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Yappa rated on 02 Jan 2011
[Version 3.1.7]

Yappa commented on 06 Dec 2010
I have been using this software for some time now (years) on a regular basis and while it did what I wanted there were occasionally a few strange things happening that stopped me from paying for it.

HOWEVER the dev constantly (not overwhelmingly) never stops updating this software with small bug fixes and added features. The donation prompt is a ONCE ONLY affair for each update, hardly what I'd call "nagging"; and I am about to make my donation straight after I hit this submit button (I'm that confident I won't get 'bitten' by this developer like I have by others).
[Version 3.8]

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Yappa replied on 08 Dec 2010
@Cainer - fair comment.

I had noticed that strange shaped button in the weird location at the top of the window recently, and I admit I forgot about it at the time of posting (above). For the amount of use I have given and will give this thing though the $10 I donated yesterday was worth it IMHO.
Yappa commented on 06 Dec 2010
OK! Now I get it.
It's free to use for 1 hour … or … pay for the full version.

BTW it's only $6.99 at the "developers" site. (Though I doubt that 'big fish games' developed this at all)
[Version 0.0]

Yappa commented on 14 Nov 2010
Best steer clear of this one; both the product and the developer that is.

Like other commenters below I found several significant bugs and unfinished sections/features in this product too late ... yes, I had already paid for it.

Not to worry (I thought) the developers web site certainly seemed professional and the product had been included in a promotional bundle so I assumed they must also be reputable by someones reckoning; but I was oh so very wrong.

After a very polite email to the developer pointing out several of the bugs and faults, and also including some feature suggestions, I still haven't even been acknowledged. I sent that email just over 6 months ago.

Oh I'm sure if the developer reads this s/he will make some promise about an imminent update, just like the one made below regarding the User Manual, I can tell you it never happened.

The shame of it all is that the foundation of a truly great little App was all there and quite apparent; too bad the developer just 'walks away' from his paying customers. Especially those of us who are busy IT consultants and are in the position where we can choose to expose their products to our client base/s ... or NOT.
[Version 3.0.13]

Yappa commented on 12 Oct 2010

Why does a Time Machine utility appear as an alternative suggestion to this news reader ? (and viceversa)
[Version 0.2.9]

Yappa commented on 06 Jun 2010
This should be handy. I just need to learn how to speak German now.
[Version 1.0]

Yappa commented on 06 May 2010
Without downloading this and using it i would say that it is just a repackaged, renamed rip off of the open source and freely available Boswars.

See www.boswars.org

I may post my latest Mac OS X build of Boswars 2.6 which you can have WITHOUT paying for it.
[Version 1.2.0]


Yappa reviewed on 06 Mar 2010
I bought this yesterday because of the promo. After using it for several hours since, I feel that the software needs to "mature" quite a bit more.

For instance :
- I have had the application quit unexpectedly about four times.
- resizing and/or moving objects can have unexpected results (shrink to nothing).
- elements can be very hard to 'get a hold of' (click on) so that they can be edited.
- editing an objects elements in the Inspector doesn't always update the object until it is clicked on again.
- pages with many elements (tables, rows, columns) can indeed slow things down considerably. (20" InteliMac 2.4GHz 4GB)
- 'creating a project' from a webarchive using the "Import WebArchive…" is possible; but it can't be done by dropping a webarchive directly onto the application icon. ???
- projects CAN'T be "exported" locally unless you setup a dummy ftp server. (I suggest PureFTP Manager). * Note the files are edited in place anyway, but an export has many advantages.

Summary : For $39.95 US this is probably not that bad an investment. It does help visualise whats going on. Combined with some special techniques (preview in Safari, use a secondary code editor where necessary, etc.) it has proved worthwhile (just).

Looking forward to some updates. Keep it going.
[Version 2.47.25]

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Yappa replied on 07 Mar 2010
A reply to my own review above.

Had I looked a little harder I would have found the Navigator button (perhaps it's too obvious). It makes my comment above irrelevant…
- elements can be very hard to 'get a hold of' (click on) so that they can be edited.

Yappa commented on 13 Feb 2010
This is my preferred (stable) solution for running PC stuff on my Mac.

WINE is great too but needs to mature a bit more, it therefore requires a lot of updating and command line manipulation. 3D games run great with WINE though, if you can get them to work at all.

For the best performance from demanding USB devices (e.g. DVB-T USB TV Tuner stick) VMWare outperforms all others according to my testing.
[Version 3.1.4]

Yappa had trouble on 06 Dec 2010

Beware!!! Clicking "Visit Developers Site" will start a download.
[Version 1.5]

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