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Zevrix commented on 13 Jun 2013
This update (10.8.4) fixes some serious Finder issues that were introduced in 10.8.3. In short, if you updated to 10.8.3 this update is essential to bring your Finder back to normal.
[Version 10.8.4]


Zevrix reviewed on 12 Jun 2013
we should bombard Apple with requests to restore the color in the sidebar. gray sidebar is the biggest disgrace to Mac OS ever.

i thought the sanity was restored when they restored color in iTunes sidebar. however, judging by Mavericks screenshot, the Finder is still gray.
[Version 1.8.7]

Zevrix commented on 06 Nov 2012
If you create your own disk images (dmg): 10.8.2 introduces a serious bug. The read/write disk images won't open automatically after mounting anymore. You need to Cmd-click them in the sidebar every time after mounting. I just submitted this bug to Apple.
[Version 10.8.2]

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Zevrix replied on 08 Nov 2012
ok I just found out that it's actually a preference in Disk Utility. It appears that in Mac OS X 10.8.2 it's disabled by default - regardless of its previous state - which is confusing and wrong. And I'm actually not the first one who submitted this bug to Apple.
Zevrix commented on 25 Jul 2012
Don't forget that this upgrade is a huge cash cow for Apple. While Mountain Lion doesn't provide any significant new features, it quietly cuts support for a few generations of Macs - even some 4-year old.

Among the abandoned was my 2007 Mac Pro - so I had to buy a new iMac (27"/i7). Although I don't regret as it's so much faster and overall amazing.
[Version 10.8]

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Zevrix replied on 25 Jul 2012
I'm a developer, you know, so to me upgrading is a MUST. Especially considering the Gatekeeper - even though you can test it on Lion.

So the entire developer community will be upgrading their Macs for sure.

Once again, I'm kind of grateful for this because it forced me to get a much faster Mac.

Zevrix replied on 25 Jul 2012
@Davidravenmoon: Old machines ARE obsolete. Your 2009 is not "old" yet. Just look at 10.8 compatibility list: I don't remember exactly but I think even some 2008 machines are obsolete.
Zevrix commented on 25 Jul 2012
Dear Apple,

How about giving us an option to disable all the distracting and annoying animations, convulsions and zoomings which noone ever asked for and that only make computer feel slower and distract from actual work being done (or whatever else we use the computer for)?

But thank you for at least providing a hidden pref to disable the window zooming - the most horrible of all the innovations!
[Version 10.8]


Zevrix reviewed on 01 Dec 2011
THANK YOU for bringing the colors back to the Finder sidebar! (That's the only feature I really needed).

Yes, Apple, it was really worth it to come up with this ugly gray unfriendly sidebar, just to make people happy when they can bring the normal appearance back.

Note: The colorful sidebar feature is actually developed by another developer, and the automatic installation in LionDesigner didn't work for me. Eventually I just created the folder ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins, dropped ColorfulSidebar.bundle there, relaunched Finder and it worked! I give LionDesigner 5 stars for pointing me into the right direction.
[Version 2.9]

Zevrix commented on 08 Jun 2011
-Beta crashes every time I try to click the Help menu.

-I don't like its "web page" approach for downloads, preferences, bookmarks etc.

-The green links is a bad idea.

-AutoFill options are cool.

-Tabs on top is a bad idea.

-No separate search field is a bad idea.

-The animating sliding tabs are annoying and distracting. Unfortunately, Firefox adapted the same approach. Which will maybe the reason to switch to Safari (which I'm not too excited about).
[Version 12.0.742.91]

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Zevrix replied on 08 Jun 2011

>-what green links are you referring to?

The ones that appear as URL suggestions when you type in the address bar, as well as downloads.

>-why do you need a separate search field when you can search in the address field?

Because I don't want browser to start searching when I intend to go to certain URL and vice versa. Search field and address field have different purposes.

It also hijacks the default behavior: when you type "cnn" it should go to cnn.com, not to search for cnn. Although my service provider hijacked it regardless.

>-how are they annoying and distracting? the animation is minimal. Safari has the exact same behavior

The tab animation is annoying and distracting (although, evidently, not to everyone). Every time the tabs regroup there's annoying movement at the top of the window that is totally unnecessary. I didn't ask for any convulsions (aka "animations") and I don't want to watch them like hundred times a day (even for a fraction of second). Users have to have choice to disable it.

Safari's tabs regroup instantly, without convulsions.
Zevrix commented on 27 Apr 2011
Firefox 3.6.x:

Nice browser but watching video becomes unbearable: it constantly stalls and jerks... it never seems to happen in Safari (which I don't really like).

Is it the same in Firefox 4? Every time I launch 4, all my saved usernames and passwords in 3.6 get erased so I don't want to launch it again to find out that nothing has changed.
[Version 4.0]

Zevrix commented on 10 Jan 2011
Another useless update of a useless browser. It can't properly display even simplest pages, like my company's website:


Any other browser displays it properly. I reported this problem to them in the previous version, but nothing changed.

And why you can't turn off this annoying slow-motion scrolling?
[Version 11.00.1156]

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Zevrix replied on 15 Jan 2011
@Marek: Well thank you!

According to the "validator":

this page: 65 errors,
CNN.com: 104 errors
MacUpdate.com: 175 errors
Adobe.com: 34 errors
Microsoft.com: 104 errors

I don't know if Opera is built upon this "validation", but if it is, then maybe it should switch to a real world approach.

Maybe it explains why in version 10.0 Opera couldn't even display properly CNN pages with comments (something that any other browser could) - they fixed it in 10.5.

But even now, Opera CANNOT render CNN website properly. Go to CNN.com and look at the fonts - then compare to normal browsers. Then try to log in if you're a member: your status at the top of the page will not be updated as it does in any normal browsers.

In fact, Opera can't even render THIS page properly: the small add on the right is shifted.

Or try this: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/21749/linkoptimizer

How useful is that for a browser?

Zevrix replied on 26 Jan 2011
I'm with Opera 11

-The products part of the sidebar of my website (http://zevrix.com) is all screwed up (fonts and line height).

-The cursor doesn't change to hand over the Zevrix Solutions logo, LinkOptimizer plaque and the home-email-store icons in the top left corner; sometime doesn't change to hand over product names in the sidebar.

I changed some images since my original post, but Opera displayed a black gaping hole near an image then.

Plus read my comments about the CNN website. From my experience so far, Opera is a joke, sorry.

Zevrix replied on 03 Feb 2011
@Shmack: What a sad attempt of thinking. Comments like yours actually do the worst service for Opera, because you don't want it to improve but to stay malfunctioning as it is now. Opera cannot render websites properly and misleads people regarding the way websites are supposed to look and behave.

As I pointed out, not only can't Opera display the Zevrix website properly, but also THIS page and CNN.com (one of the most popular websites in the world). Maybe this sad attempt of a browser should switch to a proven web engine, such as WebKit or Gecko.

Zevrix replied on 21 Feb 2011
@Virgeist: Why would be my user name the same as my company? Ummm... maybe because it's the name of my company?

Anyway, I wish I didn't have to post it here and Opera displayed websites properly. I'm sure if you had your website, you'd be also unhappy if a browser couldn't render it properly. I sent report to Opera when it was n version 10, as well as recently, and nothing has been done. As I mentioned several times, it's not limited to my website, but even the most popular ones such as CNN. Opera just keeps misleading users regarding proper website appearance.
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