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Wnp commented on 11 May 2013
Nice and usefull app.

I updated from the free Light version to Startupizer 2, but had to re-configure all login items because there no possibility to import from the Light version. That was export from Startupizer Light back to login items, then import all in Startupizer2 and configure conditions for each application.

The author never answered to my email asking if it was possible to import from the Startupizer Light.

As a feature request, I would recommend to display in the main application list window the condition setup for each application (disabled, load on key press, not load on key press, etc.)
[Version 2.2]


Wnp reviewed on 07 Feb 2013
Well, here is an example of a basic application with no function, no configuration, no support.
With the trial, you can convert 4 pages of your PDF. My test gave an output (no in-app preview) with squeezed pages. Original format (squared) was changed to portrait... why ?
So went to the developer site and could not find any help nor support option.
The app redirect you to their store with a price of 19$ but I saw in the Mac App Store that it has a promotional price of 10$.
But why would I pay for such a miserable app ?
Sorry to be hard, but I have little patience for developers who release poor or unfinished software and don't give support.
[Version 1.0]

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Wnp replied on 07 Feb 2013
One more thing: I checked the output and discovered that it is nothing more than a open source jQuery. And to save each page of your PDF as jpg, you don't need to buy this app.

Wnp reviewed on 17 Jan 2013
THE best launcher (and much more). I use it since first release and it never failed. The most discrete also. So many feature that I don't use them all.
[Version 5.4.1]


Wnp reviewed on 25 Nov 2012
Very nice and effective app.
Overpriced. I'm sure if they cut the price down by 3 ($9.99), they would sell at least 3-5 times more. Especially if they enter in the MAS.

Also, they need to assure people that they are still active in the development and updates of their app.

Finally, the trial period is too short to evaluate an application such as Tags. Because it's an approach to OpenMeta that we need to get acustomed to in order to really feel we need it.

[Version 2.5.1]


Wnp reviewed on 03 Jun 2012
After a few trial days with Coda 2, I'm not sure I will upgrade. There are nice additions, but also things they have removed. The most important loss is the CSS Edit view. I dont' know by heart all the syntax and it was very usefull to have a CSS view.

It's true that they added some helpfull inline edit features for some elements such as margin, border, color picker. One selector they could have improved is the backround element. For instance to have a file browser for url with repeat and position options.

On the GUI level, the tab bar with thumbs is not very practical and sites, files and every open files are on the same level. And we still don't see clearly if we are woking on local or remote files, although the path is shown above the files. Some buttons are above the file, many others below on the status bar. So it is a bit confusing but surely one get used to it and more efficient with time.

Panic team has put a lot of work in this upgrade, working "secretely" and for a long time. Maybe they could have shared more with users along the development process. The feeling is a bit of disappointment after a so long waiting.

Finally, I will certainly upgrade with the hope that Panic will polish this version with comments of users in mind.
[Version 2.0]

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Wnp replied on 03 Jun 2012
I reply to myself: after writing the above comment and played more with Coda 2 (which I bought at last), I think it's a good release, with lots of improvements, tools, tricks and features. Still it demands a learning curve and I still miss the CSS editor.

Wnp reviewed on 03 Mar 2011
Although I like and bought this plug-in, it lacks some basic feature, the most important being to bypass SneakPeek Photo when we just want to have a slideshow without all informations provided by SPP. Moreover, I never got an answer to my mail asking for this feature. I see that they have released today an iPad/iPhone version which means that they've put their ressources on this more profitable channel rather than improving their products. It's almost a year that they haven't updated their product. Too bad.
[Version 1.0.2]


Wnp reviewed on 03 Mar 2011
Although I like and bought this plug-in, it does not render anymore the eps files correctly. Moreover, I never got an answer to my mail asking for feature, that's a key to bypass SneakPeek Pro when we want to see the files without information provided by the plug-in. I see that they have released today an iPad/iPhone version which means that they've put their ressources on this more profitable channel rather than improving their products.
[Version 1.4.1]

Wnp rated on 16 Dec 2010
[Version 1.2.1]

Wnp commented on 27 Apr 2010
Transmit 4 is (finally) here. Great app with all features missong from version 3. The update is worth the bucks.
And now, they'll be able to focus on Coda 2, yeah :-)
[Version 4.0]

Wnp commented on 04 Jan 2010
No updates, still PPC... this product seems to be dead!
Too bad because I could not find an equivalent product.
[Version 7.0]

Wnp had trouble on 16 Apr 2013
No luck ! Tried twice and twice hanged iPhoto. Both times I had to force-quit. After 1st crash, when I relaunched iphoto, I got the message "some incoherence have been found in iphoto database" with option to repait... which I did. Second time I waited until iphoto was calm and responsive (no background activity) before launching Duplicate Cleaner, but after some time it gave me again the message "iPhoto is not responsive..." and truly it was hanged !
There wo't be a third try, sorry.
[Version 1.5]

Wnp had trouble on 23 Nov 2009
Very nice and usefull application, but NOT compatible with Snow leopard. The support don't give any date for an update. I think they should mention this on the product page or stop selling it until it is compatible with the current OS release.
[Version 1.2]

wnp had trouble on 15 Nov 2007
Same problem here with Saft Leopard. I paid the update but it is unstable, make Safari hang and impossible to print. M. Hao Li do not answered my email.

Another annoying thing is that Saft has to be launched as an application to launch Safari. The problem is that if you open an URL from another application, it launch Safari without Saft.
[Version 10.0.1]

wnp had trouble on 22 May 2005
Not working for me ;-( Does it support international systems (french) ???

On trigger, the action is displayed in the menu bar, but no PDF is produced.
[Version 1.1]

wnp had trouble on 27 Apr 2005
Just ugraded through Paypal and cannot download the software. Getting "Account locked" message.
What I hate is that there is no email address, no support page, no way to contact the author. Very bad!
[Version 8.0]

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