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a300sj reviewed on 28 Apr 2008
Now that we're on version 7.0.2, the synching capability is disastrous. Don't synch because it will corrupt your data!

It just keeps getting worse.
[Version 7.0.2]


a300sj reviewed on 28 Apr 2008
Search function is slow and inaccurate.
Synch functions with .Mac just doesn't work
In fact, most of the touted functions that it promises do not deliver.
Password protection is impractical and cumbersome.

Each upgrade version is essentially a beta-tester program. Be ready to be a paying guinea pig.
Company repeatedly advertises the 4 star it received several years ago for a StickyBrain and not Soho notes. That review no longer applies for these subsequent versions. This practice is basically dishonest.
[Version 7.0.1]

a300sj commented on 09 Apr 2008
The EXIF information is still being stripped out of the photograph by this app. What a shame. I am just about to give up on this program. Apparently, keeping in the EXIF data is not a priority for the developer even after so many people have been requesting that the EXIFs be maintained.
[Version 3.5.1]


a300sj reviewed on 30 Mar 2008
How a company can continuously charge an upgrade fee by just changing a version number with no substantially new features (and even worse, without fixing standing bugs and issues) is unconscionably. This is exactly what the makers of SOHO notes have continually done.

The search function is horribly inaccurate missing words, phrases, that are obviously present. I needed to manually go through some notes where I new the information I was looking for was located because the search function consistently was missed words and phrases.

Just as bad is that the company claims to have speeded up the start up time and the search function... well, it is just as slow as the previous versions. There are also quirks and glitches when using the 'private' function for notes.

With all these problems, the company has taken off their on-line support page where paying customers were able to help each other and leave comments. Why they would take out such a useful resource and then not provide adequate customer support is beyond understanding.

I stupidly hoped for this app. to get back on track and also to regain the trust with this company. Neither has happened in the years that I have been with this app. It's now time to bite the bullet and change my note-taking app. This app. may be loaded with features, but it is useless if the app. is riddled with quirks, inconsistencies and bugs.

The makers of SOHO notes have thrown away a good thing that was once Sticky Brain. This version is not worthy of a whole number increase as it has not fixed any of the past issues and has not introduced any significant nor useful feature. This version is more an update (at best) and certainly not an upgrade.
[Version 7.0]


a300sj reviewed on 10 Dec 2007
This app is perfect for those video files that you have where the audio is not in sync with the video. Just a few slight adjustments and it works! An added bonus is that you can actually saved the repaired or synched videofiles in their corrected state.
[Version 0.3.2]

a300sj commented on 13 Oct 2007
I have been a SOHO Notes users since way back when it was still called Sticky Brain. In all honesty, it really was an excellent app. - the best of its kind.

However, when it changed to SOHO Notes, (beginning with version 5.0.3), it was already buggy and it converted my Sticky Brain data to a format which did not allow me to go back. Not advising the user that transitioning to SOHO Notes would prevent you from going back to Sticky Brain because the database was "updated" is just plain negligent. Furthermore, until version 5.7.2 came out, it was essentially a beta-tester app. - riddled with bugs and quirks. Charging substantial fee for an "upgrade" to what is basically a beta-tester app. is not fair play.

Granted, when they reached version 5.7.2, SOHO Notes was again the superlative program that Sticky Brain was in its last iteration. However, now that they are back to version 6, the same situation of the transition to version 5 is back. Once again, they are charging an unconscionable upgrade fee for what is again a beta-tester app. riddled again with bugs and anomalies. Just do a Goole search to see how many people lost their data in the transition to version 6. And once again, it updates your data to a format that is not backwards compatible (this time, they tell you, but it is written in a way that can easily be passed over).

The fact that in the course of the same month (if not couple of weeks), it has been updated twice is a testament to the fact that the people at SOHO Notes are scrambling to fix fatal bugs that should never have been in a final release. Finally, it is just bad business to suddenly pull out a FORUMS section on their website that helped so many people. Here in the good ol' US of A, that wreaks of censorship. Now we licensed users who paid cash for each of these updates must now also pay to get help for bugs that should never have been there. This is basically dishonest.

It is a shame that such a good program has gone down the tubes. What's more, one cannot understand why a company would treat its loyal users in such a non professional way. For the moment, I plan to stick with version 5.7.2. It really is an excellent app. However, until CHRONOS changes its mentality towards its clients, I suspect the majority of us are already jumping ship. CHRONOS needs to do damage-control and fix the relationship it has with its clients to bring back our good faith. If not, this app. will be relegated to oblivion.

My 2ยข
[Version 6.5.1]

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