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Zapp Brannigan reviewed on 03 Jul 2012
Photoshop CS6 is still a monster to master if you aren't familiar with the program. Fortunately, I am. Getting it to be more "mac" like instead of a Windows program (which it defaults too), was painful. Why it won't ask you to import your prefs from CS5.5 is beyond me. But what is truly galling is the lack of new features it brings to the table for the price tag to upgrade. None of which is a deal breaker, but it does make you wonder what they were thinking in asking for the price of the product. I still fire up CS5.5 as I basically don't think this version is anything to shout from the rooftops.
[Version 13.0]

Zapp Brannigan commented on 03 Feb 2012
Well, I'm here to say that after updating to 10.7.3, a-dock still doesn't work. I really hope the developer fixes the program as I'm left with dragthing which is overkill for my needs.
[Version 1.5.6]

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Zapp Brannigan replied on 18 Apr 2012
Click on the Troubleshooting tab above to see how I fixed it. ;)
Zapp Brannigan commented on 13 Oct 2011
After updating to Lion 10.7.2, A-Dock no longer works. That's too bad. I find this to be a very useful utility.
[Version 1.5.6]


Zapp Brannigan reviewed on 03 Sep 2011
I just downloaded 6.5, which they are calling a beta, and sent them this email that I'm reposting here:

I'm using 6.5 beta. I thought you were going to have file listings with "down" triangles next to folders like in Finder windows, Transmit, Filezilla, etc…? I'm tired of having to double-click to drill down to a folder/file that may be nested 10 folders deep. And no, I don't want to create a 'favorite as folders' that I access because the folders change all the time and are on different servers. Nor do I want to create a virtual folder. Talk about unsecure, tedious, and another waste of programming. What is wrong with you people? You've been promising this functionality, at least to me, since version 5 and we can get it in a free program like Filezilla? Even Transmit has it.

Open up your applications folder. Hit command+2. See the cute little triangles on the left? Is that so hard to duplicate? Geez, if this doesn't come out in the final of 6.5 I'm switching to Transmit or something else. The only thing stopping me is that I can't export my address book (over 25 servers as I'm a web developer) into anything usable in another FTP program. I'm getting carpal tunnel from all the double-clicking just to get to a stupid file or folder that happens to be nested deep in the bowels of a server.

I also can't have different editors for different file types, and there's still no quick look (just a View button, or shift+cmd+L). Why can't it just be as simple as hitting the space bar as in the Finder and Transmit? Sure you have a lot of options, but it's overkill. In all the years I've used CFTP, I never once used virtual folders or favorite folders. You crammed $129 worth of stuff into a program, sell it for $29, and then make it an unpleasant experience that is NOT growing with the times or the Mac OS X.

Also, beta or not, the program crashes at least once a week, usually when I'm doing something mission critical. Why don't you sell a slimmed down version with the stuff people want, an interface that's like the Finder, and then make a version of this and sell it to Windows users.
[Version 6.5010]

Zapp Brannigan commented on 21 Jul 2011
Sadly, if you have any apps that could open under a PowerPC they will no longer work. I guess this is progress in getting people to buy "new" computers, but it seems a bit heavy-handed. All in all, not a bad upgrade but I wish it didn't rearrange my icons on the desktop alphabetically when it was all complete. Seems to ignore your previous Finder view prefs after it's done, so remember that. Had to turn snap to grid back on (for desktop), set the icon size and grid spacing back to what they were, and put the icons back into how I had them. Also ignores your calibrated display settings, so had to go back and fix that. And Lion won't work with my Apple USB fax modem. :( That's an utter disappointment as I use that all the time to send faxes. Won't rate it as I'm still exploring.
[Version 10.7]

Zapp Brannigan commented on 21 Jul 2011
v3.1 does not work with Lion and the developer has been contacted.
[Version 3.1]

Zapp Brannigan commented on 11 Feb 2011
You can find the Mac OSX version 2.6.6 here:

Took a bit of time to find it on the developer's site, but it's a stable version. They should at least update their listing here at macupdate!
[Version 2.4.4]

Zapp Brannigan rated on 03 Dec 2010
[Version 5.0.5]

Zapp Brannigan commented on 10 Oct 2010
You can find it here:
[Version 3.0.3]


Zapp Brannigan reviewed on 11 Jun 2010
The cost to upgrade InDesign from CS4 is ridiculous. The new features just don't warrant it. InDesign CS5 is quirky at best. I have a top-of-the-line Mac Pro with a kick-ass video card, and the screen redraws are painfully slow. I actually went back to using InDesign CS4 because of this. I'm so tired of Adobe sending products out of the gate not ready just to keep some magical time-line they created at HQ. The new feature set is ridiculously tiny and improved features are barely noticeable. But the worst part: Having to keep Display Performance on the lowest setting just to make the product usable.

Finally you still can't save it to an earlier version of InDesign! This is unacceptable. Not all print shops (in fact, most) can afford to upgrade to CS5. The inability to save it as CS4 or CS3 is utterly unacceptable. Having to export it as an .idml file, re-open it in CS4, export again to a CS3 .idml file is ludicrous. Shame on Adobe for not even allowing users this simple functionality AT THIS PRICE!.
[Version 7.0]

Zapp Brannigan had trouble on 18 May 2012
If you're using Suitcase Fusion, and just upgraded to Adobe CS6, you'll note no plugins (don't hold your breath). Add the apps to the list of applications Suitcase should automatically open fonts for in preferences. Only drawback is that it only opens that font face, not the whole font family, which you may or may not care about.

I also don't use the plugins for Photoshop CS5x or Illustrator CS5x as they are extremely buggy. I just add the apps to the preferences and turn off the plugins. ID CS4-5x doesn't seem to have this issue.
[Version 15.0.0]

Zapp Brannigan had trouble on 18 Apr 2012
How to fix if using 10.7.3: I went into Home > Library (it's Hidden in Lion so you have to use the Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu and put in ~/Library/). Open Preferences. In the search bar of the window, enter adock, and choose name when it pops up. Delete any files with adock in it in the search results (I had three and one of the files had zero bytes). Empty your trashcan. Start A-Dock and it works again. It even has a trashcan at the bottom of the Dock.

As others have noted, in the preferences, don't turn on 'Show Trashcan on the Desktop' in A-Dock's preferences. Survived a restart as well.

Customized my settings and all is well in the universe. :) Goodbye Dragthing, hello A-Dock!
[Version 1.5.6]

Zapp Brannigan had trouble on 21 Jan 2010
Doesn't work on my Mac either. Using Snow Leopard as well. Anyone know anything on a fix???
[Version .02]

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