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accountclosed reviewed on 01 Jan 2014
Absolute garbage. Running Genuine Fractals 6 (previous name of this app) under 10.8—and the program CONSTANTLY demands restart, system reboot, reactivation. This is one of worst behaved Photoshop plugins out there. A thoroughly shameful showing by a developer who has known about these problems for years, and has not fixed them. Buy only if you're ready to cripple your workflow.
[Version 7.5.3]


accountclosed reviewed on 02 Nov 2013
It's been so long since xGestures got an update, one has to wonder if it isn't abandonware at this point—and what a pity if it is, since it's the only elegant gestures app out there, and essential not only to my workflow but to everything I do on the Mac. The question on the mind of users, I would think, at this point, is whether or not the developer is going to resurface and provide a stability update for Mavericks, sorely needed as sometimes on boot, xGestures fails to load and returns an error. Brian—where are you?!
[Version 1.75]

accountclosed commented on 30 Oct 2013
Appears to be broken under Mavericks.
[Version 1.2.1]


accountclosed reviewed on 28 Oct 2013
Am posting this review as a protest to the incorporating of Ad/Shopping into Glims—a thoughtless way to generate revenues. I searched for two days, troubleshooting the sudden appearance of Offers4U and other intrusive, annoying overlay advertising on various web pages, e.g., Amazon, as well as DoNotTrackMe reporting tracking on pages that in fact had no trackers, finally narrowed this chaos down to Glims Ad/Shopping switch, which was set to On by default, a lousy thing to do to users. Developer states on the Ad/Shopping preference screen that the feature is "experimental." As far as I'm concerned, the experiment is a failure. Assailing Glims users with nag advertising is a bad idea. Not providing a conspicuous notification that this feature is on by default is an even worse one. Glims went from a well-executed and useful extension to spyware collaborator. Something to correct, one hopes, in the next version.
[Version 1.0.41]


accountclosed reviewed on 20 Aug 2013
Didn't work for me. Macbook running 10.8.
[Version 1.0.5]


accountclosed reviewed on 20 Apr 2013
Great app, only real replacement that's come along for Dragster. PLEASE ADD LIST LAYOUT to menu bar drop down! A long-requested and awaited feature.
[Version 2.6]


accountclosed reviewed on 10 Apr 2013
[Version 1.3b1]

accountclosed commented on 27 Jan 2013
Coming along nicely. Needs to be able to recognize global characters or "window title includes/contains/excludes."

Also, curiously, this app "phones home" on launch even when "Check for Updates" is unchecked. A coding error or data gathering?
[Version 1.0.7]


accountclosed reviewed on 05 Jan 2013
Latest release (1.0.7 at the time of this writing) is a big improvement, which is why I came back to post a higher rating. The auto-setting of coordinates is a dramatic improvement, and I'm not seeing windows jumping around anymore in apps for which I didn't create a Windows Magician filter (THAT was weird). Am guessing the developer, Josh, sorted out some things with the new release, and wish I could find a version history, but that and documentation remain a closely guarded secret, apparently. Would go with five stars if the app included implementation of wildcard/global characters as a filtering option. Also, this is pricey IMO at $20 (the cost of upgrading Apple OS to Mountain Lion). Not saying it's not worth it, since as far as I know, there are no other windows management apps that auto-set window size and location; the others require hotkey triggering, but at a top-of-the-range price, users should not have to wait for obviously useful features. Good luck to the developer with this worthwhile app, and all users who spring for it, as I did.
[Version 1.0.7]


accountclosed reviewed on 29 Dec 2012
Promising, but not really ready for prime time. For example, WM has jumped in and resized my Dreamweaver upload (dialogue) window to nearly full screen. It appears to match the settings for Safari and Firefox that I created, but I did not create any WM item for Dreamweaver! No idea how it's able to apply settings to an app for which there's no WM entry. Also, as other comments here indicate, the controls are a bit tough to manage, since setting the right position is trial and error. I purchased anyway, because Koingo is pretty good about updates (though they could not be accused of being generous with users on pricing), but WM needs some improvements, and soon to earn a higher rating IMO. Also, there's no obvious documentation—none included with the app, none on Koingo's (poor) Wiki site, and this is needed to explain some of the settings and provide step-by-step instructions for setting up new window size and position. It shouldn't be necessary to open a tech support ticket to get information on basic use of an app, but you may need to if you buy this. Good luck to all.
[Version 1.0.6]

accountclosed had trouble on 14 Feb 2012
With this latest release (3.1). I can't get themes to preserve font color setting. Theme does not appear to recognize the font color assignment in the theme itself, and if I change it manually, then attempt to save (overwrite) the theme, the color setting is immediately lost. Is this a problem with the release, or is there something I'm missing here. Appears to be a bug. Fingers are crossed that the developer will fix it quickly.
[Version 3.1]

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accountclosed replied on 14 Feb 2012
A litte more research turned this up on HogBay's web site about this release:

"Theme Text Behavior: When using rich text, changing themes will not change the font or color properties of your text. If you are using a RTF, then themes will ignore font, font size, etc: Changing themes will not change these. For plain text, themes will change these based on theme preset."

