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Wizard2 reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
An important patch in the final hours before filing deadline is inexcusable.

These people need to go away -- or gain a sense of mission.
[Version 2013.r17.002]


Wizard2 reviewed on 28 Mar 2014
Impressive -- as usual.

Love the UI, graphics and additional panels for info about the computer and battery.

Please show your appreciation and love for this awesome utility, by making a donation to support continued development and maintenance.
[Version 3.0.1]

Wizard2 commented on 26 Mar 2014
Masking is a complex process requiring precision and quality output.

The developer's icon for his app -- which should embody the quality and functionality of his app -- is PIXELATED.

Doesn't bode well for the quality or value of the app.
[Version 3.2.1]


Wizard2 reviewed on 29 Jan 2014

They've gone to a PAID model for their slow, and buggy storage solution.

DropBox may not be perfect - but the options, utility, and stability far-surpass anything SugarSync can offer.

SugarSync is EOL and SOL in my book.
[Version 2.0.44]

Wizard2 commented on 26 Jan 2014
Can understand that $2700 is cheap for a broadcast/wire operation -- but for a less than 10Mb file.... well.... I have iOS apps that size that were far cheaper.

Anyone use this stuff and can discuss value for pros?
[Version 3.0.5]

Wizard2 commented on 21 Jan 2014
WOW -- almost $40 for an iPhone maintenance app?
Not saying that it isn't worth it -- but this developer needs a serious reality check on the value of OPTIONAL tools for optimizing portable devices.

The lack of detailed information feeds my skepticism.
[Version 1.0.1]


Wizard2 reviewed on 16 Jan 2014
As an Admin for several servers – I'm disappointed that OS X Screen Sharing client is broken in Mavericks. None of my alternate solutions have worked.

Figured that Remotix was worth a try -- and WOW -- IT WORKS. Despite the $39.99 price tag, Remotix is amazing.

Easy to configure, lots of connection options, amazing quality, low latency, maintains connections, option to store machine profiles and sync with iCloud, and even password protection.

Remotix is the VNC/Screen Sharing app that Apple SHOULD have written.

BRAVO to the Developers -- $39.99 IS A BARGAIN.
[Version 2.1.3]

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Wizard2 replied on 17 Jan 2014
I am glad that for your firewall and security settings – that Apple's native VNC is working. For many admins in many situations they are not. Apple's Community has many robust discussions, and no definitive solutions -- my reason to favor Remotix -- which apparently is unaffected in the same environment where Apple VNC fails. As always -- your mileage may vary.... Thanks for your comments.

Wizard2 reviewed on 30 Sep 2013
Forget Portfolio -- it is buggy, slow, hobbled by poor EXIF implementation and expensive.

As a former Portfolio user and proponent, I am saddened that Extensis has given lip service and hype rather than provide a complete overhaul of their once-great app.

iView MediaPro was amazing before they cashed out to Microsoft who gutted it and abandoned the project.

Other posters are correct -- the best MULTIMEDIA viewer is Adobe Bridge. There is NO quality cataloging or library tool suitable for large and robust collections.

iView Media came closest ever.... hint hint developers.
[Version 8.5.8]


Wizard2 reviewed on 31 Aug 2013
AVOID TUNEUP if you love your iTunes library. Why pay for an app that will hash and scramble a collection you've spent hundreds of hours polishing? Specifically:

> Hashed metadata on many songs downloaded from iTunes
> Removed correct album art, placing it with NOTHING
> Incorrectly tagged NON-identical songs as duplicates, while totally missing a few EXACT duplicates
> Scrambled library sorts and displays

Consider this -- your iTunes library is a very sophisticated database. You should never allow ANY third part app to 'assist' you with optimizing or cleaning-up an Apple database.

There are NO SHORTCUTS. And remember that restoring iTunes from a backup is complicated -- a mere TimeMachine restore will miss many of your farkled data files store outside your music folder.

I've learned a hard lesson with TuneUp -- no matter how hard they promote their app -- IT IS RISKY TO EVER TRUST TUNEUP.
[Version 3.0.2]


Wizard2 reviewed on 03 Aug 2013
DO NOT USE THIS APP if you love your iTunes collection.
TuneUp can wreck your iTunes library leaving you no solution but to revert to a backup.

1. App mangled artist, song title, and album on many iTunes-purchased songs.

2. Scrambled meta-data on similarly named songs.
3. Is poorly designed with no accurate way to measure progress
4. There is no preview or un-do as there is with many renaming apps.

For $50.00 users -- and their collections -- deserve more respect and confidence that their Library will never be harmed.


Deserves NO STARS, but there's no option for that
[Version 2.4.8]

Wizard2 had trouble on 07 Aug 2013
A word of EXTREME CAUTION: Before using ANY non-Apple app to manipulate bookmarks -- back them up to a safe place by exporting them.

BookMacster was used with verify and alpha sort bookmarks. No problems with either OS X 10.8.4 Mac with iCloud sync. However iOS 6.1.4 [10B350] iPads started crashing on launch due to a problem with the BookMacster-modified bookmarks on both iPads.

It has taken me a couple of weeks of work-arounds with Apple to recover, and claw my way back to where I started. Thankfully I had good backups of both iPads and my previous (unaltered) set of bookmarks.

Managing bookmarks with this developers products has always been simple, productive, and safe -- but my recent experience prompts me to interject a STRONG word of warning to anyone using BookMacster until this issue is vetted.
[Version 1.16.2]

Wizard2 had trouble on 07 Feb 2010
Latest 1.1.1 in-app update, and this download -- result in the app not launching -- with no helpful logged info in Console.

Until it can be determined that this is not a universal issue -- best to avoid updating Ringer -- which is a superb app by the way.
[Version 1.1.1]

wizard2 had trouble on 09 Feb 2007
Downloaded, installed, and actually wanted to try it out. After 10 minutes it still hadn't retrieved a 'personal phone number' or passkey. Beginning to lose my patience to even TRY this.... If it's this hard to get to first base.... imagine trying to make that important call.
[Version 1.1]

wizard2 had trouble on 04 Jun 2006
Had the same password problems, and when the system finally confirmed that it 'armed' it did not detect gross movement that had set off alarms with previous versions. Did not want to 'unarm' despite being given correct password. Removed the app, and the associated Keychain entry until things shake out.
Short: not my fav release.
[Version 3.1]

Wizard2 had trouble on 04 Sep 2005
Elementary question here: What interface is used to get the discrete audio inputs into the Mac?

Manufacturers? Models? What do you recommend?
It would seem that the mating of this software to that hardware would be esssential -- let the software release is silent on this.

[Version 1.9]

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