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arglborps reviewed on 17 Sep 2009
I used to play WORMs on my PC (yes I was a sinner) many years ago. This is the best clone of it.

It's cross platform and really nicely playable. Having a fullscreen mode would help, so that's why I don't give five stars, but only four.
[Version 0.8.5]


arglborps reviewed on 03 Sep 2009
This is an incredible package. I've been using since the days the application was still called "Moho". Not only can you use bones to do 2D animation, it also let's you use 2D objects in 3D space, you can do blurring even of vector object, mix in bitmap object and use particle emitters to simlate smoke, swarms, snow etc.

It also comes with tools for lip synching. I have even used it for some motion graphics as a "poor man's After Effects".

For the money this is a really great package, it's very stable and you can render your animations to movies in batch process mode.

The only gripe I have with it that the UI and the way it functions is quite unusual, so you really have to take some time to get used to the programme.
[Version 6.0]


arglborps reviewed on 02 Apr 2009
I never really liked iView Media Pro, now that Microsoft have acquired it (and they will make sure it'll whiter and die off as they did with every Mac applications they have acquired until now) I do have a reason to hate it.

Be prepared that it will die a slow death after it got so bug ridden that nobody will be able to fix it.
[Version 2.0.2096]

arglborps commented on 08 Jan 2009
Combustion is dead. Better get Shake and be done with it. And Shake costs half of Combustion. Isn't it ironic Shake used to be the ultra expensive monster suite?
[Version 2008]


arglborps reviewed on 16 Jul 2008
I just bought this gem and I think it's worth every penny.

Not only does it store the passwords in Apple's keychain, so they can be synched between machines, but also is the intregration into EVERY thinkable browser extremely well done. Even in OmniWeb (!) it doesn integrate in a very natural way (and it even supports NetNewsWire and others).

Oh, just shut up and buy the thing, will ya?!
[Version 2.7.2]


arglborps reviewed on 08 Apr 2008
Unbeatable value for the price. For some things it even beats AfterEffects.
[Version 5.4]


arglborps reviewed on 25 Mar 2008
Greatest present ever! My 1st gen 1GB iPod shuffle was believed to be dead for over 3 years, this little utility has brought it back to life!

It's as if I just got an iPod for free. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
[Version 1.0.3]

arglborps commented on 20 Mar 2008
Cool Programme, but why is there no support for DNG, the most obvious format to convert your RAW files into. The spec is open.
[Version 3.7.1]


arglborps reviewed on 11 Dec 2007
I haven't bought the upgrade to v6 yet. It just doesn't offer anything that rectyfies paying for that again.

Now what I think GC really needs is a UI geek who can overhaul the user interface of GC to something that is less abhorrent.

Functionality is pretty good so it's been my trusty workhorse for converting images, but I think now that we have core image, core video etc. Implementing those technologies and giving it a really well don UI would make this application the killer app.

Until then I'll stick with version 5...
[Version 6.0.3]


arglborps reviewed on 06 Dec 2007
Wow with version 1.1 we have 100 effects, but the type tool is still braindead and I can't apply the effects to type layers, only bitmap layers. Lame.

I can't even apply those effects non-destructively. Several free tools can.

This applications also fails pretty hard in very basic usability and lack of proper keyboard shortcuts. I still hope with version 1.5 or 2.0 I might buy it but for now it's totally overhyped and there are better image editors for the same or less money out there.
[Version 1.1]

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arglborps replied on 07 Dec 2007
Pixel totally stomps Pixelmator in functionality although the Window-esque everything in one window approach is braindead. Pixel, too, is a Photoshop clone. I always feel like it must be a matter of weeks for the author of Pixel to get sued by Adobe for such a blatant copy.

LiveQuartz is a bit more cumbersome to use but free (!),

ChocoFlop gives Pixelmator a run for its money (it's currently free).

I think even Acorn from flyingmeat is comparable in functionality, Acorn's filter handling is miles ahead of Pixelmator's.

Of course we must not forget, or GIMPshop, very powerful very free, but also very bad GUI and very X11...
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