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Artroom commented on 16 May 2013
I really like the look of this at first. The ability to add expenses to tasks is perfect for me so this was a huge plus.
However there is one major thing that will stop me from using in it's current state. As someone who changes between 10-15 projects per day the little play/stop windows are just not going to work. If you could use a menubar icon like many other similar apps, so I can quickly switch between jobs without leaving the app I am in, I would be sold!
[Version 5.0.7]


Artroom reviewed on 15 May 2013
The best home theatre app I have seen yet. Takes a little configuring, depending on your needs I have my media library on a NAS and dish it out via a mysql database to all devices in the house), but once you get it right it is joyful.
[Version 12.2]


Artroom reviewed on 20 Jun 2010
So far I have a 100% failure rate. Haven't been able to determine cause yet as all the same discs rip perfectly via DVDfabHD running on same computer via parallels and win7.
[Version 1.0.3]

Artroom commented on 13 Dec 2009
Completely worthless now if they have gone out of business.
As their licence requires activation (unique to the installed computer) I can no longer use it as the serial number I have wont work without activation....
[Version 4.1]

artroom commented on 21 Feb 2008
Not sure what people are talking about the autoupdate. My version of GS3 came up with a message saying a new version was available and it is clearly labelled as a paid update. I have simply said to skip this version. Done.
[Version 4.0.3]

artroom commented on 11 Jan 2008
I've had little problem with Adium in the past, but since 'upgrading' to version 1.2 today, it now crashes every 15 minutes or so... not sure if i'd recommend this version right now.....but then it may just be me?
[Version 1.2]

artroom commented on 11 Dec 2007
I would be looking at some other conflict or corruption for your instability in Cyberduck as i too have been running it almost daily for well over a year and have never had a single issue...
[Version 2.8.2]


artroom reviewed on 20 Jul 2007
I tried to create an eDrive, but was told I first needed to optimize the drive it was to be installed on. My chosen drive is a 200gb external Firewire. After 3 days, it is still not finished optimizing, so I asked it to stop, as i need to restart my computer for other things. It has taken 11 hours just to stop the optimizing process...whats up with that?

As for some of the other things it is meant to do, directory repair etc...Disk Utility and Disk Warrior both say there are problems, yet Techtool is happy to tell me everything is fine... not exactly useful.
[Version 4.5.2]

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artroom replied on 27 Jul 2007
Yes, every other time i've created an eDrive before, it has simply moved the files itself, but this time it said it couldn't and the drive needed optimizing first. I never optimize from the DVD (and since it was an external drive, is obviously not necessary). The computer has 5gb of RAM so should hope the program could manage to do its tasks without running out of memory, or otherwise they have some serious memory issues with the software.

artroom replied on 29 Jul 2007
Yes, I have questioned Micromat on this, and basically got the response of many people copy the files off their drive , reformat it, then copy them back...instead of optimizing it. Basically saying that yes, their optimization option is really slow and useless and there are better ways to do what their software is offering...
artroom commented on 28 Jun 2007
this may have been out before Frontrow, but doesn't mean Frontrow is a rip of this. Frontrow was obviously in production for a while before it came out (whereas Centrestage was known of and available right from the beginning of it's production).
I do look forward to seeing where this goes though, as there is no way i want my media centre to be windows based.
[Version 0.6.2]


artroom reviewed on 08 Aug 2006
Incredibly unreliable.
Crashes most of the time. Particularly with more complex documents - which are of course the ones where you really need this application to help you gather all the items.
Sometimes adding documents again, it will work the second time round, sometimes it wont...
Would be very good if only it was stable
[Version 1.1b1]

artroom had trouble on 18 Jun 2008
Here is what solved my Intuos2 not being recognised in 10.5.3
First run the Wacom uninstaller an remove all software and preferences.
Reboot and repair permissions.
Install only the ONE driver (I used 6.08)
[Version 6.08-2]

artroom had trouble on 15 Jan 2008
Would really love to try this out but i can't get into it, as it just keeps asking me where the Palm Desktop is. There seems to be options in the preferences to not use Palm Desktop, but i can't get there because the program wont let me there until i tell it where Palm Desktop is...
there is a Cancel option, but it doesn't work
[Version 2.8.7]

artroom had trouble on 26 Apr 2007
Does anyone else get a 'codec overun' error whilst trying to mount the .dmg?
[Version 4.11]

artroom had trouble on 11 Dec 2006
Might the reason for your issues be this (as stated in the installer)

Important note for Final Cut Pro HD Users
You must first disable “keyboard Navigation” in Mac OS X before using. the “play rate transport controls” for Final Cut HD. Here is how you do this:

1. In the Apple, menu select “System Preferences”.
2. Select the “keyboard and Mouse” icon.
3. Unselect “Keyboard Navigation”.

Users of earlier versions of Final Cut Pro will need go to, and download settings Final Cut Pro Edit/ Viewer and Final Cut Pro Edit/ Timeline.
[Version 2.1.2]

artroom had trouble on 03 Dec 2003
I found this over at Wacom that might help a few people:
NOTE: If you have upgraded your Macintosh operating system with the tablet driver installed, your tablet may not respond until you uninstall the driver, restart the system and reinstall it into the upgraded operating system.
[Version 4.77-8]

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