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Wizzard1 reviewed on 12 Jun 2011
The problem is that with all moving to the app store; they are not moving current registrations to the app store. I have ran into this many times and I don't want to be forced to rebuy when I have already paid. This whole process is not handled well. Vendors still need to have the updates available on their site until they move to a new version and all have to update from the chosen update site (app store). Even if you are owner the app store does not recognize that you have already registered/purchased it. For the vendor to dump these kinds of questions back to Apple is really silly and stupid and it is their responsibility to take care of their current users as well without forced upgrades.
The app is great but the delivery method sucks be time.
[Version 2.0.6]


Wizzard1 reviewed on 24 May 2011
The dev still has not changed their pricing. The web site does say a price but then they call out a special for introductory pricing but the pricing is still the same.

Yes, I have found that the background daemon also consumes a wack of CPU resources especially if you also have Little Snitch and Hands Off running.

I have not seen the "hover overs" being resolved nor any ability to again justify the pricing based on Little Snitch or Hands Off with less functionality.

What is does; it seems to do well albeit with a performance hit.

Better value is still Little Snitch and Hands Off for functionality and pricing. I do like the display of RubberNet ....
[Version 1.1]


Wizzard1 reviewed on 25 Apr 2011
Interesting software but pricing in EUR makes this too expensive and to boot the site says "introductory pricing" but no pricing changes so I would assume that these are very high introductory pricing.

Overall the tool looks nice; rollover on some IP address does not show URL while others do; some other inconsistencies but since this is version 1.0 and to coincident with the "concept of introductory" pricing - the pricing is too high especially in EURs.

To be fair I have only played with it for about one hour and it was interesting to see the traffic but Little Snitch and Hands off do somewhat the same but they do have rules that allow blocking.

It would be nice if this also had that capability as well as "killing" a session plus capturing to a log file and as saving the graph. Might be worth the 30 EURs.

At least it has not crashed or failed to start. Have not been able to test any other Macs as far as remote monitoring nor the "multi-user" mode in a small way since it did show me my id, root, and one other id.
[Version 1.0]

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Wizzard1 replied on 28 Apr 2011
Interesting that rambaldi rated this as five stars without making any kind of comments or review. Would sure like to know reasons why the rating was five stars. This kinda of blind reviewing makes the rating very uneven and not valid .. ratings with out review/comment should not be allowed in the stats. I am sure anyone rating something at five stars would at least have something great to say .. maybe rambaldi is a friend or works for the company - giving a very uneven slant to this.

I would call this cowardly and not valid and as before should not be allowed.

Wizzard1 reviewed on 07 Dec 2010
Faith is restored. I just received a very nice note from Eric at Intech - with an explanation of the situation around 3.6. I though I would share Eric's note with all. Thanks again Eric.

"I looks like someone found our hidden product page for this upcoming version release and posted the link to MacUpdate before our website was ready for to go. This update was going to be released in mid December - which was going to allow us time to finish the site, the demo and new purchase/support options. Since the new version is now public knowledge, we'll be making changes throughout the site (in real time) over the next couple of weeks to reflect everything that is new. But until then, there will be information on the site that has not been updated.

Note: When you login, notice that there is now a serial number just above the download link. Starting with this version, SpeedTools Utilities will now require you to enter this serial number the first time that you run the application. So, please write it down while you are downloading the version.

We are sorry for the trouble that this caused. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me."

I just finished downloading 3.6 and in the process of installing. Wow!!!!
[Version 3.6]

Wizzard1 commented on 28 Nov 2010
Well, there has been NO contact or reply to any emails from the developer or their new reseller.

Has anyone been successful in getting in contact with these folks to see how us registered users for life are supposed to be this new version???

This is really poor communications on the part of the company - actually both since neither post anything (lately) about upgrades.
[Version 3.6]

Wizzard1 commented on 23 Nov 2010
There is no name calling - I said idiotic comments especially if you are developer.

Run a business - not every business has to be a money maker from the start and the fact that it took some long for the dev to get to 2.0 - the dev is making current users pay for his long period of inactivity and betas - functionality could have been introduced along the way.

The large upgrade fee is pure and simple a money grab. Nothing more and nothing less.

It is time for the dev to be reasonable and stop making folks who have already paid cover his expenses.

I agree that 29.95 for the full and as a new user product is reasonable.

Please look in the mirror dev and ask yourself the question - if the shoe was on the other foot - would you pay - and the answer is no and you would have the same complaint.
[Version 2.0]

Wizzard1 commented on 23 Nov 2010
Very idiot comments.

