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Xandra reviewed on 16 Jun 2013
This is MUST HAVE For ATV users (at least those without ML - and and probably those whose computers don't meet Apples' requirements)

It's a simple, elegant way to mirror your computer monitor via ATV on your TV: Great for things that don't play in iTunes (use VLC or other), and an excellent way to do demonstrations (assuming you've got a larger TV screen than monitor)

EASE of USE: Very simple setup (although I recall something of a 2step process in earlier versions under Snow Leop. to get audio working)
PERFORMANCE: I have a reliable, pretty fast network, and must say that at least under these conditions there's no lag at all.

IF you want to try to see how well it'll work on your system, get the demo at devs site at: http://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/
[Version 1.5]


Xandra reviewed on 02 Jun 2012
FAP excels at the most important characteristics of a font Manager: Stability and Reliability. I'm unaware of FAP EVER causing a system or Application crash.
All in all a VERY STABLE, RELIABLE product. I've often forgotten to disable before major system updates, with NO issues. Databases seem to survive through multiple Apple software updates, which makes me suspect Insider adheres to and/or keep up with Apples' guidelines.

Amazingly, I can't recall a conflict with any major program (bear in mind, I never update anything when it first comes out).

A very flexible, functional 2 pane interface that's reasonably attractive. Unfortunately marred by occasional dependance/funkiness in dragging operations.

They DO steadily add missing features usually without charging.

They do a better job at handling the Adobe Creative Suite than any Font Manager that I've tried (And trust me, this is no simple task, since Adobe seems to thrive on disregarding Apple's Font management guidelines. -- Ah… but that's another rant)

(Note that they all have to do with painful setup - painful at least for experienced fontheads and control freaks)

1) There's no proper way to transfer DB from computer to computer.

2) Setting it up for all Users on a computer, is a complex pain (I've done it at least 4x now, and I still have to reread instructions multiple times. C'mon Insider: This REALLY should be a script which users could download and run.

3) Lastly, but most annoying: I purposely have my fonts organized exactly as desired (Like many folks who really require a product like this) (in my case based on source, FontFamily and font type/style). Recreating this in FAP is a multiday affair, since it does not recognize subfolders on your HD. So If you drag a folder named for example TEXT SANS (which has subfolders for Avant Garde, Futura,FuturaCondensed, etc) ALL of the fonts are imported into one set - instead of a set with subsets.) Suitcase and FontReserve, handled this flawlessly.

Poor handling of System Fonts: You should be able to SEE these from within the FAP Database window without having FAP actually manage them. (including System, Library & User Font Folders)

Still Doesn't handle all font types: doesn't do Apples Font Collections, or PC Fonts, poor rendering of many symbol/pi fonts.

No Activation by Application.

Poor handling of user comments. No way to store user info about a particular font FAMILY. So you need to access by each font face, and even after that, you have to double-click a face to access that info. This may seem irrelevant to some, but the Source of the font is pretty important when dealing with duplicates.

Very minimal font information Available. Apple's Font Book is far superior for this purpose (as was the bygone FontReserve)

Could definitely use a more serious AppleScript Dictionary to fill in gaps.


The only anomalies I've had:
In very rare cases (which I believe to be written with improper font handling by the apps' devs - NOT Inisiders') fonts wont be activated. The only ones on my system are: Toast (when you create a titled DVD) and LaCie's Lightscribe Labeler - and I've got hundreds of Programs.

FAP Sometimes activates fonts that are NOT required (ex: a card game I used to have (Mike's Cards?), and also when sending/receiving formatted email in Entourage it activates ALL OSX fonts) In the end pretty harmless but disconcerting, and likely a result of irregular programming by certain developers.


SUMMARY: I HIGHLY Recommend this Font Manager above all others (I've tried at least the top 5 current options) for anyone who has fonts beyond those included with than MacOS and Microsoft Office. It may not do everything, but what it does, it does very well. Nonetheless, It won't get 5 stars from me until it's dealt with at least some of my gripes.
[Version 4.202]


Xandra reviewed on 21 Jan 2012
What set's this problem solving utility apart is that it warns & protects you from potentially risky moves.

