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Zampom reviewed on 18 Sep 2013
Please note that this update now requires a minimum of 10.7 (as noted above in the system requirements). View this as important, as when I updated my version 4 to version 5 of Inpaint, it still supported Snow Leopard (10.6). Seems that midway through this numbered version, the developer dropped support for 10.6. Had I known this was going to happen, I might not have upgraded earlier this year and just stayed with my version 4 of Inpaint. That said, for as often as I use the program (which is not all that frequently), my Snow Leopard supported version (5.2) does what I need it to do.
[Version 5.5]


Zampom reviewed on 10 May 2013
Not sure why this is here. This is exactly the same as the 15 April version of 4.7.2. I also tried downloading directly from IGG and same there ... no difference between that version and the 15 April version of 4.7.2. Regardless, my comments from December still apply. My biggest dislike of the program is its sluggishness. When Quicken 2007 opens and functions significantly faster (even under Rosetta on 10.6) .... the delays and lags experienced with iBank become annoyingly unbearable. I still use iBank ..... but can't really like it until they fix some of the fundamental problems with the program.
[Version 4.7.2]

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Zampom replied on 11 May 2013
Amcarter3 .... I guess the term speed is relative. Trust me, I am not alone here, the lags and sluggishness are annoying. Others have complained about this and a number of basic things that need (but haven't been) fixed yet. In my particular case, am using a 2.53 Ghz Mini with 8 GB of RAM and a fast WD Scorpio Black HD. I run both iBank and Quicken 2007 together, so comparing the functioning of both is easy. I have been using iBank since the very early days of version 3. It has ALWAYS been significantly slower than Quicken. While the launch speed has improved somewhat between versions 3 and 4, the lags and sluggishness while using the program remain. Even though my financed data file is large (21 MB ... with financial records going back to 1994), Quicken doesn't demonstrate the kind of sluggishness that iBank has and continues to demonstrate. As I said, I continue to use it (as it is the best of the current generation of financial apps), but it is far from winning my heart.

Zampom reviewed on 06 Feb 2013
I have used WebKit as my secondary browser for quite some time. Be advised, however, that while the download listed here does work on Snow Leopard, more recent nightly builds will not. I believe the last build that supported 10.6 was r130273. As of today, current build is r141985.
[Version 127383]


Zampom reviewed on 21 Dec 2012
As one reviewer indicated, iBank is adequate. I understand that no application is going to meet the needs of everyone (especially for a financial application) and trying to do so will bloat an application into a unfriendly monster (like the days between the lean and mean MS Word 5 and today's incarnation). However, having used iBank since the very early days of version 3, I have to say that many of the little things that bugged me about the program then, still do today. Primarily, the slowness of the program. It has improved over time, but still there are extremely annoying lags doing most things. Lots of other little things that, to me, are inconvenient ... like the number of clicks necessary to do things no easy way to change an account type (if originally imported incorrectly or set-up incorrectly) .... but, in the world of Mac finance programs, I guess it is still ahead of the rest of the pack. But, I don't really consider that saying a whole lot.
[Version 4.6.1]


Zampom reviewed on 02 Dec 2012
Heads up. As of 12/2/2012, version 23 is out ... BUT this one still crashes on start-up using Snow Leopard. So, if you are still using SL, stay with version 21.
[Version 22.0.1250.0]

Zampom commented on 30 Mar 2012
Requirements section needs updating. Last version to work with 10.4 was version 2.2.1 (available on developer's site). This app has been free for a long time .... please consider a donation to the developer. Do you really need anti-virus software for the Mac? If you are careful and know what you are doing ... probably not (yet). But, a little piece of mind is worth it.
[Version 2.2.4]

Zampom commented on 07 Feb 2012
Last review was in 2009. Probably for the best. The program has only gotten worse. Don't get me wrong. I started way back when using one of the few tax programs for Mac .... MacInTax. Then Intuit threw it into a blender and spit it out as TurboTax. Initially, TurboTax was okay. Unfortunately, Intuit's lack of serious support over the years for anything Mac forced me to switch to H&R Block 4 years ago ... and I have not looked back. Unfortunately, a nearby relative still insisted on using TurboTax. To add insult to injury, he only has a dial-up connection. So, I would manually download the updates for him ... updates which numbered well into the double digits. Many of these updates were to correct program errors ... not to just finalize forms. This year, things are even worse. There were problems which prevented Lion users from downloading updates via the program. Unfortunately, manual updates were not an option either .... and are still not an options. On TurboTax's site, there is a link for Windows users to manually download updates. For Mac users ... only a link to contact Intuit to figure out what to do next. Peruse the TurboTax community forums and you will see tons of problems for Mac users. Again ... to add insult to injury ... you have Windows "super users" advising Mac product owners on how to solve problems! This final straw was enough to make my relative switch top H&R Block. I still have to manually download updates for him ... but it is easy and there have only been 2 (with only 1 more ... probably a final one ... projected for 28 Feb). I really don't know why MacUpdate continues to include TurboTax here .... unless it is at the request of Intuit.
[Version 2011.r08.003]

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Zampom replied on 07 Feb 2012
Jay-Q: Glad to hear some are having no problems with TT. The in-software update function was supposedly fixed for Lion users on Dec 15th. However, the community forums still show some occurrences of 10.7.2 users having problems as late as this month (even after following the Intuit fixes). Regardless, it appears that if, for whatever reason, you need to do manual downloads of updates, you are out of luck.
Zampom commented on 02 Nov 2011
FYI. The links for other versions of Cocktail at the top of the page indicate that the SL version is 4.9.4. Actually, Maintain released version 4.9.5 for SL back in October. The download link above does, however, download the current 4.9.5 version (even though it says it is 4.9.4).
[Version 5.0.2]

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