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Ash435 commented on 14 Apr 2014
I use Feedwrangler and I don't see why Reeder (on any platform apparently) can't tell me how many unread articles I have in my smart streams.

For this reason I shall continue to use Readkit on Mac, Mr Reader on iPad (with the awesome iOS7 skin you can download). I don't do much RSS reading on iPhone but I still have Reeder going here.

I've been a Reeder fan for years so I hope this feature gets added back.
[Version 2.0b1]

Ash435 commented on 02 Aug 2013
After I installed my SSD and Chameleon SSD Optimizer, SmartSleep started behaving oddly. Are they compatible? Some of their controls overlap, specifically regarding sleep image, hibernate mode, etc.
[Version 0.9.4]

Ash435 commented on 17 Jul 2013
I recently upgraded to 10.8.4 and an SSD drive and I'm not sure my 2012 MBP is entirely sleep happy. Quite often in the morning it will return slowly from hibernate even though power is connected, battery is at 100% and smart sleep is enabled.

Also I notice the eyes blink in the menu item occasionally. And when I have Bartender running, the smartsleep icon appears randomly every few minutes, suggesting that something is bothering it (even though battery is 100% and power is in).

Any thoughts?
[Version 3.10]

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Ash435 replied on 02 Aug 2013
Followup: After I installed my SSD I also installed Chameleon SSD Optimizer. Is it compatible with SmartSleep? Some of their controls overlap, specifically regarding sleep image, hibernate mode, etc.
Ash435 commented on 07 Sep 2012
Does this even work? Is it still being developed? I'm on 10.8.1 and I've no idea how to get the settings page up. I guessed that I need to go to the internal ip address in a browser and I entered the username and password provided, but I just get a blank, white page.
[Version 1.0.2]

Ash435 commented on 04 Jun 2012
The related dashboard widget is awesome (currently use it all the time and have my todo lists on the dashboard too). Love the time sensitive alarms - best feature ever.

I would be prepared to move over to the menubar version if they built in the CalDAV tech that Fantastical has, so I don't need to keep iCal open for iCloud syncing to work. Also, repeating todos would be great so I don't have to keep BusyCal open too!!!!

On the trial I couldn't get QuickCal to put reminders in date due order, even though I set it in preferences. Bug?
[Version 3.1.2]

Ash435 commented on 13 Apr 2012
Parts of the ageing interface (such as the new forms) have been dragged into this decade but there is still much to dislike if you are used to modern Mac applications. Viewing your data in a table is particularly slow and clunky, and unintuitive. Undo is still inconsistent. Here are a few questions and comments I have sent to Filemaker after using the trial for a while:

Thank you for making Filemaker Pro 12 available for trial. I have tested almost every version since I owned Filemaker Pro 7, always hoping that the software would develop to better support my needs and expectations. The news that you were moving on from the Mac OS 7-style interface elements was a relief, and there are some good themes which show what style and elegance can now be achieved. Unfortunately, table view doesn't seem to have been updated much over the years. It would be good if you could make table view work as smoothly and look as elegant as the similar table interfaces in Bento, Numbers or iTunes. Anyway, here are some other questions/feedback, to which you are welcome to reply if you think you can help me:

If I import a spreadsheet and end up with a bunch of extra rows, how do I select multiple rows (entries) and delete them?

I still can't copy data easily from a table by selecting with the cursor as if you were using spreadsheet. I appreciate that this is not what databases are for, but it would be useful, just like it is in Bento.

When viewing a large table, is it possible to 'freeze' columns so that I can see at least my first column, even as a scroll horizontally to view other columns?

I tried making a database with a container for files. Firstly, how do I then access those attachments? It added them but apart from the thumbnail there didn't seem to be a way to view them (no quickview) let alone open them. Also, the check box for referenced file was never functional, so adding a movie, say, increased the size of my database by 2 GB!

Why is horizontal and vertical scrolling of a database in list view on a fairly recent MBP so clunky? Why can't you optimise the software to scroll smoothly, or at least with a refresh rate that is faster than 0.5 s?

When I resize the columns in table view how come the contents aren't updated dynamically like in Bento and Numbers? And despite the lack of dynamic updating of the headers and content, resizing a column is still hampered by an incredibly slow refresh rate. Seriously, it's this underlying clunkiness that suggests that some very fundamental things have not changed since the last version I used (fm7) or before. I try every update (with optimism) and I find your repetitive claims of a modernised interface are always exaggerated.

Perhaps I'm not your Filemaker Pro customer, although as a teacher/manager in a small school, I maintain many large databases in Excel. I would love to manage this data properly in a database but as a Mac user I don't have a lot of choice unless I go down the VM route. If Filemaker Pro is never likely to shed its legacy roots and offer the features I want, can't you just add reports and non-ugly themes to Bento or release a Mac/iOS/online Bento Pro?
[Version 12.0.1]

Ash435 commented on 20 Apr 2010
Within minutes I am stymied and repelled by conventions which seem quite unlike any other OS X app:

Can't undo most actions.
Can't select text from a list, like a spreadsheet. I just want to be able to do this occasionally.
Can't seem to format a column, just one item at a time!
Pop-ups in a form don't work like in OS X - it's like a clumsy webpage.
Lists are just ugly.
Form design looks ugly, as it did 6 years ago.
There's an image field but I can't drag an image to it.

I know I shouldn't pass judgement in minutes but every year I try to get into Filemaker. I owned, used and largely disliked v7 or 8 for a while.

I'd just like an easy to use database with a few decent reporting features. Why can't they make an app with the ease and style of Bento and some of the features of Filemaker?
[Version 11.0.1]

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Ash435 replied on 24 Oct 2010
I'm glad I'm not the only one, Peter. When I said Bento had style, I meant in its more Mac-like interface. Obviously the templates are all ghastly but I found some templates online (Search for Neutrals) that get rid of the all the garish colours, marker felt and US Typewriter.

I wish Bento would allow form design using actual OS X elements and allow you to strip down the database into a sort of stand-alone app.

And if we could make reports with our data that would be useful too.

I'd be happiest if an updated Bento/Filemaker was rolled into iWork and picked up an iWork-style interface.
Ash435 commented on 15 Jan 2010
Has Netnewswire stopped working with iWeb feeds? And those 'search feeds' I set up in the original Netnewswire - do they still work? (Apparently not for me).

Any chance the pre-Google functionality will return in full?
[Version 3.2.3]

Ash435 commented on 03 Oct 2009
This is a really cool app that will definitely appeal to some people. I'm using it to replace a bunch of stickies that used to clutter my desktop.

Maybe I'm missing something but I keep wishing there was an OS X 'clear' cross at the right hand side of the search/title text entry box. Is there a quick way to return to the whole list? At the moment I have to select the text in the box and press delete which seems a bit clumsy.

Thanks though, I still like it a lot.
[Version 2.0b]

ash435 commented on 18 Jan 2008
I just updated as prompted and now I'm getting no sound (and no recordings either, even though it goes through the motions). So no iPod content for me this week...
[Version 1.6 build 454]

ash435 had trouble on 26 Jun 2008
TubeTV is great - I've had it for a while.

I recently installed the Safari 4 beta and I don't seem to get any sound with my movies.

Is there a connection here? (Obviously if there is, it's my problem, but I thought someone would like to know).
[Version 1.0]

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ash435 commented on 26 Jun 2008
Very sorry! Old version of Perian installed. Works even better than ever now - I like 'Download from Safari'.
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