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Xenos commented on 09 Apr 2014
Tor as of april 2014 is at vs. 3.5.4

available here:

the MacUpdate link above is broken
[Version 3.5.3]

Xenos commented on 04 Mar 2014
am i missing something? when (out of curiosity) i was opening the HELP, only examples for Windows seemed to exist; what about the Mac related things (although, for the most part, it will be possible to translate accordingly)
[Version 6.3]

Xenos commented on 23 Jan 2014
the link for supported cameras at the end of the description is not valid

the european link for supported cameras is:


Xenos reviewed on 08 Jan 2014
step by step in the last years we got used of Apple going greedy and incompetent but the longer the more patronizing.
so, after seeing now what i never thought possible, a browser of tenfold size of competing ones and still always behind, this seems just ridiculous if it were not dead sad as that.
[Version 7.0.1]

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Xenos replied on 08 Jan 2014
sorry, this was meant as a comment, not a review, but once in the need of decision, i gave it the stars that former versions deserve - i hope this explains the post above

Xenos replied on 08 Jan 2014
@ Molamola:

where do they explain that Apple Safari stands for the whole OS ?

They don't even manage to lead you to the Apple Safari download button if you click on "Download".
Xenos commented on 27 Sep 2013
when chromium was released, there was no compareable browser available but sonn i got a huge problem with its trmendous ram hoging.

has this been fixed or does it continue, what are other experiences to this issue ?
[Version 29.0.1547.76]

Xenos commented on 01 Feb 2013
what does this tool additionally with comparison to pushing the option key while clicking on the sound menu bar icon ? am i missing something ?
[Version 1.35a]

Xenos commented on 28 Jan 2013
I always asked myself where the stars come from when there no review existed yet for that app in question; any ideas ?
[Version 1.1]


Xenos reviewed on 15 Dec 2012
cannot thank enough the dev, Tran Ky Nam - thanks a lot !
there is no other competitor on the field with equal worth of use when you compare the features on the one hand and the lightness of the app.
[Version 0.13.2]

Xenos commented on 13 Dec 2012
once again, since i did not get any satisfactory answer to my question:

what is the use of a service like Dropbox in such a situation:

there is a folder "M" on my HDD with a size of 21 GB

i upload this folder to Dropbox in order to have a backup of my files contained within that folder as a repository for security reasons and for eventual file sharing

Dropbox not only stores all these files in the cloud, rather it mirrors all back to my HDD with the effect that i have an original folder of 21 GB on my HDD, a backup on Dropbox and a second 21 GB backup on my local Dropbox folder.

this is a giant waste of space and thus i consider this Dropbox service to be unreasonable because it's not sufficiently customizable.

imo it makes no sense to create a second backup on my local disk, once again 21 GB of disk space loss, which i haven't requested nor did i have the chance to opt out.
[Version 1.6.4]

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Xenos replied on 15 Dec 2012
Thanks to all for thinking and replying.

According to the echo to my post, it's pretty evident that this is or has been white area on the map, in other words, the questions have been legit and of some importance.

that said, i cannot quite reproduce some uneducated people here on Macupdate giving angry smilies for such a discussion of evidently some importance.
well, never mind, i keep requiring Macupdate to getting rid of this feature because it is on the one hand childish and of no importance but on the other hand annoying for those interested in having some kind of serious discussion as far as possible on this kind of sites.
Once again, thanx for all input and i promise, i'll work through all of your suggestions.
Xenos commented on 19 Nov 2012
Am i msitaken or does Dropbox physically save all uploaded content from the cloud a second time to my local HDD ? Like a mirror ?

I could understand if the contents of the local dropbox folder would be aliases of the files in the cloud - but not copies, by all means !

in my case, having a Dropbox disk space of 23 GB, would mean losing another 23 GB on my HDD !! this can almost not be true !
[Version 1.6.0]

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Xenos replied on 22 Nov 2012
Thresher sais: "Yes Dropbox does cache the contents of any synced folders locally on your HD, that's why they're called synced folders."

I do not agree with that argumentation: the folders would also be synced when updated after any change to the source folder.

No nedd at all to copy 23GB a second time back onto my HDD.
I only need one backup and for this purpose the cloud backup would suffice entirely.

So, IMO this strategy of Dropbox is just an overkill and neither useful nor practicable for bigger amounts of data.
Xenos had trouble on 23 Oct 2012
all 4 apps added to the list of RestoreMeNot prior to restarting are reopened all the same - obviously i'm doing something wrong

iMac 2009, OS X 10.8.2
[Version 1.0b10]

Xenos had trouble on 25 Nov 2009
the trouble is that nowhere i find clearly stated whether or not scheduled backups are possible with this otherwise highly flexible tool.
[Version 1.10]

xenos had trouble on 16 Jan 2009
no idea what i'm doing wrong with all versions lately issued: the app always would quit right after launching - as much as i would like to try it out:

PPC G4 Quicksilver 2001, 733 Mhz 640 MB RAM OS X 10.4.11 (iKey not active when launching Spark)
[Version 3.0b9]

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