I work for a living in IT, am a developer, have my own business but I don't run it like this.

I have used ForkLift since the beginning but over the upgrades cycle there has been little new stuff - mostly bug fixes.

I run a sound business; I don't throw away money.

I dislike the "graf" .. moving a business forward takes time and effort and really can't be done ala "Facebook" .. most of what was in 2.0 should have been in a maintenance release before this. The vendor choose to leave it out so they could attach a large upgrade. This is pure and simple a money grab.
[Version 2.0]

Wizzard1 commented on 22 Nov 2010
As a long time user of ForkLift, I agree that the upgrade price is way out of line. it really should be 9.95. I had sent the support email a comment about this as soon as 2.0 went gold but deaf ears I believe.

Too many single "threaded" applications that only do some things. From the post most folks are looking for a multi-tool that relieves some of the other issues. Most of the other tools have had the same comments posted but no changes in any of them.

It must be a wacky business model that they all seem to stick to for fear of treading on someone's toes or raising competition - ah, competition - it makes you work harder to keep up and keep your product in great shape. Maybe these devs are not up to the task.

19.95 is WAY WAY WAY WAY too steep given the long time between v1.0 and v2.0. You gain business and revenue (not as much as you may want) if you may upgrades very afford and not forget your other users in a quest of the big bucks. In the long run, it is better to keep your current customers happy while gaining additional sales via word of mouth from the previous folks that you treat well.

I will NOT upgrade unless it is 9.95. Get the hint guys.
[Version 2.0]

Wizzard1 commented on 18 Nov 2010
I have written a number of emails, support tickets, etc with no response as of yet.

They are not making it easy for existing users to upgrade to this latest version. You should be able to login to your account and download as per normal; however when I do this all I can download is the 2.8.1 version.

There also has not been any communication (again) that I have received about this new version - just by chance saw it here.

All of this could have been handle a little better I would think but I am giving them the benefit of doubt.

I just want my "upgrade for life" update to version 3. Can they keep their word??
[Version 3.6]

Wizzard1 commented on 17 Nov 2010
Nice to see this final updated.

I originally bought this back in 2004 with the same "updates for life" however the company has not been good about communications. I think in all those years I maybe has three emails from them - I guess you could say that is good given spam. I did not get any information about a 3.6 pro release or that anything was being worked on. i diligently checked for updates, etc but then the currently available version does not work now (2.8.1) under 10.6.5 - just comes up with a blank box with their logo and an OK.

I went back to their web site and logged in; still a valid customer. Since I am waiting for a reply. Please send to sales@speedtools.com; which is where a password reset email comes from but maybe auto and no one monitoring. They do mention they are updating their site.

The new version looks great. I sure hope that they fulfill their promise of upgrades for life BUT I have this little thought in the back of the mind that since it has PRO in it; they will call it different or a new product and oddly there will not be an upgrade available so I will have to pay full price. I may be speaking too soon but ..

I will keep all posted. The purchase online goes to their site but version 3.6 is not even mentioned. I have seen it mentioned on a few sites and pricing but nothing directly from the Intech folks.

It really would be nice for some good old fashion communications.
[Version 3.6]

wizzard1 had trouble on 09 Sep 2009
This beta version has issues in the installer. It is supposed to add a hidden group called "boinc_master" to any userid that is part of the admin group. It does not add it but it does add the other hidden "boinc_project". You can not access the software unless it adds you. I have to back to 6.6 of the software. Been using this software for years but I guess the beta still has many bugs in it.

Otherwise use the stable version until all the bugs are worked out.
[Version 6.10.4]

wizzard1 had trouble on 12 Aug 2008
This did not work for me but I have tracked it down to the issue and MS should take note so they can fix their installer code.

1. Had no issues in any update to 12.1.1.
2. Removed languages files except English (you can remove them).
3. Tried the autoupdate; failed with that error message about not finding an valid install.
4. Tried downloading the dmg and tried installing; same error as in #3.
5. Install and download files were English.
6. Mounted a backup drive with a copy before language removal.
7. Autoupdate and downloaded file worked just fine on this version.
8. Copied all changes to main drive; MS 2008 works just fine.
9. Tried to run both update files against my newly updated MS 2008 (which all read 12.1.2); told me no valid installation. I was only expecting that it was already up to date.
10. MS needs to modify their installer and remove this darn bug.
[Version 12.1.2]

Wizzard1 had trouble on 07 May 2005
removing the 1.1.3 from the installer file works just fine on Tiger. Thanks muchly. Software works great as well.
[Version 1.1.3]

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