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barhbar reviewed on 21 Dec 2013
I saw the email about Disk Drill and was interested, then I read some of the comments. So I decided to do a little research.

I downloaded the Free version via problem. I had been given an old laptop my neighbor to trash a couple days ago. I had cracked it open (literally) and took the memory and HD out. The Hd was a 30Gig IDE 3.5" from Toshiba (Old, real Old). I partitioned and formatted it for a Mac [MOS Ex Journaled]. I had not used if for anything yet so I decided to see if I could get some of the data back using Disk Drill.

I had bought a IDE/Sata/eSata/USB2.0 adapter a couple years ago, so I hooked it up. I did not read anything, just selected Disk Drill from finder. When my drives showed up on the app screen it did not show the drive I wanted to use but had 3 of the normal drives I have hanging around, however there was a underlined comment on the bottom of the screen that alluded to other stuff, I clicked it and my drive came up. I selected it and then looked at some of the drop down boxes and picked the "All Recovery Methods"..It took about 15-20 min to complete the 30GB Hd and there was a "ton" of stuff listed. In fact it showed 285 GB of Reconstructed files on a 30GB HD (not sure about how that is possible BUT its there)

I started opening up some of the folders and it seems to have stored the "Reconstructed Data" in Kinds (i,e, Pictures, Vidio, Documents etc) and then sorted by extension within KINDS.

All the data was in files with names of "file000001.mp3". The file numbers started over with each type of extension. I looked at my neighbors .pdf, word documents, listened to his music, and started a couple of his movies. HOWEVER, when I went to RECOVER, the app said I had to have the Pro Version.

I remembered some of the comments talked about not being able to save the info in the Pro Version even though it showed it with the Free Version. I know it was Micky Mouse, but I saved 1 Music Video using Snap Pro Z. Then saved some .pdf's and .doc's by using some clipboard programs and running them through some OCR/PDF apps and Saved some of the music using Ondesoft Audio Recorder

I have done all this using the Free Version and not having a clue on the software. There are some things that I want to make clear:

1- There were no filenames other than the Generic "".

2- A number of the Pictures were incomplete only partially showing. My belief is that these files had been overwritten many times and were not the latest files

3- The same goes with the Music Files, a lot of the Pictures and Music were all there, but most were only partial. I wish there had been a date on these files so I would not have wasted my time looking at the obvious older files.

4- I forgot to mention that Disk Drill found 8 Partitions; 1xNTFS and 7xFAT.

5- I did not erase anything before or after I partitioned the drive. It would be a good excercise grab a HD and lay down a file then erase it, then using Disk Drill see if I can Recover it. If so, then leave it there and lay another file down. Using OS X "Disk Utility"'s Erase Options I can overwrite 1,3 and 7 times...try each of these and see at what point Disk drill Fails.

About the only show stopper for me right now is the File Name issues. I think I read where the File Names are going to be available in the Pro Version but not sure.

I plan on buying this app one way or he other...but with Christmas a couple days away, I may hold off ...

Hope this helps
[Version 2.1.376]

barhbar rated on 11 Aug 2013


barhbar reviewed on 03 Apr 2013
All I wanted to do was create a few kinds of BarCode, mainly ISBN-10/13 and print the Barcode on a 3 x 5 card so I could scan the book put the card in the book and throw the retrieved info into Delicious 2 (Inventory Pgm).

After an initial look, I was in the process of buying iBarCoder and then read all the reviews and decided to look elsewhere.

Went to the App Store and went through what was available, jumped on-line and googled what I could and looked into them. It seemed the real good ones were hundreds of dollars.

I decided to download iBarCoder and see what was going on. The online docs said that there was going to be some random wording that would appear with the BarCode, but other than that I should be able to do anything that iBarCode was capable of.

The download and installation went like clockwork with no problems. (Mac Mini w/Mountain Lion). NOW...the issue started...I had never been around barcodes other than scanning them, was not even sure what to do....looked around and there was a on-line doc about a page long that summarized the steps needed.

Without ever dealing with barcodes and using the 1-Pager, I was able to create a ISBN-10 and 13 Barcode that also included printing the Title and was VERY easy to create a whole page of labels with the created Barcode and info, but how do I do this on a 3 x 5 card! Another 10 minutes (I refuse to use help or call anyone, if I had it would have only taken 1-2 minutes.

Bottom line......within 45 minutes of decided to try the product I was printing a 3x5 card with the ISBN-13 code of a book. I then scanned the card and WHA..LA...magic...Delicious 2 had added the book and had incorporated the detail info from Amazon. From that point on I just edited the template with the new 10 or 13 code, added the Title and Author, smacked Ctrl-P; Enter and started on the next one....takes about 10-15 seconds per book.

I am sure I am only using 2% of what the program can do and maybe other people were having their problem within the other 98%....BUT I NEVER HAD ANY ISSUE WITH THE APPLICATION OTHER THAN MY OWN IGNORANCE AND PRIDE (not checking the help).

The one issue I did have was the $7 storage fee for extended download time. So...

1. No Where did it say how long the original time was that I could download the .dmg from the website.

2. Nor did it say how long the "Extended download" period was that was going to cost $7.

3. In one of the answers to an issue; one of the programers of the App stated that there would not be any charges for updates.

4. MacUpdate is keeping a copy of this so I can download it if necessary......I just thought the whole $7 thing smacked of being cheap and totally unnecessary.

I PAID THE $40 and am VERY happy with the purchase and the price.....
[Version 3.5.4]

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