Okay, now this is baffling—the open admission of a failing as though it were a feature. Are we to understand that this release actually TAKES AWAY the option to format text (color, etc.) in RTF, and for some reason relegates this control to plain text files only? If so, it would be a decisive reason NOT to upgrade, and IMO users should begin petitioning the developer to immediately correct whatever poor thinking spawned this new "feature."
accountclosed had trouble on 19 Aug 2011
Be careful with this app. It interferes with system functions resulting in dictionary lookup (right-click context menu) hanging badly, and is incompatible with some other apps, e.g., Snapz Pro X, preventing screen capture of movies. Developer has been aware of the problem for some time, as I posted a review in the AS citing the issue, but has not addressed it. Not as cute as it looks, and not ready for prime time.
[Version 1.0.2]

accountclosed had trouble on 17 Dec 2010
The app runs in DEMO mode, and is limited to syncing 10 contacts. Furthermore, after syncing, I saw no difference in either NC or Address Book. In any case, this is the second app I've seen today on MacUpdate listed as free that's actually shareware. Someone's asleep at the wheel or worse, since in this case (and the other, and who knows how many more), "free" is flatly misleading.
[Version 1.0]

accountclosed had trouble on 22 Oct 2010
We must be on different sites. The URL (link to developer's site above) continues to return 404s for purchase links, latest news, contact, company-everything but downloads. In addition a number of images show broken links. This is a poor showing: over a week to reply to a "can't purchase" alert, and the claim that the site is now up and running turns out to be wrong. Losing interest fast in this app.
[Version 2.7]

accountclosed had trouble on 13 Oct 2010
Can't purchase or use contact link on developer's site. 404s all over the place. App seems solid, but geesh. . .
[Version 2.7]

accountclosed had trouble on 16 Jul 2010
Would not have posted this here if I'd been able to find a way to contact the developer on his site to report what appears to be a bug, viz., that the hot keys for raising and lowering the Backdrop don't work. Am running Snow Leopard under 10.6.3. This is a solid app that's worth following. Different feeling entirely than Hogbay Software's WriteRoom, probably the most popular of these minimalist environment writing apps. I use WriteRoom, but lost respect for its developer, Jesse Grossjean, when he dumped a crash-prone version of WriteRoom for iPhone for $4.99 on unsuspecting users in the Apple iTunes Store, then blithely ignored repeated and urgent requests for fixes from many users for months, though his site forum shows he's been aware of the problem for at least that long. (His excuse was that he was busy developing apps for the iPad. Insult to injury, that.) The experience fueled my interest in finding an alternative. Diamond's been around for a while, and with a few fixes, could be the heir apparent to WriteRoom, IMO.
[Version 3.6]

accountclosed had trouble on 26 Jun 2010
"Run at startup" menu option doesn't work for me (10.6.3 on a Macbook Pro Intel Core i5); have to add the app manually under Accounts in System Prefs. Menu bar icon should be larger and less generic. Could stand a Preferences option. Still, a clean, minimalist look and well thought out workflow make for good potential here.
[Version 1.5.2]

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accountclosed replied on 11 Jul 2010
Having to add the app manually to login items is the problem, not a solution. The menu item provides an option to "Run Breeze at Startup" that doesn't work. It should be eliminated or fixed.
accountclosed had trouble on 09 Dec 2009
Hate to have to report it, but this latest version (5.0) has not fixed the "white background" issue on my system (a MacBook Pro 2.2 Intel running 10.6). It's a shame, as this worked fine under Leopard. The program is lovely (when it's working) and deserves to be supported via donations, but this is unusable in its current state. No idea why this white background appears and won't go away, and there's unfortunately no way to contact the developer through the Interdimension Media web site.
[Version 5.0]

accountclosed had trouble on 04 Dec 2009
Updated to v. 5.0 under 10.6. Widget now shows a white background (rather than transparent) some of which clears upon clicking the "i" (info) button, but long (screen-wide) sections of it remain making the widget unusable. This is a worthy widget, but has become problematic for me in Snow Leopard. Trashing prefs has no effect.
[Version 4.5]

accountclosed had trouble on 02 Dec 2009
Running 10.6 on Intel Macbook Pro. The Tabs/Misc. "Don't restore tabs if no browser window is open on quit" doesn't work. On relaunch, the browser opens the last open window even if had been closed on quit.
[Version 1.0b23]

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