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ZeTHeR reviewed on 26 Nov 2006
I was banned today for 30 mins for saying this:

ZeTHy: I am a pirate and ride on a Fire fox bowser and sail on a lime wire and a torrent of truth.
[Version 4.5.2]

ZeTHeR (developer) commented on 14 Nov 2006
On Tuesday the 14, 2006 I was talking on the main chat with a few gamers, and was unexpectidly banned for qoute un qoute "pirate." Here is the conversation as followed.

(I have left out the other users name out of respect)

ZeTHeR - Do you have quake 2
Otheruser - nah
Zether - You know you can get it for mac
Otheruser - yeah where?
ZeTheR - Fruits-of-dojo
Otheruser -what
ZeTHeR - I'll just leave of limewire for a while, look for Quake 2 mac

About 2 minutes later I was banned for 1 day. Here is the email conversation with
Scott Kevill as followed.


I am requesting that you unban me as of this moment. The so called pirtate ban you used to remove me does not apply. The files I was talking about are from www.fruit-of-dojo.de, and are not pirated. Return my acount to active.

EMAIL 2 _ From Scott Kevill

It had nothing to do with FoD, and everything to do with you talking
about using Limewire for Quake 2.

EMAIL 3 _ From Me

, so you are saying that I tried requesting, promoting or encouraging the use of pirated software or non-public beta software. Well, I would disagree on the following grounds.

Firstly, promoting

pro·mote (pr-m t) Pronunciation Key Audio pronunciation of "promoting" [P]
tr.v. pro·mot·ed, pro·mot·ing, pro·motes

1. To raise to a more important or responsible job or rank.
2. To advance (a student) to the next higher grade.
2. To contribute to the progress or growth of; further. See Synonyms at advance.
3. To urge the adoption of; advocate: promote a constitutional amendment.
4. To attempt to sell or popularize by advertising or publicity: commercials promoting a new product.
5. To help establish or organize (a new enterprise), as by securing financial backing: promote a Broadway show.

As you can see, definition "1a" states for our purposes here "To raise to a more important level," and I think we both can agree this is not what you are accusing me of. The same follows for "1b." However definition "2," to contribute to the progress or growth of, is what most likely I am being accused of. Did I really contribute to the growth of it? Well, for this we'll consult the dictionary once again.


1. to give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc., as for charitable purposes.
2. to furnish (an original written work, drawing, etc.) for publication: to contribute stories to a magazine.
-verb (used without object)
3. to give (money, food, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc.: He contributes to many charities.
4. to furnish works for publication: He contributed to many magazines.
5. contribute to, to be an important factor in; help to cause: A sudden downpour contributed to the traffic jam.

Hence, I did not give any knowledge, assistance, money, or time, to a common supply. Nor did I furnish anything for publication. Once I did not give any of benefit to those that may be looking for assistance with the matter, and I did not contribute any important factor. So, if this is what I was accused of I am clearly innocent.

Therefor I must be accused of urging the adoption of, However, the statement I made does no such thing, and so definition 3 falls to the wind.

Now, we are left with 4 and 5, and I think that I did not attempt to sell sell or popularize this software with advertising or publicity. Nor could it be said that I help establish a new enterprise or organization, so clearly --yet again-- I am innocent, and therefore it is you duty to return my account.


After this email tryed opening gameranger and found that I have been banned a full week for sending him that email.
[Version 4.5.2]

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