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artie505 commented on 16 Mar 2014
I'm amazed that MacUpdate hasn't banned these guys after all their years of bilking Mac users.

If they're back in circulation there's been a jail-break at Alcatraz!
[Version 6.0]

artie505 commented on 28 Feb 2014
Don't waste your time d/l'ing the earlier versions of Herald that are available from this page.

As per correspondence with the dev, no version of Herald works other than the current, Mavericks-compatible, version.
[Version 4.0.5]

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artie505 replied on 11 Mar 2014
You ought to learn how to ask a polite question before coming on like an arrogant a-hole!

I d/l'ed and installed v 1.3.1 for OS X 10.6 (from the above link) and Mail immediately told me that it was incompatible, at which point I e-mailed the dev.

When he responded - in the context of the non-functional version - that none of the older versions were supported I misunderstood his intention, jumped to a bad conclusion that he used the wrong word, and posted incorrectly.

Sorry for both that and that you messed your pants over it.

(Note: There is no d/l link for v 1.3.1 on the dev's Website, and had he been fastidious and removed the bad link from this page there'd have been no problems.)

artie505 reviewed on 26 Nov 2013
Great little utility!

It was a bit buggy in 10.6.8, but this recent build has fixed that.

(This pane NEEDS a way to adjust star ratings after they've been clicked other than starting all over!)
[Version 2.0b2]

artie505 commented on 10 Nov 2013
From Atomic Bird's Website: "Atomic Bird's Mac OS X titles have been discontinued and are now free. They may be downloaded and registered using information below. Note that this software is unsupported and may not work normally with the current version of Mac OS X."
[Version 2.1.1]

artie505 commented on 25 Oct 2013
Works in 10.6.8 despite 10.7.4 caveat except for clicking on edges to enable/disable, and I can't reverse "Enable All (edges)".

I don't know whether it's a bug or incompatibility.
[Version 2.0b1]

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artie505 replied on 27 Oct 2013
A fix will be appreciated; thanks. (Please don't forget that despite Apple's game plan, close to 30% of OS X users are still running !0.6!)

artie505 replied on 29 Oct 2013
I just installed v 2.0b2, and wrapping now toggles on and off as expected.

Thanks for the quick update! :)

(I experienced an anomaly wherein top/bottom-wrapping wouldn't toggle, but a reinstall corrected it.)
artie505 commented on 21 Oct 2013
Running OS X 10.6.8.

I can't date its onset (Safari 5, perhaps), but for quite a while I had a recurring issue in which AutoPairs simply stopped working and I had to restart to regain its functionality.

After much frustration I realized that quitting Safari was the key to overcoming the issue.

Anybody else experiencing the same symptoms?
[Version 3.1.3]

artie505 commented on 05 Oct 2013
There's a new version of OS X on the horizon, so I'm not surprised to see that these shameless thieves have crawled out from under their rock once again.

Every app they've ever released has been a hideously overpriced, badly designed piece of crap that offered either built-in OS X functionality or functionality that was readily available elsewhere...better and cheaper.

Avoid at al cost!!!
[Version 6.0]

artie505 commented on 27 Sep 2013
OS X 10.6.8: Since the recent security update (I think) TU frequently quits at launch with a "segmentation error."

It eventually runs...sometimes after 3 or 4 quits, and sometimes it runs without quitting even once.

Anybody else?
[Version 4.1.4]

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artie505 replied on 30 Sep 2013
It seems like the only alternatives are in the App Store, which I hate!!!

So, I'll endure a few quits/restarts whenever I need to use TU. :(

artie505 replied on 02 Nov 2013
My experience is totally erratic... Sometimes it actually launches on my first try...sometimes on my third or fourth. (I think four has been max, and I've not been able to determine any sort of pattern.)
artie505 commented on 18 Sep 2013
OS X 10.6.8... Xtrafinder is grayed out in my Finder menu, and I can't access prefs.

I e-maile response.

Am I alone with this issue?
[Version 0.17.3]

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artie505 replied on 18 Sep 2013
Sorry... I should have mentioned v 0.17.3

artie505 replied on 23 Sep 2013
I don't know what's up with the dev...e-mailed him (I assume) twice and haven't heard back, which is quite uncharacteristic.

Did you use the "Uninstall" option before reverting? I backed up to v 0.17.2, and it works as expected.

artie505 replied on 26 Sep 2013
Nice to hear that you're up and running again.

I'm beginning to worry about the dev, though. 0.17.2 is nice, but the # implies muuuch more to come.
artie505 commented on 28 Jul 2013
Original name! :P
[Version 1.0.3]

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