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beLine reviewed on 10 Nov 2008
Decent App. I actually finally upgraded because of this app. I had been putting 10.5 off for weeks, but I finally did it, just so I could try this thing out (in need a work recently). Makes redundant searching wicked easy. Very stable, and very straight forward.

Few things though... While I does some things very easily and straight forward, I am left a little awkward...

The app menu bar (up at the top of the screen) has unused items that just make the program seem sloppy. The "File" option is largely unnecessary, save for "Close" and "Print," yet it has New (what?), Open, Open Recent, Save, Save As, Revert to Saved and Page Setup, all of which grayed out and unused. The "Edit" menu has a full assortment of options, all of them grayed out, as does the "View" menu and the "Format" menu (save for "Colors" in the format menu... which... is used? no?). Then there is the absence of a help file. If options are useless, they should not be included. Simple as that.

That's my only gripe though, and it is very minor. Other than that. It does what it says, and it is rock solid in my experience.

Things I wish it had?

A way to limit the number of returned listings: Certain number from each state; Only so many days old; Certain number per search.

The third option brings in my other desire, order options: Ordered by state (current), Ordered by date (and limit the number in this list either by how many days old, or ow many per state). The limit and order options could be by search, which brings me to my third and final request.

Naming of searches, other than what it is searching for (although that works to auto populate it).

If you need any help, I would be more than willing to assist for free...
[Version 1.0b2]

beLine commented on 02 Jun 2007
READ: The key is stored in your KEY RING.

Do not use this product, what good is an encrypted file when the key to it is sitting practically right next to it.

NEVER use an encryption program that lets your key touch non-volatile memory. The furthest your key should get on the computer is ram, and then be immediately wiped.

Find your own way to story your keys, but do not SAVE them!
[Version 1.8]

beLine commented on 01 Jun 2007
Ok, what is this "Once your data has been erased, it can no longer be read through traditional means" business?

I don't think people interested in using a program like this are concerned with "traditional means." I think it is more likely they are interested in their data being unreadable by "any means."

You don't do this kid of erase to prevent that guy on ebay from reading your homework, you do a simple format to zero for that. You use software like this to keep the law at bay.

Where can I find a program like that?
[Version 2.3.2]

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beLine commented on 02 Jun 2007
Grind... Hmmm... Yeah...

No, I understand what you are saying, and I think I have found a fairly secure (maybe even over-board) method...

I am using Permanent Eraser for file deletion (I trust the Gutman (sp?) Method over the other options) and then I have ShredIt X run on free-space nightly.

From what I understand about magnetics and how data recovery works, it actually works by sampling the polarity of the plater area near the bit, and not the actual bit it's self. The is because the polarity "leaks" out over time.

Permanent Eraser (while great as an initial step) only writes random data real quick to one spot. Unfortunately, this doesn't effect the nearby area that much, and in the end is about as effective as writing to the spot only once.

I use Permanent Eraser for short-term security, and the nightly wipes of ShredIt to randomize the "spilt" polarities, as they are done over time...

From my research, this is the next best thing to grinding the plater to a fine dust... :-D

beLine commented on 02 Jun 2007
Having trouble wiping folders containing a large number of files... Hangs...

It also hung while wiping an ISO file... Something about large file sizes?

beLine replied on 03 Jun 2007
It happens with any thing/group of size.

Ex: Around 200 JPG files. It will get through about 150 or so of them, and start to slow down, eventually just stopping on one.

Again, I understand how this all works, and that large files (the ISO was 300+ Megs) take a long time to write over 35+ times. But progress should be steady (I think)... Shouldn't it?

Shouldn't a similar size JPG wipe at the same speed no matter if it is the first of the 300th file?

beLine commented on 03 Jun 2007
I forgot to mention:

MacBook Pro - 10.4.9
Intel 2.33 C2D - 2 GB Ram

beLine replied on 28 Nov 2007
Very nice, thank you for still looking into this, as it has been quite a while since I posted this problem.

Very nice.

beLine reviewed on 15 May 2007
First: MackBook Pro, OSX 10.4.9

I have been using CrossOver 6 for a bit now to play EVE Online.

This was before it was officially "supported" and I had only a few small issues with sound. I have not used 6.1 yet, but I assume it is much better, but how is this possible?

CrossOver is wonderful. EVE Online is very graphics intensive, and CrossOver handles it like a champ. And rock-solid might I add.

I try to stay native. So for office apps I use Neo Office, I have a financial app, CS3 for photo, etc. But when you absolutely must use a windows app, CrossOver is where to go.

The support forums are great, and there is a good chance that there is a workaround to get your app running. Considering your app wasn't supposed to run on a Mac, jury rigging it to work shouldn't twist your nickers too much.

As for system stability. No issues. I don't have CrossOver to load at start-up. She runs one core at full load, so things get hot, but the rest of the system hums right along. No issues.
[Version 6.1]

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