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Zews reviewed on 26 Dec 2007
Easy download, easy install. Pleae note, that this program does not install as an application, but as an item under "Other" in "System Preferences". Don't know how to uninstall this program, which I want to do, becasue it does not work properly, and I can't seem to be able to make it work.

I can see and play all my music.

I can see all my photos, but I cannot play my slide shows correctly. For instance, Connect360 tells me that I have 3500 photos in a slide show that only has 19 photos. And in the slide shows that it does display correctly, it plays the photos in the wrong order, because it rearranges the order alphabetically, which is not the order of my photos in the slide show. This cannot changed.

My XBox, does not see any of my over 80 movies, even though they are set up to be shared from my movie folder.

So now I have to figure out how to remove this program, since there is no manual not any useful instructions on the nullriver website.

I only rate this program a 1 because 0 is not an available choice.
[Version 3.23]

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Zews replied on 31 Dec 2007
" Why would you want to rate this product 0 if it does indeed share your music and photos?"

I am not interested in playing my music through my TV, for reasons that may not be obvious to you. For one the quality of the sound from my TV is a lot less than that from anything else I have to play my music.

And as far as viewing my photos is concerned, Connect360 messes up the viewing order. I cannot view my photos in my carefully arranged order. Connect360 arranges my photos in alphabetical order, and destroys the order in which I have arranged them in my iPhoto slideshows. I find this very annoying.

"I have no problems with video either, you just need them in a format that the xbox can see."

I do have my video in formats XBox can see.

Thanks for the tip on how to remove the program from System Preferences.

It would be nice if the publisher would provide this support, either by creating a manual, or a user group forum on their web site.

Zews reviewed on 12 Jun 2007
I just got Data Backup 3.0 with my brand new OWC external fire wire hard drive.

For the first total back up of my Mac, I created a clone of my HD, so I would have a bootable external HD in case of an internal HD failure.

The backup seemed to run just fine. I can open the drive and folders and run apps from there.

However, I cannot boot the external drive. And when I try to, the spinning wheel just spins. After about 15 minutes of this, I gave up. The only way, I was able to stop the process, was by cutting the power to the computer. Always a nice way to deal with a computer.

I thought I swithced to a Mac, because "Everything just works!" What a cruel joke, that turned out to be.

Does anyone have any suggestions for better software than this.
[Version 3.0]

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Zews replied on 12 Jun 2007
Well, I'm very happy for you :)

I on the other hand, seem to have a rather useless program, that does not work as advertised. That does not do what it is supposed to do, which is, create a clone of an internal drive.

All I really have is data backup, something I could have done, the way I have done it for many years. I wanted a bootable clone of my drive, which is what I thought I was getting. I clearly didn't get that.

I feel, I'm right back where I was in Windows. Trying to figure out which program the culprit is. Is it Data Backup 3.0, is it the OS. Calling tech support of the company that sold me the hard drive has already wasted several hours of my time, without the desired result. Next I will probably be talking to the software publisher's tech support geniuses, and if (when) that doesn't work out, I may end up talking to Apple tech support. And then I will most likely end up in the unending cycle, of "it's not us, it's the hardware", and "it's not us, it's the software.", and "it's not us, it's the OS", etc. Until I am ready to give up on this program and move to the next computing disaster.

Everything on the Mac is always advertised and raved about as "it just works". Well, it clearly doesn't just work.

Zews replied on 13 Jun 2007
I have. I have not received a response yet.

Zews replied on 13 Jun 2007
That's strange. I did not call. I only sent an email.

Zews replied on 13 Jun 2007
That is still strange, because as far as I know, I only sent one email.

I did however receive two identical auto responses.

Zews replied on 15 Jun 2007
It's not going well. Someone called David called and left a message, but I was not available, and won't be until after the weekend. I did not speak with anyone though.

I did receive an email also, with suggestions of what i should do to fix things. Start with downloading and installing an update. Change rule settings that are loaded automatically each time, but it seems, that are not supposed to load. And would I please let Prosoft know, if they do load again.

Given the rave reviews SuperDuper seems to receive, both here as well as on versiontracker.com, I wanted to try out that program since it is shareware.

Unfortunately, I seem to be having trouble with that program also, since it is severly reduced in it's functionality, if you don't have a registered copy. Which of course you must buy.

Strange, even Microsoft lets me use Office for a full 30 days. And Apple ditto with a number of their programs.

Zews replied on 20 Jun 2007
That's true. I have been contacted a coupple of times via email by a David. I do appreciate the effort.

Having said that, for now I am pretty much fed up with my computer (again). You see, I just switched from Windows, after suffering those indignities for way too many years.

Suffice to say, I am a bit fruistrated to say the least, to find out, that this platform has it's own annoyances, and I am just not ready to get back on the phone yet again.

Besides, in a couple of days, I am going on vacation for a few seeks with my family. Even though I cannot boot from the external drive, I have backed up my data, so for now that should be enough. Since nobody is going to use the comnputer the next few weeks, I do not have to worry about a crash anyway.

Maybe, after I return I will be ready to wrestle with this again.
Zews had trouble on 08 Jul 2008
I want to play back movies form an external dedicated hard drive. Connect360 does not seem to allow this, it will only play back movies that are stored on the internal drive of my iMac.

Is there a way to play back movies from an external drive, or am I out of luck on this one.

BTW, I have emailed this question to the developer about half a dozen times. They do not seem to be all to interested to respond and support their software, since I have not received a response from them.
[Version 3.35]

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