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Wooden Brain Concepts commented on 05 Dec 2011
If you select your Music playlist in iTunes and then choose File->Library->Export Playlist you'll get a tab delimited unicode text file. What does this do that that does not? By the way, if you're interested in taking that exported file and moving it into a FileMaker database, try our freeware iGotta MP3 Collection.
[Version 1.3]

Wooden Brain Concepts (developer) commented on 15 Aug 2011
The initial release of OmniGrowl version 4.3.4 was inadvertently Intel-only. Thanks to a user e-mail, this was corrected within a few hours. If you have a PPC, please re-download the universal version. Thanks.
[Version 4.3.4]

Wooden Brain Concepts rated on 27 Apr 2011
[Version 4.3.2]


Wooden Brain Concepts reviewed on 21 May 2010
In a few short months, Phone Amego has gone from a great idea with a lot of potential to a very solid, full-featured telephony application which mostly realizes that potential. This one simple menu bar application combines features of several other phone-related applications.

It will notify you of incoming calls (with Growl or its internal notification system). You can broadcast incoming Caller ID information over your local network, so every Mac in your house can see who is calling. If you use BoxCar or Prowl with Growl, you can send incoming land line call notifications to your iPhone.

Phone Amego also dials outgoing calls through land lines plugged into a USB modem, bluetooth cell phones (including an iPhone), Google Voice, and VoIP devices. You can even dial a land line attached to one computer from another computer on your local network. It handles numbers in your Address Book intelligently, including "plus-dial" international numbers and local numbers without area codes.

The developer is extremely responsive to suggestions and fixes problems and bugs nearly as quickly as you can throw at him (and I've thrown a lot at him over the past few months).

The chief remaining issues with Phone Amego have to do with a somewhat disjointed interface that makes initial set-up a bit tricky. But this itself is mainly the result of rapid feature expansion. It just got too big for its britches. I'd expect that eventually that will get cleaned up as well.
[Version 1.2]


Wooden Brain Concepts reviewed on 25 Apr 2010
The previous reviewer mentioned the clipboard sharing features of Stuf as if they were an after thought. In fact, it's Stuf's main advantage. Stuf makes it easy to provide little bits of information from one computer to another on your network. In addition, it tends to be much faster at handling rapid copy & paste operations than some of the other clipboard products I've tried that don't have this feature. (As a developer, I'm copying & pasting little bits of code all the time, and Stuf is able to keep up.)

On the downside, there are some stability issues and bugs that have long gone unaddressed. I have not yet tried this updated version, so I can't comment on whether they've been fixed or not. Lack of any developer involvement in their own forums seems to indicate that they're not terribly interested in the product anymore, which is a shame, because the potential is huge.

Finally, let me say that an iPhone app would make Stuf complete.
[Version 1.56]

Wooden Brain Concepts commented on 19 Oct 2009
The download link as of 3PM EST on 10/19 yields the last version, 1.43. There is no mention of version 1.5 on the dev's web site or forum announcements.
[Version 1.5]

Wooden Brain Concepts (developer) commented on 27 Jun 2008
It has been reported by several people that OmniGrowl 3.0 is opening its preference window at startup even though that option is not checked. I consider this top priority for a fix, but unfortunately I am on vacation until July 3 and have no access to the source to fix it. It will be fixed by July 7 or earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If there are any other issues besides this one please report them to woodenbrain at kagi dot com so a proper maintenance release can be produced ASAP after my return.
[Version 3.0]

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Wooden Brain Concepts (developer) replied on 07 Jul 2008
This issue is fixed with version 3.1. Thank you to those who reported it, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Wooden Brain Concepts commented on 14 May 2008
I love it how every release says:

"Version 11.4.2 update fixes a vulnerability that an attacker can use to overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code."

lots of holes to plug i guess.
[Version 11.4.2]

Wooden Brain Concepts commented on 05 May 2007
This is a nice idea but puzzling. Is it just a series of photos or actually a clock? If it is photos, how could it work as a world clock? Some further explantion would be helpful.

Also, given the instructions on the installer, it's difficult to see why an installer is needed. Presumably it just installs some photos to ~/Users/Shared/ and then you add those photos in iTunes? If everything installed is going into an open permissions folder, then it is difficult to see why an installer is required.

Furthermore, the installer attempts to connect to the internet, which is what makes me wary in the first place.
[Version 1.0b1]


Wooden Brain Concepts reviewed on 24 Apr 2007
This works great for what it claims it does. I find it hysterical that it's made by Freeverse, the same culprits that make major game distractions that are to blame for untold months (in total) of mucking about. Now then, this would be ideal if it took over CMD-Tab from the system to switch apps, and/or if there were a global hotkey to activate it, and/or you could use the keyboard to switch apps. There seems to be a minor glitch with two monitors: sometimes it dims only one until you switch to it and mess with its controls.
[Version 1.1]

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