Been using happily for years, for many purposes.
But Yesterday.....

It saved me from having to totally recreate my iTunes Library (10 years,over 3000files and about 150 playlists) AND having reset my iPad (120+ Apps and their settings)

It did so by simply locating / deleting some corrupt prefs which had been created during a crash.

[Version 2.85]


Xandra reviewed on 17 Oct 2011
* Very Fast, very capable converter. I would trust the reliability of its output over all others. Definitely something you could use in a Professional environment.
* Very Good Support (extremely rare these days)** They actually respond to email
* A MANUAL (a printed one is available) WOW!!
* Highly Configurable

* Somewhat confusing interface: Even after years of [somewhat irregular] use I need to refer to manual.

* Missing Pre-done Presets (ex: “iPod HR”, “DV FullRes” ) These could act at least as a starting point. Further: Pre-done and user presets should be available via menu items (they currently exist as seperate files on disk). In a nutshell: product could seriously benefit by copying Handbrake’s approach.

* No support for Chapters in H.264
Developer explained this is because Apple doesn't "officially" support chapters. However: chapters have been functioning for years now. and, Given that one can’t rely on Apple to support anything longterm it seems a mute point. IMHO: include them with the caveat that this could mess with long term compatibility.

* Pricey: (Especially updates) Most will be surprised that I list this last. But, although CPro IS considerably pricier than similar options, I’m not sure it’s overpriced. You’re paying for a kind of professional quality and support that simply doesn’t come with shareware or even full fledged programs these days. Also, it’s written so solidly, it’s not really necessary to update with each OS iteration.
[Version 3.01]


Xandra reviewed on 24 Aug 2011
This program is a model for Apple style interface simplicity: It can be used in the most basic way while brain dead. BUT There's much more here than immediately meets the eye.

Most of the things requested here (and many many more), already exist in the App. I'm not going to bother detailing all the options and preferences.

Just look at prefs and go to the HELP MENU (which directs you to the online manual).

If this program did audio/video capture - I could dump all my other screen capture utilities. On second thought, I wouldn't mind a separate app by this developer that did vid capture.
[Version 1.2.1]

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Xandra replied on 24 Aug 2011
Forgot to mention unlike some, this can take snapshots otherwise verboten (like DVD Player)

dumbly replying to myself

Xandra reviewed on 14 Jul 2011
Does what it says: quickly, simply, and with stability.

My only request: an option to disable UOPs.
[Version 2.2]


Xandra reviewed on 02 Jul 2011
You just cant beat this for simplicity and Reliability.
Its' the only backup utility that I can recommend for folks intimidated by such.

The fact that he's already made this Lion shows the developer's forethought. For those who've used expensive complex programs (can anybody say "Retrospect") only to discover there was no simple route back to earlier systems - you constantly had to begin new backups, or reinstall from orig sys before a restore: This is a godsend.
[Version 2.6.3]


Xandra reviewed on 03 May 2011

Till now this has been an ok browser.

However REMOVING THE PADLOCK ICON (to indicate site is secure) is ludicrous, I searched help to discover there's some other icon thats supposed to appear, that's color coded to indicate security level (I can't even recall what color means what) I think you're supposed to dawdle your cursor over the icon... C'MON...

NUF SAID. This is a dealbreaker for me. Back to Safari.
[Version 4.0.1]

Xandra commented on 14 Apr 2011
This used to (Thru OS 10.5.8) take screenshots of windows in DVD Player (the greatest reason for purchasing).

Just added this to my newest machine (MacPro) running 10.6.6, and try as I may - only get blank images.

Anyone else?
[Version 2.6.1]

Xandra commented on 09 Apr 2011
I haven't even tried ChronoSync yet, but I'm already impressed by the developer.
1. Credit for having a detailed PDF (some developers are bypassing these recently)
2. GREAT SUPPORT: Before trying I contacted developer about a tricky topic, He replied with a very comprehensive answer.

Three things matter in a Backup / Synchronizing APP: Reliability (longterm), Support, and Documentation. ChronSync has already impressed me on the last two.
[Version 4.2.0]

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