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+3 commented on 19 Oct 2009
I've just downloaded version 0.9.3 and I've got a really bad impression about the revised UI. It seems that every revised item fails: toolbar icons, sidebar icons, status bar icons, progress bars, tabs. Man, what the hell happened??? By 0.9.2 it was going right (there could be some things to improve), but now we have all this Windows-like things everywhere, I think it's unacceptable, I really can comprehend the changes, being that in general the app was respectful of Apple user interface guidelines, with a sober and system-integrated look and feel. It's not a thing about a different aspect that one just accepts by getting used to it, it's really misaligned, inconsistent. I guess that for regular users it doesn't care that much, but Mac is very well known as the choice by fine designers, so, like me, many more will look elsewhere just to get rid of these ugly interface revision (we know there are fine alternatives out there). BTW, I wonder if there's any chance of adopting Shiizu's icon for the application (
[Version 0.9.3]

burypromote commented on 19 Oct 2009 my Snow Leopard and QuickTime X,
this is a built-in function.
[Version 2.6]

burypromote commented on 29 Sep 2009
They finally added something I suggested over a year ago! They have now added the Delivery Point digits after the ZIP+4 into the POSTNET bar code. Yay!

Now that POSTNET is being deprecated, hopefully EasyEnvelopes will include its replacement, "Intelligent Mail Barcode," in a future release.
[Version 1.0.8]

-2 commented on 28 Sep 2009
It appears to be less trouble to just stick with v0.8 and run Safari in 32bit mode!
[Version 1.0.3]

+2 commented on 26 Sep 2009
I wanted something that would download music videos from Alas, this only downloads the commercial that appears *before* the music video starts. I thought about writing the developer and asking to have this fixed. However, his site states, "I will not purposefully allow iTubeX Ultimate to download copyrighted videos, .swf and .mp3 files."

I respect his/her moral compass, but I'll not be purchasing this app. :-(
[Version 5.5]

burypromote commented on 12 Sep 2009
It's a beauty, that's for sure, but it needs more memory & CPU as my iTunes 9/Snow.

Ok, I have to say, to test this I did remove the Helper-App from the Bundle because I didn't wanted a running process after my test which I had to kill with Activity-Mon. But that is not the reason, or is it?

I had the rainbow-cursor for few seconds before it was starting to play a song. It jumped while "loading" a sound to over 100% CPU-Usage...
That could be because it searched for it's Helper-App?
[Version 1.2.5]

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+23 replied on 12 Sep 2009
sorry something was wrong with my computer (I think he got to hot because another application was stuck or something like that). iTunes had also the rainbow cursor and crashed twice, so my "report" about that is right to be ignored. Sorry again, I feel bad and I will now stop talking here on MU. Thanks.
burypromote commented on 10 Sep 2009
Thanks for the info.

There is no real option included to disable that (which would give me back the rare space which I really need/use for MY playlists). A master plan-disaster or one from the marketing? Very unusual and also VERY annoying
[Version 9.0]

-1 commented on 10 Sep 2009
Besides the annoying bright appearance it also includes some new things which are very useful, especial the way you can browse your music. Thanks for that. But I still think the 'white'-background in the music browser is to bright. It hurts my eyes. But I like the way the green icon behaves! Ok, Apple, you can be proud of your iTunes.
[Version 9.0]

+2 commented on 10 Sep 2009
Sorry, it's really to bright... it hurts my eyes. I dont like that, I just wanna play my sounds without distraction. Apple thinks iTunes is great, but I tell you what's really great: all the music I can play with. TOO SHINY
[Version 9.0]

+1 commented on 10 Sep 2009
To UI is to bright and shiny. No possibility to remove the very annoying "Privat Sharing" column (in german: Freigaben:Privatfreigaben). Or is there? I didn't found anything. That's very annoying!

Not happy with that update. At least, it's faster.
[Version 9.0]

+1 had trouble on 12 Sep 2009
I was fearing they stopped developing.
But as I seen at the project-page, they did some work @ Sep 06:
dx/sub subtitle display fixed.
some memory leak fixed.
snow leopard compatible.

Still no download available, but it looks good. I hope they will make the source-code also snow-leopard compatible. Cheers!

BTW: Movist uses more CPU than every other player, but it's also very fast and responsive (which comes with a price).
[Version 0.6.4]

burypromote had trouble on 07 Sep 2009
...did mess up my QTPlayerX, had to delete the preferences. None of the settings worked, it was like the options are wrong labeled or something like that. I had it only for the actual user installed. OS X Language german.
[Version 1.0]

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+23 commented on 07 Sep 2009
I guess you have to quit the Player before changing values :) it certainly does not work if the app is active while changing values.
burypromote had trouble on 16 Aug 2009
? ? ?
this is the same I downloaded in the past ("").
Where is the new version?
[Version 2.0]

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+23 replied on 16 Aug 2009
understood, thank you.
+2 had trouble on 31 Jul 2009
Sometimes, the downloaded files are missing. Strange. It downloads and shows "Completed" but the file is gone. A very disturbing user experience.

After the application starts, the main window's default focus is in the "Downloads Directory:" text-field. If you press accidentally a key that path is changed.
[Version 2.1]

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+23 replied on 02 Aug 2009
I figured this out: if a server-dependent download-error occurs it stops downloading and shows the (wrong) message "Completed". It never completed but for some reason it couldn't proceed with the download and for some reason this situation is not properly handled by the app.
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