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Znort reviewed on 10 Mar 2013
Yes! New version fulfilled my request: sync mate mounts all three storages of my Samsung Android with root- access.
Contacts and calendars sync perfectly.
Syncing between my two macs also works flawless!

There are no complaints (for now).
Great job!
[Version 4.1.1875]


Znort reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
I just purchased an upgrade from version 3 to 4.
Generally I am quite satisfied with the app. I use Syncmate to keep calendars, bookmarks and contacts in sync between my two computers. It does the job very well.
Since a week I got a new Samsung Android device. I had to upgrade to version 4 in order to get Mountain Lion compatibility.
I find the price steep but still ok considering the vast bandwidth of syncing options.

Only complaint until now is that when mounting my phone in the Finder I cannot browse the external SD card. Syncmate just allows to see the internal SD card which is not handy when it comes to transferring large media files to your phone since the internal SD is just about 4GB.

Please devs, this request is critical in order to make your software the only choice in order to use it with Android.
I would like to forget about the Samsung software which is buggy as hell!
[Version 4.0.1850]


Znort reviewed on 02 Sep 2012
I really love OpenOffice and its' siblings. Absolutely being able to do my basic office jobs and file exchange without hardly any issue.

The ONLY downside for me is that OO and LO are not creating Word - files viewable in QuickLook.
Do you people experience the same?
Is there a solution to this?

Thanks in advance!
[Version 3.4.1]

Znort commented on 06 Sep 2011
I was wondering if sArchiver makes use of multiple cores.
Compressing large files takes really long on my fast system.
Activity monitor shows that the zipping procedure takes just 100% of computing power (instead of 800%).

[Version 3.8.13]

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Znort replied on 12 Sep 2011
I think you misunderstood my question.
I would like to know if sArchiver makes use of all available processor cores to compress files.
To me it seems that it uses just one core.
Znort commented on 22 Jun 2011
Maybe I´m wrong, but BetterZip didn´t warn about Version 2.0 being a paid upgrade before downloading and installing.
Oh well, nevermind. That´s how it´s being played.

But what´s really annoying after waiting soo long for an update, puny features such as compressing files in the finder (contextual menu) are deep hidden in "services" - menu.
Not very convincing. Sorry to complain.

But worst of it all, after updating I get following message:
"It looks like you have a copy of BetterZip from the Mac App Store installed in "/Applications".

The application you just launched is a trial version and should be removed. Would you like to quit now so you can move this unneeded file to the Trash?

Hint: Use the "Move to Trash" item in the "File" menu after the Finder window appears."

Is BetterZip really that unneeded?

Please, dear developer tell me that I´m not getting something right.
Otherwise I won´t pay the upgrade fee.
[Version 2.0]

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Znort replied on 22 Jun 2011
Got to add that there is no MAS on my Computer either.

Znort reviewed on 09 May 2011
XLD is just getting better and better.

A BIG THANKS for the recently added features.
Burning directly within XLD makes this App even more valuable to me!

Thanks for developing the one and only one-in-all perfect audio-converter!
[Version 20110508]


Znort reviewed on 15 Apr 2011
Finally, the greatest feature has been implemented ino sArchiver:
Drag & drop archiving!

Great job!

I´d like to ask for one more tiny option: I´d like the archive to be named exactly as the original filename just adding an extension.
for example: myfile.doc becomes myfile.doc.zip

My suggestion is to make this option available in the preferences.
My point is that I would like not being bothered with the archiving process in any way most of the time. That´s what ease of use means to me. Any other features are nice, but just sometimes.

Thanks for your fast adoption of user suggestions.
[Version 3.6.4]


Znort reviewed on 10 Apr 2011
sArchiver is getting more and more features. That´s good.
What I am still missing is an option to make an archive without having to open the main app itself.
Simply by using right click OR even better a simple drag & drop icon to compress things directly in the Macosx- Finder.

That would be the killer feature for me. That´s what is making an archive is about in 90% of all cases.

Looking forward to see it happen.
[Version 3.6.2]


Znort reviewed on 03 Dec 2010
Good and stable virtualization software. It just needs too long to resume my suspended XP. Parallels is still faster.
But I bet not for long.
[Version 3.1.2]

Znort commented on 10 Sep 2010

I´ve mentioned this before.
I´d rather have the choice to simply drag & drop/right click to create an archive directly in the Finder instead of having to create it within sArchiver.

Seriously this ap is getting better and better. Strangely enough it´s workflow to create archives is quite time- consuming.
[Version 2.7.2]

Znort had trouble on 30 Apr 2013
Does not start on 10.6.8.
I know we´re supposed to use a more recent OS, but 10.7 and 10.8 are major steps backwards in OS development.
I´ll stick to earlier versions. They worked perfectly for me.
[Version 0.96b]

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