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bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB reviewed on 13 Apr 2008
useful app, with a lot of functionality. but it would be vastly improved with the addition of proper progress bars.

at present, every task just uses the striped 'barber's pole' progress bars, which give no indication of how log a task is likely to take. since the tasks LCC performs are the kind of low-level system stuff the average user has little or no direct experience of, this makes using LCC a very vague experience.

i start a task running and sit looking at the 'barber's pole' with no indication as to whether it's going to finish in 10 seconds, 10 minutes... or 10 hours.
[Version 4.0.7]


bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB reviewed on 11 Apr 2008
wow! this thing is retarded:

>> 1/2
=> 0

>> 1/3
=> 0

>> 3/4
=> 0

... and ugly too. why do people insist on cluttering up macupdate with crap 'ego-ware' like this? do you really think *anyone* is going to use this app? - of course not. so why not wait until you've finished your 'ruby for beginners' book before you start inflicting your software on the world?
[Version 1.0.4]


bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB reviewed on 23 Mar 2008
there's a lot to like about BPE - or at least there was in version 1. back then it was one of those apps which was always running on my comp and i used it to archive all my important SMS and log my calls for a year or so.

with version 2 however, i find i rarely open BPE. part of this may be to do with the fact i have a new phone with a lot greater storage capacity, so i don't actually *need* to back up as much as i used to. but a lot has to do with how clunky and irresponsive BPE2 is, compared to version one.

BPE2 seems to constantly generate errors while transferring SMS across. every time i open it, it marks as unread dozens of messages i've already read [with no way to 'mark unread' multiple messages at a time]. i see the spinning beachball constantly and have to force quit it at least once or twice during every session. dragging messages into folders, the interface is jerky and unresponsive and seems to lag a second or two behind, so i'm forever dropping things in the wrong folder, because the one i was hovering over when i released the mouse, is no longer there by the time BPE wakes up long enough to react to what i'm doing.

altogether a disappointing upgrade. i wish i'd stuck with version 1!
[Version 2.0.8]

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB commented on 18 Mar 2008
i'm a bit puzzled by this. the update will allow you to rebuild directories as before. however, since the discwarrior bootCD is still running 10,4,9, it is not possible to repair permissions on a leopard system, as discwarrrior complains that the installed OS is too new.

this removes one important area of discwarrior's functionality [especially given how flaky apple's disc utility is when it comes to repairing permissions!] i was hoping that the discwarrior 4,1 update would provide some mechanism whereby i could create a new bootCD running leopard, so i would have access to *all* the features. this seems like a job 'half done'
[Version 4.1]

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB commented on 17 Mar 2008
hmmm... it kind of 'does what it says on the tin' and the [small] development team should be congratulated for building something that works this well in a microsoft office dominated environment - and for giving it away free.

however, i still can't bring myself to really like neooffice. like all OSX java based apps, it just feels too slow and clunky and windows-like for me to get any pleasure from using it.

i also wonder what neooffice's future is likely to be, given that apple are now busy removing java as an option from their developer tools.
[Version 2.2.3]

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bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB replied on 22 Mar 2008
i may be wrong then. it has the look of a java app tho'. the interface is certainly not built using native OSX components

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB reviewed on 16 Mar 2008
this app is useful up to a point, but you should be wary when using it:

it flagged up 22 dead links after scanning my bookmarks. looking through the list, i noticed a few sites that i knew for a fact were not dead links. so i tested each link on the list and found that out of the 22 only 7 were actually dead. the rest either loaded perfectly in my browser, or were pages which required a login [which seems to cause dead.licious to flag them as unreachable].

so, yeah. it narrowed my search for dead 'uns down from a couple of hundred to 22, but i still had to manually check each one to remove the live ones from the list before telling dead.licious to delete the remainder from my account.

and i can't help wondering; if it mistakenly added live links to the list of dead link, did it also err the other way and fail to add some that were actually dead?

so, all in all a fairly useful app - but i'd advise you to doublecheck its results before asking it to delete stuff from your account
[Version 1.41]

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB commented on 06 Mar 2008
ditto on the upgrade price. $75 is ridiculous for the addition of... well, not much really... and a few bugfixes.

omnigroup's increasingly greedy attitude is alienating a lot of former customers. back in the day, when OSX was new, omniweb were the heroes of the mac software world, being amongst the first to release quality apps at decent prices for the new OS.

of late however their competitors' apps have superceded theirs in terms of quality - and omniweb's increasingly outlandish pricetags will do nothing but accelerate the stampede away from this increasingly out-of-touch company.
[Version 5.0]

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB commented on 04 Mar 2008
"...Post production photography solution..."

the answer to 'post production photography problem'!
[Version 2.0.1]

bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB commented on 01 Mar 2008
ha! ha!

this has got to be the daftest name for an app ever!

why do boring businessmen insist on giving their tedious suit-wearing pen-pushing antics these tough, macho names. do they think it makes them sound like james bond, or something?

"..OK. yah! - i used to be a bit of a bear in a bull market, but then i solutioned forty 'k' primetime - thanks to goalenforcer hyperfocus 2008!..."
[Version 2008r0]


bebdabhrhbrWEFg 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB reviewed on 13 Feb 2008
it works fine, but in my [admittedly infrequent] experience, it takes absolutely a-g-e-s to do its stuff - about three or four hours on my 1,33GHZ G4, to convert a 800MB avi file to DVD format
[Version 1.31]

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