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Wormwood commented on 03 Jun 2006
The screenshot suggests that this app isn't using any fancy new OS features. Could it be possible that a build could be made to work with 10.3.9?
[Version 1.0]


Wormwood reviewed on 24 Jan 2006
This component works as advertised. It appears to create the "legacy AAC" format originally proposed by the MPEG-2 standard before Apple's addition of the QT container format to the MPEG-4 spec changed the way AAC files were packaged. As a bonus, this component appears to work both ways, allowing QT Player to open the older format and play it back without having to convert it to MPEG-4 format first. (iTunes still can't open them, however.)

Wow. I could have used this two years ago when I was using my Phillips Xpanium 8cm CD-R player. I actually had to jury rig a solution involving the mpeg4ip command line tools (and later, a tool I hand wrote) with AppleScript so I could make iTunes work with the CD-R player. I could have avoided some mucking with the terminal and use of AS's "do shell script" commands.
[Version 1.0]

Wormwood commented on 22 Nov 2005
I like this saver, and I'm thinking about using this to replace "FluffyCubes" which I've been using for a couple years now.

However, I STRONGLY recommend that the developer include either a read me file in the .zip, an authorship string in the Finder Get Info window, or a couple of lines of ownership text added to the options sheet. I feel a little uneasy having something installed on my system that has no "identity" trail to follow if I decide months from now to check for an update or want to share it with other Mac users.
[Version 1.2]

Wormwood commented on 22 Mar 2005
I haven't played this enough to give a fair review of the implementation itself, but this game is an version of the classic "Cathedral" board game, just more abstract. In the board game, you are landlords placing various buildings around a medieval town, trying to stake property. (The cross shaped brick is the cathedral itself and is neutral property.)
[Version 1.0.1]

Wormwood commented on 07 Mar 2005
Man, shareware like this makes me pine for the days when SoundApp was still maintained. It was much more versatile, and free...

...I can't find a current homepage anymore. )-:
[Version 2.1]

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Wormwood replied on 07 Mar 2005
Tanj, Safari mangled my post... the following URI should have been visible...
Wormwood commented on 03 Mar 2005
Has the demo itself also been updated to 1.18? Or just the release version?
[Version 1.18]

Wormwood commented on 15 Feb 2005
Demo is too short to figure out how to score or "rescue kittens." Most Tetris-like games don't really establish themselves or convey their feel until a couple of minutes into the game.
[Version 1.0]


Wormwood reviewed on 17 Dec 2004
A good, self-deprecating little joke of a Solitare app. Not quite on the same level as Freeverse's infamous Jared or SimStapler apps, but worthwhile nevertheless. (I played this game a lot with real cards as a kid, before computers made solitare an even more brainless actvity.) Pity the cards aren't bigger.
[Version 1.2.2]


Wormwood reviewed on 17 Dec 2004
A respectable first effort, but the gravity is WAY too strong... like the table was inclined at 10 or more degrees instead of the more customary 5 or so. This makes it very difficult to do shots from a captured or cradled ball, assuming you can capture it in the first place.

It's a pity the original developer has mostly abandoned the project, he's working for a game development studio now... good thing he open sourced this.
[Version 0.3.1]


Wormwood reviewed on 06 Nov 2004
So ugly, it's beautiful. I've been using MathPad since the time it was a "exclusive" item for the old DiskWorld software magazine. While the UI hasn't aged gracefully, this "poor man's Mathematica" really is a versitile and useful math analysis tool. I used it heavily for my math heavy CS courses in grad school, doing things like parameterized functions and matrix math. I still use it to this day for occasional "what if" graphing anaylsis, since Apple's old Graphing Calculator was crippled in comparision.
[Version 2.6.4]

Wormwood had trouble on 14 Jan 2006
1.2 worked fine on my system, but 1.3 has a glitch. Both the Preview pane and Test mode in System Preferences works, but when using the hot corner to trigger the screen saver, I just get a blank screen. This bug is also present in LotsaEscher 1.2. Running 10.3.9 on a iMac G4 700mhz.

I still think that the author needs to bundle a read me file or have a hot link in the options sheet to link back to his homepage.
[Version 1.3]

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Wormwood commented on 14 Jan 2006
A clarification... 1.3 will still work with hot corners if "Desktop Snapshot" is used. The blank screen only seems to occur when using a custom backdrop.
Wormwood had trouble on 26 May 2005
What *is* a "diaporama?" Searches via Google, and Wikipedia got me nowhere... It appears to be a French term.
[Version 2.0]

Wormwood had trouble on 02 Aug 2004
This implementation appears to produce unsolvable puzzles...

The best I can do sometimes is get a "near solve" where the 15 and 14 are reversed...
[Version 1.0]

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Wormwood commented on 02 Aug 2004
What's the algorithm that you are using to set the initial puzzle state?

If you are randomly assigning numbers to starting positions, then you have a 50/50 chance of producing an unsolvable puzzle. A proper algorithm makes an even/odd check like that mentioned by my prior link; on an odd result, you swap two adjacent tiles...
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