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Brsma rated on 05 Dec 2013
[Version 1.3.0]

Brsma commented on 05 Nov 2010
Happily shelled out money for it some years ago, CSSEdit was violently valuable then. Unfortunately, development seems to have somehow stalled. Currently, I am using CSSEdit less and less, mostly due to the severe lack of support for everything going on in CSS land since then. Come on guys, it's near the end of 2010, CSS3 will soon be supported by any major browser and is already crucial when dealing with quite some smartphone-enabled web stuff. Show some love and give this neglected pearl a real update. Please!
[Version 2.6.1]


brsma reviewed on 31 Oct 2008
An incredibly useful, powerful and, as far as I can tell, mature extension to get the most out of your input devices - if you are willing to spare some time in the beginning. It took me about 1 hour after installation to register this jewel. Never regretted. The only obvious downside lies in feeling quite clumsy and crippled when using a different computer. ;-)

Setting up and configuring devices is suprisingly user-friendly, though at first sight still somewhat complex. CM mostly takes a graphical programming approach with building blocks which can be freely “wired”. Basic stuff like (re-)defining keys, buttons or acceleration comes still quite easy. But CM really starts - and shines - where other drivers I tried before end. And you will need to learn about and explore the different available modules to achieve at more intermediate to advanced configurations. Switchable configs, basic maths and logic, time logic, custom acceleration curves, etc. - it is (nearly) all there. You can even make your gear behave differently depending on active application/context. Nonetheless, the time spend at learning and tweaking pays back well: in terms of convenience, efficiency and, at least in my case, even less muscle strain. (My hands feel less stressed and tired after working long if my input devices are better adapted to me instead the other way round.)

The only thing I would currently like to see added to CM is something like reusable macro blocks or nested structures. Think of e. g. Quartz Composer, which might have been amonst the inspirations for the CM interface, anyway. Macros and examples for some for common configuration tasks should be directly provided with CM. (Something like e. g. a well behaved click-lock is not as trivial to set up as it might seem at first sight.) Further, this might also help to accomodate users who want to have CM “just work” with their device(s) and initially do not want to spend much time at configuration.

Bottom line: if you happen to own some non-standard gear that you want to hook up to your mac or if you would like to highly improve the usefulness of your existing input devices: get this now.

BTW, some equipment manufacturers should better license CM for their gear rather than further distributing their own OS X-challenged drivers. I am looking at you, Logitech.

(Not affiliated with the developer in any way, just extraordinarily satisfied with his product.)
[Version 4.3.8]

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brsma replied on 08 Mar 2009
Oops, sorry! My review should have been accompanied by a full five star rating, actually. Unfortunately, I did not recognise in time how to edit your postings… :-(

brsma reviewed on 06 Dec 2006
LaunchBar is a brilliant example of ‘just works' and propably the most indispensable software on my computer short of the operating system itself.

Its combination of being equally inobstrusive, fast, smart, simple and stable has made me return to it rather quickly each time I try another

It is inobstrusive, i.e. integrates nicely, because it is there when it is needed and stays nicely out of the way otherwise.

According to my perception it reacts quicker than any other launcher which is quite crucial for interaction and _feeling_ right.

LaunchBar is quite smart concerning abbreviation matching and adapts itself to the habits of the user.

Given its sophisticated simplicity it is nonetheless configurable - if you _want_ to.

Sitting down at a computer without LaunchBar makes you painfully realise the user empowerment it provides.

Having some of the more advanced features of e. g. QuickSilver would be welcome, nonetheless. But only if it would not impair any of the upmentioned qualities.

In short: Buy. This. Now.
(My sole affiliation with the Developer consists in being a very happy customer.)
[Version 4.2b2]


brsma reviewed on 15 Nov 2006
Alas, this looked quite promising at first glance. But both the working set of features and the stability of this software defies its own purpose. Getting things done? Not. Quite in contrary.

BTW: Doing alpha testing for proprietary software? Thank you, sir. There's lots of free and open source software that I can waste my time on in a more productive way.
[Version 0.9.7]


brsma reviewed on 15 Nov 2006
The. Best. Unarchiver. Currently. Out. There. Full. Stop.

Does exactly what it should, what it should do can be configured as far as configuration is needed, and all it does it does very well, i.e. reliable and quick. Thank you.

(If just somebody would please eradicate .sit and .sitx from the surface of this planet - now.)
[Version 1.2]

brsma tipped on 14 May 2006
For the time being, to *encode* ogg, flac, etc., i would like to heavily recommend Max [] which is free (as in beer and freedom), as well.
[Version 0.1.5]

brsma commented on 24 Apr 2006
great extension for everybody sharing hard drive partitions or external drives with gnu/linux systems. alas, the current version (1.4d1) seems instable and causes kernel panics several times a day on my current system (powerbook w/ 10.4.6) and should thus be considered experimental. i sincerely hope it will achieve again at the solid stability it had back then when running on panther.
[Version 1.4d1]

brsma had trouble on 11 Jun 2006
CAUTION: running ssh helper for the first time automatically runs the setup wizard. which in turn creates a new ssh key, overwriting an existing one without checking back or asking. oops.

apart from that initial nastyness an easy usable and helpful program for those who don't want to take full control over their affairs in the terminal.
[Version 1.2.3]

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