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Abugirges reviewed on 08 Sep 2011
Using Navicat 9 normally. That works but it costly as well. At home I prefer MySQL workbench and I have to say that the GUI is a lot nicer. Stable and efficient. However my demands at home are not that high...
[Version 5.2.34]


Abugirges reviewed on 03 Aug 2011
It is somehow ok. But feels like an IM client from the past. Lots of unpolished areas in the UI. Try to scale the font size for incoming and outgoing msgs... nope. Emoticons look ugly and dull (Hey MS, now where you bought Skype just take theirs!!). And cmd+q does work as a server disconnect. No idea why.

All in all I am happy that it is available for Mac users but if I could use sth like Adium I would me much much happier!
[Version 13.1.2]


Abugirges reviewed on 31 May 2011
Oh boy... the price IS ridiculous! 50 bucks for what? 20, maybe 30 USD. Sorry, but this is a no go!
[Version 1.0]


Abugirges reviewed on 14 Apr 2011
I totally agree: The new interface is cluttered, takes for no apparent reason lots of screen estate.

However you can customize (to some extend) and get used to it (what basically is valid for everything).

All in all I pray every day that they come up with a minimize button. And as the rest of the app works pretty well esp. in mixed environments and switching between desktop and iPhone Skype is flawless: 3 Stars!

Abugirges commented on 02 Jan 2011
Maybe I am stupid or simply not geeky enough: But I cannot get it to work simply due to the missing ffmpeg binary.

I checked the instructions so many times that I would not be surprised to recall these in my dreams. Downloading the already compiled binary worked through the provided link. But what to do afterwards? I get a bunch of folders with one called bin. After unsuccessfully copying all folders to the user/lib/appl_support/iffmpeg I got an error and came to the conclusion that I have to copy the content from inside the bin folder only. But surprise, surprise I get a "bash: /Users/marcuslo/Library/Application Support/iFFmpeg/ffmpeg: Permission denied" error...

I checked the permissions and changed them to everyone rw access. Still same error... Now I am stuck.

Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance...
[Version 1.4.0]

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Abugirges replied on 03 Jan 2011
Ok, I think this has to do with the link provided on http://www.iffmpeg.com/page1/page1.html

If u download the ffmpeg library with the link provided via "A good place to start is here" you end up with a couple of folders and the problem I did describe before. So u better search for another link (and there are more than just this one on the dev page...).

Not sure if it is allowed to post a working link but for me it worked via http://ffmpegbuilds.webfreehosting.net/page1/page1.html

After unpacking this gives u one ffmpeg bundle that is working fine.

Thanks for the quick reply by the way. I will test iffmpeg now and post a review later on.

Abugirges reviewed on 11 Nov 2010
From a business perspective this is the first office version to consider. As it has a real Outlook on board it can easily be integrated to any exchange backend. AND THAT IS CRUCIAL! Dont know what MS was thinking for years? Now they will sell lots of copies to corporates where many people felt like 2nd class citizens relying on the poor exchange integration via Mail and even more iCal.

Outlook is what you expect: No real fun, but properly working. It is not fully on par with MS Outlook 2010 but has all important features that are needed (and much more). What I miss are calendar weeks in the calendar. But hey...

Apparently some MIME/S support is also missing (heard from a colleague) but I dont even know what this is good for.

All in all thumbs up!! Very happy about MS delivering this finally!
[Version 14.0.1]


Abugirges reviewed on 11 Nov 2010
This software is an endless story... It started as Bizzcross, was renamed to Mono and now for a couple of years already Relvolver. However they changed the offered versions now and then, aparently not finding the right mix to create proper business.

Anyhow the idea is cool but it lacks in execution. Too many features that are unpolished and bugs, bugs, bugs. Developer has not been responsive for a long time. It is better now and you can give it a try.

The user interface is special and not to easy to understand. Especially the design modes are not free of pain. And dont expect that you can do everything you think of. Using the built in formula editor is painful as there are many restrictions. So before buying have a real world check.
[Version 8.3]


Abugirges reviewed on 26 Feb 2010
Says what it does... no need to rate this down purely because of some cameras not being supported. The updater itself works fine.
[Version 3.1]


abugirges reviewed on 21 Jul 2009
I use this software with my Garmin FR60 that does not have GPS. The software shows the map anyway and there is no chance of getting rid of it.

All in all the app does what it says. BUT: It looks awful. It seems th be a cheap port of a windows app and that is felt in all areas. Even the naming is sometimes crappy (Services in german is "Serviceeinrichtungen" instead of "Dienste"). There is no preferences whatsoever and so all I get is something I can easily create with excel. I have no clue what the tens of megabyte are for.

Interestingly the screenshot provided here looks completely differnet to my installation... No greyish window at all. Fucking ugly icons... Where do I get the shown version? Is that outdated?
[Version 2.1.8]

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abugirges replied on 21 Jul 2009
OK, my fault: You can switch off the map.
abugirges commented on 17 Jul 2009
Can anyone comment if the crashes still persist or if that is solved?
[Version 2.1.2]

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abugirges commented on 21 Jul 2009
Ok, I tested it myself and so far I did not crash my machine. But it is a very very bad app. Windows pop up unexpectedly and give comments that are quite cryptic.

I managed to sync my FR60 at the end but it is no fun to say the least. Maybe this is not the typical app that should offer fun but I expect this to be a seamless experience what it is not.

The software also connects directly to some garmin website but that is completely useless as even the date of running was not correctly recognized. Two stars? Ok, three as it does what it says...
Abugirges had trouble on 16 Apr 2011
But it is pretty bad that this relies on Rosetta... At least I was forced to install Rosetta as the software stated it could not run without it.
[Version 6.6.2r4a]

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