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alcourt commented on 15 Dec 2011
This is what I've been looking for, a version of growl that will install cleanly on Lion without the changes of 1.3.

I strongly disagree with the decision to move the configuration out of the system preferences section. I understand why the authors felt they had to do that, but it is not how I want it configured.

Since this is now a fork, I believe hardware growler could get a tiny bit of attention. Make it easy to disable the dock icon. Long term suggestion would be to put hardware growler control in the same preference pane. (Start/stop the tool, disable the dock icon both as check boxes).

Since it is a fork, you will likely need to change the icon and name over time.

Documentation is another area that has long been one that could stand improvement. This is something that should be a bit easier. If you create a project page, you may attract attention to the project, including some other contributors.
[Version 1.2.2f1]


alcourt reviewed on 22 Oct 2011
In mail software, it is important to provide security updates regularly as the core software releases new fixes. This has not happened in the past year or two, despite my observing at least one CVE against the underlying software.

Virtual folders never could be set up correctly, even inserting stock code in the custom directives section straight from the dovecot manuals.

I contacted the author once, after over a month of waiting for a response, gave up.

While it was good software at the time, I find myself wishing I could find a better solution that used more current dovecot.
[Version 4.1.4]

alcourt rated on 07 Oct 2011
[Version 1.6.8]

alcourt rated on 07 Oct 2011
[Version 1.4.4]


alcourt reviewed on 29 Sep 2011
I purchased the product and now have been using it for approximately a week.

There are some missing elements, especially in the interface that seem like unusual oversights. The most notable example is there is no cmd-w shortcut or menu option I could see to close the main window without quitting the application. This may seem minor, but it makes overall use of the product less friendly. The analysis is fairly standard, intuitive use of the features that are there, though the graphing algorithm for handling traffic download when the software isn't running seemed unusual to me. It seemed to presume that the entire time frame was at the rate that was either when the program quit, or the first data read when it restarted. I somehow doubt it was averaging based on time and difference in download volume (though I could be wrong, this is based more on "feel").

I did find myself wishing this could measure more than one interface. That can be useful when trying to track down a traffic hog at home. Other items on the wishlist include having advanced features on an advanced features page of the preferences, instead of having to dig through a plist file, help inside the document (with pointers from the actual application functions so I don't have to guess where they exist on the web page). While these may seem like minor items, the little things often become important. Fortunately, some of them are trivial to fix.

I did have one or two odd hang/crashes, but that could have been my system. I was too busy to investigate further.
[Version 1.2.3]

alcourt commented on 16 Sep 2011
What does this app do that isn't already in TraffiX? The description at least makes me wonder.
[Version 1.2.2]


alcourt reviewed on 11 Feb 2011
This is a full featured accounting tool. The most common complaint is that it is too complex for personal use, only suited for business use, but I've been using it successfully for ten years now (starting on Linux and migrating to Mac years later).

It is focused on double entry accounting, and as such, every transaction has a category or balancing transaction. This is similar to notions that other accounting tools offer, but there is no effort here to hide the accounting.

Budgeting features exist, but I've never used them.

The stock and mutual fund tracking features are reasonably good and includes online retrieval of quotes. If the financial institution supports some well known standards, it can retrieve transactions online, including reconciliation with already entered items.

On the downside, the mutual fund basis calculation is obtuse and I've never managed to figure out what I'm doing wrong to get the basis to report correctly. The importer, while nice, could do with more memory functions and better matching.

I have experienced some minor stability issues, especially when trying to modify or enter transactions. Lately, some pop-up windows are focus demanding, but they appear under the window that called them, making it hard to understand why I can't click on the window in front of me. That should be an easy fix and is hopefully corrected in this new version.

The importer can handle both QIF and OFX files, so even if automatic retrieval isn't an option, it can import a downloaded transaction file. I use OFX because of limitations of the QIF format of old.

The new SQLite backend is speedier than the old XML backend, a nice improvement.
[Version 2.4.2]


alcourt reviewed on 29 Dec 2010
Got as far as the license agreement. Read it. Clicked decline. Among the gems in there is a statement that one cannot reference the company/author directly or indirectly to any third party without prior permission. This would mean that one can't write a negative review, or mention it on a personal blog. If that's not what the authors meant, then they shouldn't have put in such a clause.

Such a condition in a license is a complete deal breaker.

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