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brett4 reviewed on 16 Mar 2008
Turned my Canon's CR2 files yellow or green. BRILLIANT! Good thing I had a backup...
[Version 1.6b5]


brett4 reviewed on 16 Mar 2008
On a new Penryn Macbook Pro with 2GB of ram, it took over TWENTY MINUTES to tag 10 photos from my 40D, and during those twenty minutes, the system was completely unusable- it took 30 seconds just to switch back to Safari, and it took two minutes to force-quit the program so I could get my computer back. I've never seen a program so completely monopolize a mac before, especially such a high-powered one.

40D photos show up incorrectly, with yellow backgrounds. Cities are not properly detected (it assumed I was in a major metropolitan city, not a suburb of said city, and did not offer any way to correct this except by hand-editing each photo. Since clicking on a photo means waiting a good 10-15 seconds while it calculates a preview, this is excruciating.)

Oh yeah, and the author appears linked to some sort of scammy "we'll give you the software for free if you sign up for this credit card/magazine subscription" website. Run away...
[Version 1.5.4]

brett4 commented on 17 Jun 2007
If you're trying to get MKV subtitles to have proper timing, or adjust the timing with the z/x keys, don't bother- it's apparently an undocumented bug with this release.

Is this abandonware, or what?
[Version 1.0rc1]


Brett4 reviewed on 28 Feb 2004
A gussied up version of that "normalize" button on your stereo. You know, the one you pushed out of curiosity one day, immediately turned off again and wondered why they bothered.

I was not terribly surprised to find this plugin mostly worthless while listening to several tracks using an excellent pair of headphones(Grado SR-60's, about $70).

Essentially, this is like a little monkey sitting at your stereo messing with the volume+treble, and you can clearly tell when it's kicking in. In fact, it completely destroyed sections of some songs, turning clear and bright sections into an utter muddy mush; setting the bass boost anywhere except all the way off will make this even worse. It's like listening to a Bose stereo- heavily equalized and false-sounding, with muddy bass to try and impress you. A trumpet is SUPPOSED to leap out at you, not sound like it's in the next room!

It makes the presumption that some algorithm can second-guess professional sound engineers, and promises to turn @#$! into gold. If it's so good, why do we still have sound engineers, paid more in 10 minutes than this software costs? Why hasn't their technology been licensed by anyone like, say, Dolby?

Save your money, leave soundcheck off(it does far more 'harm' than good; they're right about that part) and buy a nice set of headphones. You won't be disappointed, and the results will be FAR better.

Features- 2. They don't do anything that isn't already built in to iTunes, really. Ease of use- 3. No explanations for what, say, 'Drive" does. Value- 2. Snake oil- spend the money on better speakers/headphones. Stability, N/A.
[Version 1.0]


Brett4 reviewed on 31 Oct 2003
I have been a die hard user of Eudora since version 3, well before OS 9. However- I'm still using 5.x, and that's because of the horrible reviews 6.0 received. I am severely disappointed that, after THREE OS X releases they have failed to embrace OS X services such as the system-wide address book; is it REALLY that hard, guys?(no).

Eudora is effectively dead- they're not paying attention to the requests from their user base, they have an extremely stand-off-ish attitude towards apple, from downright nasty changelog comments to preference panels. It does not handle IMAP well, and it has a broken SSL implementation that causes mail server software developers some serious conniptions(Eudora violates the Start/TLS protocol spec).

That said, it unfortunately still remains an excellent choice for many other reasons. It can handle volumes of email that make other mail clients faint, and it's blisteringly fast, capable of moving around messages by the hundreds per second. I've only seen problems in mailboxes with over 32,000 messages. The mailboxes are standard MBOX format and easily imported into other programs and the like.

Eudora also has excellent filtering capabilities(you can filter on any header, do multiple actions per message, and have lots of actions to choose from) and is supposedly scriptable, although I've never been able to get my spamassassin applescript to run without crashing...
[Version 6.0.1]

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