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aqtinc commented on 30 Aug 2009
OH NO!!!

I've been an avid user since version 5 (OSX) and it has been performing nicely, and the author has been making great strides to continually improve the feature set. No complaints with the software...


Rig control i now lost! After upgrading to OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), the drivers for West Mountain Radio's RIGTalk are no longer available!! WMR does NOT support the Mac, and I'm lost as to what to do. Has anyone else discovered this problem, and is there a solution available NOW?

The software is great, but rig control is a must have, and under Snow Leopard, it is a have NOT--at least using RIGTalk.
[Version 5.12]

aqtinc commented on 20 Jul 2009
Thanks again to the MBU folks a Microsoft! Update ran flawlessly, and we continue to enjoy full MSO compatibility across our mixed platforms. Good usual.

Try not to pay any attention to the autonomic responses from the MS haters. Their comments are quite irrelevant anyway, because vitriol is the emotional response from the hopelessly ignorant.
[Version 12.2]

aqtinc commented on 13 May 2009
Simply said....two steps forward, one step back.

There appears to be a shift in Celestrak reporting names/format, and while the 2.0.7 release should be compatible, they're not there yet.

If you use this, use the AMSAT keps, but be prepared, AMSAT does not keep a list as comprehensive as CelesTrak, and it only updates once per week, which is not suitable for tracking the ISS.

Also, apparently, they are now referring to the ISS as "ZARYA" instead of "ISS" or "ARISS".

MacDoppler really needs to have an "Append" or "Add To" function for the satellite keps list. This business of just pulling the pre-packaged sets from CelesTrak is just not robust enough. Without such a function, it leaves the user having to manually pull all of your desired keps, assemble them into a text document, and then finally importing the complete list into MacDoppler. Partial lists cannot be used as it will delete any sats not in your upload list.
[Version 2.0.7]


aqtinc reviewed on 11 Feb 2009
Last two releases b86 and b88 crash on load. Looks like the typical beta development cycle--squash 2 bugs and add a new one.

However, prior to that, the Cocoa interface is a HUGE step up. I've avoided that antiquated OS-9 version since about, forever. I bought the version 5.0 app immediately upon seeing it. I can hardly wait for the beta cycle to complete!!
[Version 5.0b87]

aqtinc commented on 18 Dec 2008
The developer chose to use Google Checkout. There aren't enough expletives in all of the languages on the earth to convey how utterly useless that *#$&%^# (#&*($*&^@ $(*#&(*$ merchant is.


More Google *&$%@$@# is something we can all do without. Regardless, I wanted to buy this, but Google refuses.

(Developer.....get another merchant. Google s***s a**!!!! )
[Version 1.1.5]

aqtinc commented on 11 Dec 2008
I just started using satellites in the past 2 weeks, and I'm dedicated to Mac. This package is an absolute must have if you're interested in this communications mode. I use it with an ICOM-910H, and after an initial doppler recalibration, it does all of the troublesome tuning and tracking automatically. It completely eliminates all of the hassles that have kept me from trying satellite modes all of these years.
[Version 2.0.6b4]

aqtinc commented on 03 Nov 2008
Nice app, but definitely a Rev 1 type of product. I bought this back in March on the promise and expectation that this would evolve to the new standard bearer for Macintosh ham radio logging software.

No updates now for more than 9 months, and they are needed to bring this product up to needed capability.

Some of the needed improvements include: ability to save window settings; keep notes window floating on top; log off times; better handling of roundtables and nets. There are many other features that competitors offer, but if I could just get these then I'd stick with Aether. Without them, I have to move on to a more capable but uglier and more difficult product.

I'm very disappointed with the total lack of updates following payment. Save your money!
[Version 1.0.1]


aqtinc reviewed on 14 Oct 2008
Installer worked effortlessly. I'm an intensive Word and PowerPoint user for training programs. I haven't seen any stability problems with these apps, so I'll defer to the Excel power users if there were any stability problems there.

All told, the apps work as advertised and allow those of that must function in a Windows/Office dominated workplace to bring our Macs to the table. Woot! to the Mac Business Unit of Microsoft for continuing to support us in spite of the unjustified venom displayed by so many in the Apple community.

Geez, just take two aspirin and a nap, and maybe you won't be so knee-jerk bitchy. Otherwise, do the rest of us a favor and keep your Kool-Aid-inspired comments to yourselves. Using, and being appreciative of the MBU is in no way being disloyal to anyone!

Good job MBU! Ignore the pathetically addlebrained. Most of us appreciate your efforts.
[Version 12.1.3]

aqtinc commented on 25 Nov 2007
Point taken, in fact I do agree with your opinion regarding Boot Camp.

However, I've stated before and elsewhere in these forums that in order for MacUpdate to remain a credible source of user information, users need to write reviews with the highest levels of objectivity. You make an assumption that simply isn't true--that most people use these tools to run BootCamp partitions. In fact, the vast majority are running VMs, and often multiple OSes.

I've used both too, and I agree that VMWare does a better job with BC partitions, although not perfect or failproof. Parallels has never worked right in that area, and still doesn't today. However, on VMs, Parallels does offer a more seamless experience than Fusion, as "Coherence" continues to outpace there.

Objectively, I'd say that both have their respective pluses and minuses, and that on balance they are comparable today. For your needs to run BootCamp, I think I would opt for VMWare as you do. Fusion does seem to be more stable than Parallels when running a BC partition, however, neither product fully reproduces the experience of booting into the Windows partition when using Vista (Ultimate), and both can cause crashes that do not happen when booting into Vista as BC was designed to do.

Given that the vast majority of users are in fact running VMs, then Fusion's stability advantage in BC may not be a factor for them.

In my humble opinion, you closing comments came on way too strong to be called objective, and really started to sound like marketing hype.
[Version 3.0.5570b]

aqtinc commented on 25 Nov 2007
Just wondering if I'm the only one that's beginning to doubt these reviews on Parallels and VMware.

It seems that for both products, so-called "reviews" are posted, almost within minutes of their posting.

Further, it seems odd that in both cases, a review slamming one product, IN THE SAME REVIEW, makes a pitch for the competitor. By the same token, a good review is far too often flawless, when we all know that both products have their own respective issues.

I can't help it, but these reviews are starting to sound too much like both companies have charged their marketing minions with trashing the competition, praising their own, and making blatant sales pitches disguised as "reviews".
[Version 3.0.5570b]

aqtinc had trouble on 02 Dec 2006
Does anyone else out there have a Mac Pro? I've used this little app for about a year (PowerBook, PowerMac, and lastly MacBook) with no trouble.

I tried to install this on my new Mac Pro, and it won't accept my registration number. I paid the $, got registration, and now it rejects the registration as "invalid".

The only difference that I can ID is the Xeon chips, and I can't for the life me understand why that matter at all.

Also, support e-mail has changed. I'm now waiting for a reply.
[Version 1.3]

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