unlimited... :D
[Version 108.3]

bruddahmax commented on 23 Mar 2004
contextual menu JPEG > Change Resolution Value Losless seems to now be broken. bummer. :(
[Version 5.0.1]

bruddahmax commented on 19 Nov 2003
apparently Privoxy proxy was interfering with DMG downloads - works fine with it off. strange!

excellent codec - much nicer at allowing random access within video file than Divx.
[Version 4.5]

bruddahmax commented on 07 Nov 2003
one of the best shareware purchases one can make - the ability to select the open/save folder by clicking on finder windows alone is worth the price, and the snap-back and other shortcuts are much appreciated icing.

support this developer - they've always made great stuff!
[Version 1.9.2b1]


bruddahmax reviewed on 25 Oct 2003
after a few hours running Panther i am still amazed at the speed of things - especially in all Finder operations and in resizing windows in Finder and elsewhere. very few software incompatibilities - i expect these to be rectified in the next week or two (hopefully).
[Version 10.3]

bruddahmax commented on 30 Aug 2003
downloaded disk image for Beta 5 won't mount - error 95 No Mountable File System. hmmm.

Beta 4 is nice. i hope Beta 5's HTTP download works - that's a key feature in my book.
[Version 2.1b5]

bruddahmax commented on 02 Aug 2003
i agree it does seem rather expensive but it is worth paying for - invaluable expansion of the open/save dialogs. i saved a little by buying it in a package deal with Proteron's LiteSwitch and MaxMenus, both of which are also very keen tools, for just under $50.00 for all three. it is worth it for the time saved mousing around.

looks like Panther may have some of these features, though.
[Version 1.8b5]

bruddahmax commented on 30 May 2003
actually worth paying for - looks great and works great. i love the argument that it should be free because it allows you to download free software and music. please. a lot of design and thoughtfulness went into making this thing easy to use - i think that's worth something.

RIAA don't worry, i only download obscure old stuff that can't be found in record stores anyway. publish your catalogs and i'll stop leeching.

for those of you leeching warez - that's just naughty.
[Version 0.92]

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