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Birdy2 rated on 11 May 2011
[Version 1.0]


Birdy2 reviewed on 11 Dec 2010
I love this little app. It's not the shiniest twitter app out there but it's free - and supports lists, which seems to be something many other minimal twitter apps can't handle.

My favorite thing about the app is having tabs for each of my lists. I use lists a lot- it's useful for "following" app updates, devs, etc. that I don't necessarily want in my timeline.

My only wish for this app is that it could live in the menubar with no dock icon. Well, and that it was a tiny bit more polished looking. But other than that it's great.
[Version 2.34]

Birdy2 rated on 01 Dec 2010
[Version 2.0.0]

Birdy2 rated on 01 Dec 2010
[Version 1.2]


Birdy2 reviewed on 01 Mar 2010

I just downloaded the update (2.3.5) and the icon previews are totally fixed. Now it functions exactly as it should. They load quickly and scrolling is back to normal. I also notice that the CPU usage is low now.

Man, I wish this update had come out a few days ago- I just spent unnecessary money buying Devonthink - which has too many (research specific) features I'll just never use. And I'm really missing Together's shelf for getting things in quickly- with Devonthink you have to pay $80 for the pro version to get their version of the shelf. sigh.

Since I can't change my previous rating this is to make up for my other one.

Thanks Steve for fixing things.
[Version 2.3.5]


Birdy2 reviewed on 21 Feb 2010
I've been using it for almost 2 years now and I used to love it. It is as close to perfect as it could be for my purposes. The way it mirrors your folders, that it respects file types on import, the shelf that allows me to quickly get items into it, the ability to organize and tag in a meaningful way, and the visual previews of my files- All of it is exactly what I need and more.

BUT I have to give it 2 stars, sadly. 5 stars for being pretty much perfect... but -3 because it just doesn't work as advertised.

I have about 1000 files in Together, most of them images. What I loved most were the thumbnail previews (as shown in the screenshot up there). They help me find the image I'm looking for quickly in a folder. Without them I just have folders of generic jpg icons with non-descriptive names.

But it just doesn't work. With "Show Icon Previews" turned on the app is sooooo slow, CPU usage is so high and it's so prone to crashing it makes me want to pull my hair out. It's literally unusable. Even scrolling through a folder with 20 jpgs in it takes forever. And while it's generating those previews (which it seems to do every time you switch to a folder, not just the first time you view the folder) you can't do anything else- it just stalls.

Maybe it could be argued that that's a specific way of using the app and I'm in the minority, but I don't think that should matter; it's something Together is supposed to do. It's a feature I paid $40 for.

I've commented on the Together forum and I've written the developer. The response was quick and friendly but the answer is the same and unacceptable: "you'll have to turn off Icon Previews".

If Together could just create a thumbnail database that doesn't need to be generated every time then it would be perfect. If Devonthink and the (free) Evernote desktop app can do it, I don't understand why Together can't (or the developer won't). It seems to be a problem mentioned over and over and over - here and in his forums- with no solution except to not use the app the way it's advertised.

So I'm switching to DevonThink. I've already imported everything from Together and it works with no problems. I'd still prefer to use Together but I just can't.

Please note: if you are primarily considering Together for text notes with a few images or you don't mind not having image icon previews then it is an excellent program. If not avoid it.
[Version 2.3.4]

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Birdy2 replied on 01 Mar 2010
Thank you! It is totally fixed and Together rocks again. Please see my updated rating above.
birdy2 commented on 29 Nov 2007
I bought and loved this app when I was using Tiger. Now that I'm using Leopard the only thing I purchased it for is gone: todos. I loved being able to sort my inbox by due dates as well as being able to rename the subject of those items. I mainly used it for sorting ebills.

The todos Leopard Mail offers are useless for me, I never wanted to have to have another window open to see my todo items. And until Apple offers a way to sort by todos in the inbox, I almost don't see the point.

Developers: please bring back this functionality in MailTags! I feel like I spent the money for nothing. :(
[Version 2.2b12]

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birdy2 replied on 14 Dec 2007
that's great news, thank you.
mailtags is an excellent app that quickly became totally essential to me dealing with my mail. it was so much a part of my daily life i've even considered switching back to tiger just to get all the features back.
i look forward to the next beta!
birdy2 commented on 19 Nov 2007
I have the same problems with this Richard mentioned: I'd like aliases to open out the same as actual folders. Also, I think selecting a folder from the menu to open that folder, not its containing folder...

It would be great if I could just press and hold the folder in in the dock to have the menu pop up, rather than having to click while pressing the Option key.
I also wish that hidden files didn't show up in the menus.

Something else that's just strange, rather than a real problem is that it seems that my color profile temporarily changes when the menu is being accessed.

Other than that this is great. I was using OldFolder but you can only have one folder at a time in the dock with that one.
[Version 1.0]

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birdy2 replied on 19 Nov 2007
I restarted my computer and it seems to have resolved 2 issues:

one click of the icon in the Dock brings up the menu.

and the hidden files are gone too.

but I still have the color profile changing and no flyouts of aliased folders.
Those problems are minor for me though, the one I have the biggest problem with is that clicking on a folder in the menu brings up the folder *containing* that folder, i.e. if I select Music in the menu what actually opens is m Home folder, which contains the Music folder.

birdy2 reviewed on 11 Nov 2007
For everyone who finds stacks fairly useless and misses browsing through hierarchical menus from the dock, this app solves the problem.
I just double clicked the OldFolder icon and it asked me which folder I'd like to have in the dock. Now my Home folder is back in the dock where it belongs and working as it did in Tiger.
Thank you!
[Version 1.0]

birdy2 commented on 10 Nov 2007
This is exactly what I've been hoping for... but the link is broken.
[Version 1.0]

Birdy2 had trouble on 24 Oct 2010
Download link not working.
[Version 1.0]

birdy2 had trouble on 31 Dec 2007
Don't use this with Leopard!

When I used the installer that came with this it changed the name of my Desktop Folder to "system47.saver" and made it into an application. Scared the crap out of me because all my files that had been on the desktop disappeared. I had to find the file that used to be my Desktop, Show Contents, change permissions to get them out of there, put the saver/desktop folder in the trash and Restart to get a new Desktop folder.
Why does a screensaver need an installer script anyway??! I know where to put screensavers.
[Version 2.2.1]

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