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Akanico reviewed on 11 Dec 2013
Purchased this app a while ago when it was not yet free to use as it is now. Was really impressed with the features and being able to use my smtp server was a necessity.
Too bad they chose to make it free with the restriction of only using their servers to send 50 mails a month, can't use another smtp server without a monthly paid subscription.
Great mailing app for anyone having the budget and the will to subscribe or a 50 list/month need, though.
[Version 3.5.3]

Akanico commented on 03 Nov 2013
Would be great to be using alpha or beta releases the way we can actually do with google chrome products, which is with having a different profil running automatically.

In other words, Aurora should be treated and executed as a different app as the firefox stable release installed with its own folder and its own profile.

I think more people would go ahead and try these future releases that way.
[Version 27.0a2]


Akanico reviewed on 03 May 2013
Been using Vox for quit some time and so far this new beta version seems very promising.
Nice work on the ui while all the functionalities I'm used to are still here.
First impression, though, wish the window would stick to its chosen position when launching the app and not reset to its default one. Got to re-position it each time I launch Vox...
[Version 0.96b]

Akanico commented on 21 Apr 2013
Great app, can't deny it.
As I don't scan that much, bought a standard licence.
Thing is, forgot the date of purchase so I upgraded the app one month late after my 1 year subscription.
So the app is now 'unregistered'.
Going to be fun to find the last update that fits in my one year of free upgrades and that I can use as a registered customer...
[Version 9.2.13]


Akanico reviewed on 13 Apr 2013
Long time user, using a couple of other browsers on the side but remains my main one.
Rare crashes, still a bit faster with every versions even with like, 10 regular add-ons loading.
Wish the new download 'tooltip' would remain visible when switching app so I don't have to open the download window.
[Version 20.0.1]

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Akanico replied on 13 Apr 2013 the last session windows reopening without loading the tabs. Gotta love it..
Akanico commented on 01 Oct 2012
v3.4 is available for download on developer's website.
should update infos on macupdate.
very useful app
good job
[Version 3.3]

Akanico commented on 30 Apr 2012
Bought v5 a while ago but haven't used that much except for some work moving load of files around when needed.
Nowhere near a finder replacement for me.
Found it really useful for the dual panel and tabs, no doubt.

But now the v6 is released, even with a $15 update, I don't see enough reasons to upgrade at this price reading the 4 (and only?) new features described above.

Will give a try at this new version but will probably stick with v5 as it still supports contextual menus and it's all working real fine.
[Version 6.0.0]


Akanico reviewed on 18 Sep 2011
Faster and using less memory so it is all great to use running Lion on a 2011 MacBook Pro.
No crashing experience but even if I did, I would check their forum or something since it has most certainly nothing to do with the app itself, no point in complaining here except maybe making you feel a bit better somehow.
Don't really care about the version numbers policy either so overall I'm a happy user.
Try it if you like beta adventures or just stick with the stable version you already use, pretty simple actually...
[Version 7.0]


Akanico reviewed on 26 Mar 2011
Still my favourite app for handling audio, still hoping one day, a version will deal with id3 tags much better.
Having to rewrite many fields after conversion is a bummer for real.
[Version 1.5.4]

Akanico commented on 13 Jul 2010
very promising because it's really fast compared to v3.
of course, almost all add-ons ain't work but it's always the case when a beta drops so stop being mad and either roll with the current version or another browser !
can't wait for the final version with all my add-ons working so I can get rid of the 3.6...
[Version 4.0b1]

Akanico had trouble on 02 Dec 2012
Got to get used to it, might take a bit of time.
I'm glad I still have the column navigation in the list view but don't understand why all options are grayed out in the menu, though.
can't move it top or left or change anything to appear, seems pretty weird behavior.
[Version 11.0]

Akanico had trouble on 28 Jul 2011
can't add cover to multiple files and breaks the icon preview for mp3 files in finder.
not nice at all...
[Version 10.4]

Akanico had trouble on 22 Jun 2011
I was waiting for this update before updating Firefox to the 5.0 and I'm surprised to see it doesn't work for me.
Tried to remove the extension then install it again but no more luck.
Working in FF5 for anyone ?
[Version 3.6.0]

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Akanico replied on 23 Jun 2011
Thanks Khad.
As a matter of fact I found out what was the problem. I had both extensions installed (ff4 + ff5).
Once I removed the one for ff4, it was all good.
Akanico had trouble on 02 Sep 2010
Tried it especially for the 'folders on top' feature, didn't work on previous beta, still doesn't with this one.
Of course I'm checking the option in preferences but nothing happens.
Tabs are nice though.
Using 10.6.4 on a MacBookPro.
Will probably check again with 1.0
[Version 0.9.9]

Akanico had trouble on 19 Aug 2010
Just been warned there's the 4.1 upgrade, want to update ? Sure, why not...
Your licence doesn't cover the new version.
Say what ?
Is there any new stuff in here justifying this update because I been using it like it's part of my osx for a while and never had any real trouble with 4.0.
Can't you ask more money when version 5 is delivered or something ?
[Version 4.1]

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Akanico replied on 21 Aug 2010
Gotta give credits to the support, though.

Team just kindly mail-reminded me I purchased typinator more than 2 years ago under their old time based policy. Appreciating the consideration.

With that said, typinator is useful and reliable, never failed me really so I'm not even complaining having to stick with a fine working 4.0.

It's all good.
Akanico had trouble on 05 Dec 2009
Never understood why the rating column has a fixed width and why apple never did anything to change this after all these new versions.
This column is twice larger than it should.

Now, I'm using the french language, maybe this problem is not appearing with english, I don't know.
If anybody knows how to fix this, I'd be glad to hear it.

[Version 9.0.2]

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Akanico commented on 02 Feb 2010
thanks for the tip but already tried this one, didn't work...
guessing it's a bug from itunes and not too important since they don't fix it versions after versions.

Akanico commented on 02 Feb 2010
well thanks a lot for your thoughts on using the column or not but that's not the point here.
because if I didn't need to use it why would i ask how to resize it ?

when my car has a problem, i don't want to be told to use a bike or take the subway, i just need my car...

so yes, i need to use it for several reasons and would love to have it at the right size but so far it's stuck too wide.
Akanico had trouble on 12 Nov 2008
Tried that new version and have to admit it is still the most complete mp3 tag editor software out there.
It sure ain't pretty and even have an 'old school' look but it's not that important anyway.
What seems to be a bug to me though, with the media scrubber window after editing tracks (nice to change several fields at once now), it does not refresh infos.
The only way to see it is by removing tracks and putting them back.
And that's annoying..
[Version 3.4.3]

Akanico had trouble on 04 Jul 2008
As it is a freeware and really usefull, I can't be made at the developper for some troubles but as far as I tried it, most of the times it just don't do what it's supposed to.
Depending on what key you can use in the application (space, enter or tab), the short cut just don't work.
And also it turns off by itself with no reason, having me to go and turn it on too many times.
These problem fixed, I would be 100% satisfied with it.
[Version 0.5]

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