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Yazarim commented on 10 Sep 2012
Very useful, yes, expecially if you have to write in more than 1 language, with different alphabets and special characters which you do not know how to type with (where to find on) your keybord. I think I have been using it for more than 20 years, always happy
[Version 6.0]


Yazarim reviewed on 15 Aug 2012
Without this plugin, RapidWeaver would be pretty poor. But fortunately there is Stacks. Support is simply splendid. But be ready to spend good money for the miriad of particular stacks. With them you really can do everything
[Version 2.1.3]


Yazarim reviewed on 15 Aug 2012
I have been using it since 2008 and I am pretty happy. I must say, though, that there have been ups and downs. New versions usually start as real disasters, then, step by step, with all the protesting, shouting and suggesting of customers on their Forums (precious!) everything works. Support is good and I must stress again the importance of Forums. (But if you want the best, be ready to spend good money for several plugins.)
[Version 5.3.1]


Yazarim reviewed on 08 Aug 2012
Very good software, like his "brother" JollysFastVNC. Support is simply perfect. Many thanks
[Version 1.38]


Yazarim reviewed on 05 Aug 2012
Works perfectly
[Version 1.9]


Yazarim reviewed on 02 Aug 2012
Very good and useful application. I have been using it since I do not know when. So I have been simply happy to pay for this beta 3, and the app works perfect
[Version 3.0 preview 2]


Yazarim reviewed on 26 Jul 2012
Here in Italy I cannot even download it. And I have been trying since yesterday, as soon as it oppeared here. God knows…
[Version 10.8]

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Yazarim replied on 26 Jul 2012
@Markus, you are right about the rating: it was for the service not for the software. I messed up, sorry. Do not think Apple( which I have used since 1984) will experience heavy losses…

@Al_s Evidently lines are much more developed in Sicilia than in Lombardia (as many other technologies we well know about…) Or maybe there is a much smaller number of users. What do you think? As a matter of fact I am still here waiting, exactly as many other people nearby, after 30 hours or so. Bye bye bye…

Yazarim replied on 26 Jul 2012
Bacio le mani, #Al_s

Yazarim replied on 23 Aug 2012
hey, Don Al_s from Sicily: already version 10.8.1? Wasn't it so perfect, so wonderful, so everything even with no "cotolettas"?

Yazarim reviewed on 25 Jul 2012
A good software. Takes some time to understand it in its many features - often confusely hidden —, but then it works very well. The manual could be much better, though. And it could be local and not only online, unbearably slow.
[Version 2.3.2]

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Yazarim replied on 25 Jul 2012
Me again, Wanted to rate it 4 stars but i see only 3,5. Do not know why. For me it is 4 stars

Yazarim reviewed on 15 Jul 2012
Very good and useful
[Version 1.7.7]


Yazarim reviewed on 24 May 2012
Simply the best since I do not know how many years. Many, many thanks, Tom!
[Version 4.9.13]

Yazarim had trouble on 23 Feb 2012
Very interesting application indeed, but I am afraid that it conflicts mortally with LaunchBar. At least, on my iMac LB crashes. Not completely sure, but the developer should check it.
[Version 1.0-beta8]

Yazarim had trouble on 09 Jun 2010
Speaking out of education I could say that the situation here is ridiculous. But I would prefer to say that it is simply insulting (for the registered user).
Once more, no way to have the installer work. So I listen to suggestions here below and try the way of Microsoft AutoUpdate. Miracle! My Word (the only application I use) goes from 11.5.5 to 11.5.6.
So I went on trying to update to 5.7-.8-.9. Every time the updater said: ok, update successfully installed.
Do you think that now the version of my Word is 11.5.9? No way: it firmly stays and remains 11.5.6...
Should I weep or LOL?
[Version 11.5.9]

Yazarim had trouble on 28 Apr 2010
Half very good application, hald disaster (but a real disaster).

A few days ago I discovered that at least 20 photos of mine (Raw + Tiff) had disappeared from their Aperture 3 project.

Why? Nobody knows. I uploaded them again from the DVD where the originals are (I have around 15.000 photos).

I have 14 photo albums on FaceBook, all of them uploaded through Aperture 3. Yesterday I discovered that they were GONE.

BEWARE: not from FaceBook, where everybody could see them, but from my Aperture 3 Library.

Now, if I looked inside Aperture Library through MediaBrowser or Desktop&Screensaver, they where perfectly visible and usable.

Why? God (possibly) knows, but I doubt.

I have lost all of today to destroy everything in Aperture 3 and restore an old Library from TimeMachine. Now everything seems to be there, but tomorrow?

Oh, my poor money...
[Version 3.0.2]

Yazarim had trouble on 10 Mar 2010
After 11.5.5 there has been no way that these updaters found the software to upadte. But it is there, updated to 11.5.5. Ridiculous! I am not very happy with Pages (too bloated and in many cases totally impossibile to understand) and unfortunately have to go on converting Word files to Pages because of my job. What a disaster
[Version 11.5.8]

Yazarim had trouble on 25 Feb 2010
Why, in the sofware interface, the Library is still named "APERTURE 3 TRIAL LIBRARY"?
I have paid the 99 bucks, received the package (not simply the code) and installed it: INSTALLED, not simply inserted the code.
Anybody kindly knows? MTIA
[Version 3.0.1]

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