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barefeettom reviewed on 25 Jul 2009
Base is a neat reliable SQLite GUI app.

It's good to see tat the latest version has fixed a few problems, such as opening database files on AppleShare volumes and altering (add column or rename) of tables containing a space in the name. The syntax coloring is good (including known functions) but could be improved.

The biggest drawback for me is that Base, like many other similar apps, doesn't facilitate editing of data in views.

I'd also like to see:

1. The ability to drag entities into the SQL editor, since the entity browser is conveniently always visible.

2. A quick filter and/or search refinement for the entity list and the data viewer.

3. NULL showing as a blank cell but somehow distinct from text (eg a color or something to show it's different to an empty string).

4. Show triggers and indexes with the table/view that owns them.

I've published a detailed comparison of Base and other SQLite GUI apps here:
[Version 1.3.2]


barefeettom reviewed on 25 Jul 2009
Froq leads in many features over rival SQLite capable GUI editors.

The ability to drag entities (views and tables) into the SQL editor and the pop up autocompletion are great, but need refinement. Eg entity names should be quoted (eg if containing a space) and column names should appear in the autocompletion pop up (eg after the "where" clause when the table has already been specified after "from".

It still has problems with data entry changes, often giving "database locked" or "invalid entry" errors where it shouldn't. In the process it damaged at least one of by databases.

I'd still like to see Froq capable of editing data in views which would make it usable on everyday databases for me.

I've updated the comparison review at:
[Version 2.2]


barefeettom reviewed on 04 May 2008
Here's a detailed comparison of SQLGrinder with alternative SQLite GUI programs:

Overall SQLGrinder stacks up reasonably well. The GUI is very nice. The biggest problem is probably the inability to show the actual SQL of the schema (SQLGrinder rewrites it in the output, see the "Edit/view SQL of selected table, view" entry in the comparison site above).
[Version 2.0.8]

barefeettom commented on 19 Apr 2008
Here's a detailed comparison of RazorSQL with alternative SQLite GUI programs:
[Version 4.2.4]

barefeettom commented on 19 Apr 2008
Here's a detailed comparison of DbVisualizer with alternative SQLite GUI programs:
[Version 6.0.10]


barefeettom reviewed on 19 Apr 2008
SQLiteManager is a fairly thorough app. It provides a neat GUI into SQLite if you know your SQL. It offers basic data viewing/editing facilities.

Unlike many alternative applications, SQLiteManager does open SQLite database files on AppleShare volumes, uses a proper Mac OS Cocoa GUI (not ugly Java) and allows editing of views.

See a detailed comparison here:
[Version 2.6.2]


barefeettom reviewed on 14 Apr 2008
Froq is coming along very nicely. Contrary to the previous review, I think the green motif and icons adds to its charm while still being professional.

The lack of support for editing in views is a show stopper for me, but the SQL syntax coloring and quickfind features are up with the best I've seen.

I've published a detailed comparison of features in Froq and other SQLite editors for Mac at:

[Version 2.0rc4]


barefeettom reviewed on 16 Mar 2008
Some more comments:

It's great to see this as a native Cocoa app, rather than some of the ugly Java alternatives. MesaSQLite opens database files on AppleShare volumes, which a few others choke on.

The query builder is very good, but it would be nice to have a one click way to show all the data in the selected table (eg in the table list) in one click.

Nulls and empty string entries are indistinguishable.

The entity/tables browser needs a few bugs fixed, such as not showing single quotes in table names (which result from "alter table rename to" command) and truncated name when followed by a -- comment. Alpha sorting would be helpful and perhaps filtering (by name).

Editing data is done in cell mode (one large wrapped text field in a panel) only. Cell mode is great for long text, but in-situ editing in cells in the column view would be faster for multiple edits. A line/form mode (fields down the page, for one record) would also be a good option.

The GUI for "add table" and the "Content" query editor are very good, with a polished Mac feel and helpful popups like options for what is contained in the desired field. SQL editing (in the "Custom Query" tab) is very basic and only in a small field in a panel. It has no syntax coloring, quick entry tools (such as drag from a list of tables). The GUI does 70% of the job (or probably 95% for beginners), but the lack of SQL Editor features make the remaining 30% a bit tedious. Lack of support for views to save queries limits the usefulness of queries and the "Save query to favorites" is a poor substitute, reinventing the wheel and stores a global list that shows irrelevant queries when in another database file.

Great work so far :-)
[Version 1.6.8]

barefeettom commented on 13 Mar 2008
Here are a few more points:

7. I notice that if I "Add" a row, enter the value for one column, I have to click on another row to make it save the changes to the first row. Perhaps a "Save" button or similar would make this more direct and obvious. Also, I notice that Froq seems to insert a value for every column, perhaps nulls or "" (hopefully not) for those columns where I didn't enter data. I suggest that Froq should only specify the fields in the insert that were actually edited.

8. Froq's syntax coloring looks pretty good. Could you please make it optional to capitalize keywords (or provide the option to make them lowercase) since we don't all like them capitalized. Comments default color would be better as something more subtle (eg grey instead of green).

9. At present Froq colors identifiers (table/view names, column names) such as "First Name" as if it were a literal. Froq should show identifiers in a different color. Coloring those that are unquoted and those that are double quoted the same color would be great, but at least color the double quoted identities different to the single quoted literals)
[Version 2.0b2]

barefeettom commented on 12 Mar 2008
It needs SQLite support.
[Version 1.4.6]

barefeettom had trouble on 11 Mar 2008
It's great to see SQLite support added in Froq in version 2.0b2. I've had a quick look and hit some obstacles/bugs:

1. Views aren't showing, just tables.

2. Froq won't allow editing of data where the table name or column name contains a space. I suggest that you include the "" double quotes in all references to identifiers in your behind the scenes update, delete, select, insert etc statements to avoid this problem.

3. Furthermore, when Froq shows a "couldn't update database" error, it won't allow me to select any other table or cancel the update. I can only quit.

4. Somewhere Froq mentions that it won't allow editing of data in views. It should allow this since SQLite supports it via "instead of" triggers, which allow editing of views.

5. Froq fails to open a SQLite database on an AppleShare volume. The SQLite built into Mac OS X does not have this problem. You need to disable a locking option in the compiling of SQLite in Froq to allow opening on remote volumes.

6. I can't see how to show/edit triggers.

[Version 2.0b2]

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