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albion reviewed on 05 Sep 2009
Nothing builds with 1.8 under Snow Leopard. Not gimp, not emacs, most of their dependencies fail. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling using instructions given on the web site. Still no luck. A varying handful of important ports are always broken at any given time, but 1.8 achieves new milestones in port breakage.
[Version 1.8]

albion commented on 14 Mar 2009
Good idea. Any reason it can't handle 12 reps?
[Version 1.2]


albion reviewed on 09 Jan 2009
Yes, it is the best Emacs on OS X, because it's more of an Emacs than Aquamacs, the only credible competitor.

It is actually not a "port" at this point. Emacs built from source is almost exactly the same thing as Carbon Emacs. I think Carbon Emacs still bundles some elisp that isn't part of the standard distribution. Otherwise, the differences are mostly cosmetic. I wouldn't swear to his, but I seem to remember reading that the current Mac codebase, called nextstep in the cvs tree, actually uses Cocoa interfaces, not Carbon. No doubt someone else here can shed some light on that subject.

Anyway, this is the OS X Emacs of choice.
[Version 20090104]

albion commented on 07 Jan 2009
Interesting how nobody seems to complain about the convenience of Apple's Software Update, or indeed about the self-update feature present in nearly every freeware and shareware program for Mac these days, yet when Google provides the same convenience feature for software it distributes, people start muttering about secret spyware, etc.

Guess what? It's FREE. Nobody is forcing you to use it. Those who are happy with iPhoto, GO USE iPhoto and enjoy it.


albion reviewed on 06 Jan 2009
Four stars for speed, tool and network features not found in iPhoto, and... it's FREE.

albion commented on 31 Dec 2008

Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other GUI apps for email will never fail to disappoint, because they try to do too much. Apple Mail is the best of the lot, but like every other featureful mail client, it suffers from feature-itis, and it will eat your mail now and then, given a chance.

Google Mail, for better or worse, is the right thing for most people, and you don't need a bloated, craptacular email client to use it. Client programs are just another 100 things to wrong. You already have to use a bloated, craptacular web browser anyway, so why use another one for email...

Try Fluid or Prism if you really need to have an icon in your dock for your email application.

(No, I'm not shilling for Google. Like you, I resisted switching to web-based email for a long time. Now I wonder why I ever put myself through the pain of storing mail locally. That is all.)

albion commented on 14 Dec 2008
At long last, the clisp port is fixed! And all of my other 200+ ports are building correctly. Nice.
[Version 1.7.0]

albion commented on 18 Apr 2007
Agreed, support for this product is useless (and often quite surly).

It does work. Not as well as it used to, but it works. If you are having difficulty with the URL/filename insanity, try eliminating the filename portion completely, such as:

My listeners often have to reconnect a few times, and I often have to restart the icecast server several times before they can get any connection at all. An infinite-buffering problem is also evident. The problem is definitely Nicecast and not my firewall. But once it is finally all working, it works reasonably well. Keep trying.
[Version 1.8.6]

albion commented on 09 Jan 2007
"Version 2.2 has major GUI changes in the navigation of its text editing capabilities, including a simplified tool bar. It can also open up Gzip (.gz) files. And like BBEdit, it adds Java support for TeX and JavaScript languages."

Yes, but... has it stopped constantly crashing, and does the SFTP support actually work now?
[Version 2.2]

albion commented on 28 Dec 2006
With support for regexps, projects, functions, tabs, shell commands, and bindings to FTP clients such as Cyberduck and Fugu, Smultron is simply the best free editor in Cocoa on OS X. Pay no heed to the commenters and reviewers who haven't the wherewithal to learn a different key binding or cope with page-based scrolling.

Did I mention Smultron is FREE?
[Version 2.2.6]

albion had trouble on 21 Feb 2009
Installs fine, does not execute. OS X 10.5.6 with Java update 3.
[Version 1.3.01]

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