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audiowizard commented on 15 Nov 2007
I upgraded to Leopard, and discovered that Parallels 2 wouldn't work properly, I tried to buy Parallels 3, but I got a generic email informing me that my order was rejected...??

I have money in the account! What's up with that?
[Version 3.0.5540]


audiowizard reviewed on 21 Oct 2007
This application has ALOT of potential, but it's seriously bugged in my experience. It's adding duplicate files with odd random names, and the playlist option isn't working right either.

Multiple emails to the developers have resulted in absolutely no response.

Too bad...I recommend checking out ChronoSync.
[Version 2.0.3]


audiowizard reviewed on 24 Jul 2007
Flash CS3 on a Mac runs horribly slow.

You may not notice it on first run, but especially after a 'Test Movie' you'll notice extremely lagged performance, only resolved by quitting and reopening the application.

Adobe has not addressed this issue, which has been reported across the web, ranging from Quad PPC G5 users, to Intel Mac Pro users.

Although some Mac users have reported not experiencing any lagged performance.
[Version 9.0]


audiowizard reviewed on 04 Feb 2007
This software is almost worth it, but not. It's ended up causing more problems than it's worth for me. On my macbook pro, half the time it partially downloads a file and then quits or crashes. This was introduced two updates ago, and hasn't been fixed. My resort is to uninstall and quit using it. On top of that the developers are EXTREMELY overly anal about ensuring that you only use one copy per computer...well for me it's DEFINITYLY not worth buying two licenses to share between my laptop and desktop. This manifested as a problem after I started receiving annoying noticed on the desktop that I cannot use it any longer because another copy has been detected on my laptop.

Don't bother is my review!
[Version 4.1.9]


audiowizard reviewed on 17 Nov 2006
The new icon is very nice, but the application's design is somewhat childish. As well, 4.27.1 would not auto-resume torrents that were in progress from 4.4.1. The only option presented was to delete them and start over...not good.

This combined with a surge of other bad reviews compelled me to go back to 4.4.1.

Plus, 4.27.1 > 4.4.1 just doesn't make sense, unless the meaning is that they've gone back from 4.4.1 and taken a different programming turn from an earlier release.

Bram Cohen is the man, I hope he's making good money!
[Version 4.27.1]

audiowizard commented on 07 Nov 2006
Fusion 12.1.2 works pretty darn good!!! Well better than without a font manager.

Although overall it feels sort of beta-ish, and it never auto-hides.

4 out of 5!!!
[Version 12.1.2]

audiowizard commented on 18 Oct 2006
While I love the concept, and purpose of this app, a word of WARNING:

After using smcFanControl 1.1.2 for a few days, my Fan #2 is no longer showing any signs of life. I discovered this after noticing the Macbook Pro was once again hot. I'm guessing it burnt out, after continually running at a minimum setting of 3000rpm for those few days.
[Version 1.2]

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audiowizard replied on 18 Oct 2006
Using another Fan Control app, I see that it appears both fans are working, but smcFanControl just isn't using both, or isn't accurately reporting both.

This is the other app.

audiowizard reviewed on 08 Sep 2006
This is the best invoice app I've come across, I've looked at many, including TimeNet, Invoicer, CGInvoice, iBiz, TaskTime, StudioCzar, and a few other's I've already forgotten. The only downside is it's customization is fairly limited, being a super basic app. I like basic/clean apps, but this one is slightly too basic. I imagine as the developer continue's to make improvements and updates, this will shape into an absolute solid app to use for easily/quickly making invoices so that you can get back to what you enjoy doing on your mac, which probobly isn't learning new business software!
[Version 2.2.1]


audiowizard reviewed on 09 Apr 2006
Well I have it at OS X.4.5 with Disk Utility, and it works great. Unfortunately I got the french version, but I can work my way through it = )
[Version 2.0.2]

audiowizard had trouble on 16 Nov 2007
Anyone else having Transmit 3.6.2 crash ALOT while editing remote files in Dreamweaver CS3 on Leopard?

I know it's a scary combo, but Transmit 3.5 + Dreamweaver CS3 + Leopard didn't seem to crash.
[Version 3.6.2]

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