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Archaeogeek commented on 09 May 2010
Donated, bought some of their paid for apps on their sister site at Bjango, having trialled v3, it could at least have some significant improvement instead of just a few tweaks, it's especially egregious when it's being done for a handful bug fixes.
[Version 3.01]


Archaeogeek reviewed on 22 Dec 2009
So, I'm looking around for a RAW as I'm slowly but surely outgrowing iPhoto, and have been trialing the 5 big ones, and I admit initially I didn't even consider Lightroom. Adobe is, to me, a horrible company and dealing with their online store's website just pushed it deeper.

But Lightroom is something else altogether, it's closer to the reputation Adobe has, or had, it's relatively light, it can work on my setup which the regular CS applications just can't. It's not the Adobe I know and loathe passionately.

And it's a pretty good application, the fact that it allows non-destructive editing without needing a plugin for it makes me hope it will get even better in v3, and that Aperture "X" will also keep the hopping competition running. Its support for Nikon RAW is tolerable, it's equivalent to what Aperture does, and there lies the conundrum: both applications, for all their workflow differences, get pretty close to what I need in equal amounts, with Lightroom having maybe slightly better capabilities as an editor OOB. So for now I just wait and hope the new versions will come out of both so I can decide which will fit my needs more, because as it is I'm still torn, but will probably go for heads or tails if neither is out by spring, both programs are seriously equally close, only with different better and worse points, and it depends a lot on how your workflow goes; this is, I guess, one advantage of just starting out.
[Version 2.6]

Archaeogeek commented on 19 Dec 2009
It was a nice app, beautifully done, but make sure to note that the prices were for the 2.6 prebuy; 2.6 will never come, and I'll use it until it hits a snag with OS updates, with my 10$ personal use donation, but I'm sorry I don't see why people would have to pay the price of something that will not be. It's a bit like buying some land on the moon for now.
[Version 2.5.5]


Archaeogeek reviewed on 14 Dec 2009
It's stealth shareware, don't get fooled and go for people who are up-front about selling something.
[Version 2.5]

Archaeogeek commented on 03 Dec 2009
While it's an excellent vector application with a gentle learning curve, and a great interface, I realized while demoing it that it lacked svg export, and checked on their website to make sure, and indeed it's not just a case of turning it off during the demo period, they actually don't support svg export, which is, honestly, a deal killer for me and I'm sure for many people.
[Version 1.5.1]


Archaeogeek reviewed on 29 Nov 2009
Growl is basically a must have app, all has been said, as a notification framework, people have been trying to get the same working on the other major platforms. And one thing I feel must be said, because it's a big thank you to the devs, there's a tendency for deaf accessibility to be done with the "cause a seizure-inducing blink" school of thought, but this is basically the best accessibility tool in this situation to replace sound notifications, without exceptions.
[Version 1.2]

Archaeogeek commented on 29 Nov 2009
Excellent app, nicely updated, however, I admit that for all its features, it just lacks the thing or two I'm looking for and for which I'd fork - ichat and mail support; mail growling at least works temporarily with property list hacks, but the newer version of chax is, well, still alpha, and still very unstable, and with Chax 2 not working in SL, it makes a rather important thing to me (growl provides better deaf access than the built-in deaf access feature in the OS) unavailable.
[Version 3.7]

Archaeogeek commented on 22 Nov 2009
Practical, I guess, except it removes codecs that are dependencies of iMovie, FCX and FCS, which means removing any will break the others - then again it's kind of an edge case, I guess.
[Version 2.5.3]

Archaeogeek commented on 22 Nov 2009
Excellent editor, shame free time lacked because it was a great project (oh well, the source is still there, too), huge kudos to the developer for getting through a Snow Leopard ready update.
[Version 3.6b1]

archaeogeek commented on 13 Sep 2009
Seriously, it's a chat program, if you absolutely need to run it 64-bit, you're doing it wrong.
[Version 3.0a4]

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