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Appledogx reviewed on 20 Mar 2014
Tried this application in demo mode. Very nice UI and it's very logical and easy to understand. Would be better if it would OCR in multiple languages at once instead of selecting one at a time since some documents have mixed languages. Accuracy was not very good at all either with black on white background or colored text on picture background. To be fair, it was better with black on white, but even then, not terribly accurate, at least not enough to be able to consider it for purchase. Then there is the issue of crashing. After trying to close my first test, I got an infinite beach ball and had to force quit. Subsequently, it took several tries to close the document without the app hanging. I tried a second test and the app hung again and I had to force quit twice, so it was not stable at all for me on Mavericks. I wish they could improve stability, add multiple language recognition at the same time and greatly improve accuracy (which is what OCR is all about) as they do have a very nice GUI which is superior to most other, even more expensive OCR apps.
[Version 2.1.3]


Appledogx reviewed on 19 Feb 2014
This came as the OCR/scanner software with my Brother multifunction printer... While the printer is great, this software is a different story. It's difficult to use, supposedly it can rotate pages according to its manual, but nowhere is it available. I had to scan from Preview to rotate the page, then drag it into this program. It was fairly accurate with English, if you don't mind having the word it butted up against the next word each time, but with Spanish text, it was unusable. This program does have a nice document organizer, but if bundled for scanning and OCR, page rotation and straightening are basic features that should be immediately accessible! I spent quite some time on their website trying to find a solution with no luck. There are apparently no forums, and trying to find info was not easy. I'm not sure why a great company like Brother would bundle this sort of half-done software for OCR and scanning. I'm currently looking for something that will work with my great new printer. If you want to organize documents, take a look at this, otherwise beware!
[Version 9.20.01]


Appledogx reviewed on 03 Feb 2014
Tomtom can do better than this. Everytime I stick the card in it first says it is write protected when it isn't. After a couple of tries, it recognizes it. At least for the NB1, it's badly written, buggy and definitely not Mac like. You can't even add POIs from it. You have to manually copy them to the SD card. Asking for help seems to get you into a never ending cycle of nothingness.


Appledogx reviewed on 29 Jan 2014
Come on Apple, it's time for a revamp of this once great application and make it user-friendly for new features.

• Allow connections to more than one AppleID at a time, if you can't find a way to merge them.

• There should be one App store that functions in any country, not separate ones. Amazon and others can do it, but Apple can't?

• Searching for something while in the app store or music store should return results of that category, not all. If you want to search for apps, returning music or vice versa is just plain lame.

• Add a way to burn playlists to a USB thumb drive. We don't all need CDs anymore and many (most) new cars have USB ports, not just CD drives.

• Bring back a way to sync contacts and calendars locally. iCloud is fine, but some of us don't like having our data in your cloud in the age of mega snooping, security breaches and no privacy.

• And please, don't use the same programmers who did iWork 13. They'll just strip everything bare to add features back at a trickle.
[Version 11.1.4]


Appledogx reviewed on 25 Jan 2014
Apple must be sleeping or struggling to bring back features they killed off in this fiasco. No page headers yet in Numbers 3.1? You've got to be kidding. Apple should have fired the whole group that did the iWork 13 apps and replaced them with real programmers or the group that did iWork 09 so well. They really had a clue, but ones that did these 'improvements' don't even have a clue of what users actually want and need. And REAL PROGRAMMERS don't kill off features that users depend upon then add them back at a trickle. If this is the post-Steve Jobs Apple, they're in for lots of trouble.
[Version 3.1]

Appledogx rated on 13 Jan 2014
[Version 2.0]


Appledogx reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
Unfortunately, no longer free, but really worth the price asked. I find it still to be the best Notes app for Mac. The new interface is nice, though I would have much preferred a floating palette to the fixed area like in Pages 5 to make better use of limited screen real estate. It gives the user much control over everything, though I can't find a way to change the grid size for positioning. If the author does come out with the iPad app as hinted at, it will be totally fabulous. I just hope there will be way to sync locally instead of using iCloud. I clicked on 4, but cannot change my rating to 4.5, which I think this app deserves.
[Version 2.0]


Appledogx reviewed on 02 Jan 2014
This word processor is incredibly customizable. From very simple to the most complex documents are easy to create. Multilingual features are very flexible and powerful. You can even customize new windows to open where you want them on the screen. It even supports quite powerful macros. The interface looks quite daunting, but it really doesn't get in the way when you start working... You just use what you need, then grow with it. I got frustrated with the new Pages losing so many features and after searching for something better, I can say that this does about everything you can think of doing. I just wish there were a Spanish thesaurus built in... though it's got about everything else you could ever think of having. You can even make your own sets of characters, like some hard to type Tibetan ones, available from a list you can just click on. I'd have to say it's the best word processor I've ever seen.
[Version 2.0.7]

Appledogx commented on 29 Dec 2013
I see in the description "easy-rsa". I feel my privacy is well protected knowing that an company who has sold its soul for $10 million by putting in back doors in their encryption algorithms, is part of this software.
[Version 3.4beta18]

Appledogx commented on 17 Dec 2013
Actually version 2.0 of this came out yesterday. It has a few bugs that appear to be relatively minor, but is a worthy successor to Bento. Version 1.5 still left a bit to be desired, but this new version is really fabulous. When 2.0 gets put in here, I'll review it.
[Version 1.5]

Appledogx had trouble on 26 Nov 2013
I have identified a bug speaking text. Any text selections that contain accents or other international characters cannot be spoken and will give total silence. This appears to be a bug in the compiler which must not support these characters, though I have been unable to verify this. If you have recipes you want to read with kitchen mode, or selections of text, they will not be read if they contain certain characters. I have yet to find a fix for my version of the compiler. This is a warning to those who have recipes with international characters in them.
[Version 3.1]

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