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Ashmadux commented on 04 Sep 2010
I've been using this app on a friends computer fro some time now. However, I'm not sure if its something with more recent versions, but it's taking a lot longer than it used to back up a disk. Where it used to take 3.5 hours for 300gigs, it's not taking in excess of 5 hours for the same task. Data transfer initially started at 30MB/sec, but now i notice in the later stages that its about 18MB. ?? Connection is firewire 400. I'm stumped.

I backup my friends computer every 3 weeks or so, and it's really getting bad to a point where im asking/posting here about it. im looking at 350 gigs taking 5.5 hours o erased and clone...hmmm that's not good.

any thoughts? think I'm goign to try carbon copy cloner for the neext backup.
[Version 2.6.2]


Ashmadux reviewed on 29 Mar 2010

been looking for a non-menu like app like this for some time now for my timed digital art projects.

You sir, are the man.
[Version 3.5.4]

ashmadux commented on 20 Jun 2009
These developers are LAZY.

I can still use Perian to read mkv files on a POWERBOOK G4 through quicktime. Same for vlc, cmon this this intel -only mess. all of these formats are backwards (processor) compatible. So why do these cornball companies swear they are having such a hard time creating a universal binary?

I remember when devs were proud of the 'universal access' stamp. Oh, sorry i was talking about REAL mac devs.
[Version 7.0]

ashmadux commented on 19 Jun 2009

the de-activating chat are has been fixed. you guys rock.
[Version 2.0.3]

ashmadux commented on 19 Jun 2009
Senuti was a great app (lol dont update, and the freeware versions are sure to be torrented)- The problem with charging for this is that- hey, IT'S NOT EVEN A 1.0 PRODUCT!.

I wont dipute whether a dev has the right to charge, but 18 bucks for an app that has been around a long time, and is far from finished is a bit of a stretch. It can still be an invaluable tool, cant take that from it- but this situation surely hasnt been handled too well.
[Version 0.50.9]

ashmadux commented on 17 Jun 2009
now this is interesting. I was finally able to get this rotten program off my machine. I had to use the version 3 uninstaller to get rid of 4. Incredible. Previously, I could not downgrade because v.4 had a file somewhere on my machine that was preventing it. After installing v.3, now my fonts show up in cs4 apps. WTF, cmon programmers, this is crap.

The sad thing is that I used v.3 with absolutely not one problem for years- while everyone else was going through suitcase hell. Thank goodness that I have all my original install disks. And the nail in the coffin is that these guys obviously haven't updated even thier basic support pages- most links are dead or go to version 3 information.

Since im due for a new machine, ill either stick with v3 or try out font explorer. I cant trust these guy' software with my mission critical workstation. Cmon dude, get back on the ball. Please?
[Version 4.0.3]

ashmadux commented on 15 May 2009
Hey guys, this is an addendum to my last feedback.

The app does work fine on my G5 tower, haven't seen the auto-logout issue i had on my PG G4. However, i'm not sure if its a bug, but for one reason or another, after a tweet is posted, the typing box becomes inactive. So if im doing a string of tweets, i have to re-click into the box to begin tying again. It's incredibly annoying, hopefully something that can be rectified.

The only other thing I was curious was about image support, and what you guys were going to implement on that front. hyperlink implementation is pretty basic as well.

but hey it works...with a little more chutzpa, this could be the standard

[Version 2.0]

ashmadux commented on 15 May 2009
I think it's pretty assinine to beleive that "no one uses PPC anymore" as some one stated. I am myself a Designer working on a 2.5ghz dualie G5 (still going strong!!) and a 2004 powerbook G4 1.5ghz. It's not many times, but on several occasions I just cannot use some apps because its intel only, which is okay....but yeah apples prices for hardware right now, as well as limited options are killing people like myself who want new hardware but cant spent 3k on a new tower (really, wtf?) Couple that with a recession and pow, right in the gut, no new hardware for me.

Or maybe my old, decaying PPC computers dont exist..It's impossible to get my work done on these obsolete computes, huh? Hmm...maybe the correct thing is to say that no one can buy them anymore? Thanks.

A personally thanks to every single dev big and small who continues to use common sense that there are TONS of ppc macs still in use and will be for the next 5 years minimum. You guys rock!
[Version 0.9.9a]

ashmadux commented on 28 Apr 2009
good luck to you all who dare purchase this software. after a disaster with the palm version and the "work once, never again" madness of the WinMo version, you would have to be be crazy about trusting these guys with any software.

I will never understand how bad developers figure that lackluster products and support will get you far, because it certainly wont- hence this comment.
[Version 2.0.1]

ashmadux commented on 25 Apr 2009
Cool, i will give it another shot, i was looking for solutions and since just updating from the site. Will respond when i have the results. What was happening was that i just coudlnt post anything, but it would let me re-login. weird stuff.
[Version 1.3.1]

Ashmadux had trouble on 30 Nov 2009
Hmm..version 10.1 is giving me a not supported architecture error. So why does this still say ppc/intel? i guess that guarantees ill never use this..g5, 10.5.8, and a wtf
[Version 10.10.6790]

ashmadux had trouble on 20 Jun 2009
not sure why, but the ppc version is going down the tubes. in what used to be my main playback software, perian through quicktime slaughters it in sheer performance.

The last few releases have just performed horribly, on a dual 2.5 g5 (4.5gb ram) - not exactly a slouch machine. Stutter, stutter, and more stutter. Opening the same file in quicktime, and its smooth as silk.

Hopefully they get it up to speed, vlc has built a lot of respect over the years.
[Version 1.0rc4]

ashmadux had trouble on 17 Jun 2009
This program is great...

When it works.

As a long time user of Font Agent 3, I am inclined to re-install that old workhorse- this update has given me nothing but problems with activating in CS$ applications. I NEVER had a problem until i upgraded.

right now i have 872 font that i just activated. closed out of all cs4 apps. guess what? pshop sees liek 4 fonts out of the 800+. I deactivated, then reactivated all of them, quit out opened back program, same with pshp and illustrator. illustrator is usually better at handling font being activated while the program is open, and often just updates itself. Photoshop however....

Im a designer, and my font just wont activate. Worse still, unlike version 3, when it cant find a certain font in a pshp cs4 file, instead of leaving the pixel approximations (helpful if you just want to print), it changes any font that has an issue upon opening.

version 3 i still have running on my laptop, and 4 on my desktop. i have had no problems whatsoever running v. 3 in leopard. however, that machine is stuck on cs2 apps.

i gotta fix this now, i cant use this machine without my fonts. sigh
[Version 4.0.3]

ashmadux had trouble on 18 Sep 2008
for the love of all thats holy, developer, PLEASE FIX THE LAUNCH ISSUES. omg it is so bloody annoying to relaunch the app over and over again. my mac is on and off sleep for weeks on end. and i time and time again have to go to sys prefs to hit the start button again...why? it seems to be turning itself off every now and again.

sorry ive been using this app for a loooong time and its frustrating as all hell. this is not the most complicated software out there. please fix, a longtime user is begging you.
running 10.5.4. arghrhg.
[Version 3.2.1]

ashmadux had trouble on 23 Jun 2008
yeah same here- it doesn't launch with login. system 10.4.11.

i dont think i have seen this exhibited on my two other leopard systems. but for this one, it most certainly sucks. plz fix?

hey, and just a comment, how about some new features for this app? it hasnt changed at all in years, or am i missing something?
[Version 3.2.1]

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