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Wings commented on 12 Sep 2008
Snapz still has the issue of causing a disk write about every 2 seconds. This is keeping my Mac from automatically going to sleep after a period of inactivity. As a workaround, I keep it in the dock and activate it when needed, but after my capture I must THEN bring up Activity Monitor to quit the process. I usually don't remember to do that until the next morning when I see my Mac is still awake. (In my case, I think I'm triggering this problem due to having many icons on my desktop. I read somewhere that this can cause the disk activity. Strange, yes.) And why is this important? A MacPro V8 pulls 205 watts at idle, and 12 watts asleep. 2 kilowatt hours per day, times 365 days, is around 60 bucks a year additional cost for not sleeping. I could buy a copy of SnapzPro(+movies) every year for that.... or not.

This has been a problem for quite some time. Can't you fix it?
[Version 2.1.2]

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Wings replied on 30 Sep 2008
Just for the record, I too have a paid for installation of Snapz. But I found a workable solution. I now use Grab when I need a screen capture, and Snapz when I need a movie capture, which is very rare.

Wings reviewed on 17 Mar 2008
I've been using SubEthaEdit for a while now and my only real complaint is that it isn't as easy as it should be to navigate around in my document. I was hoping that Forgedit would be the answer, but unfortunately it isn't. Like, I want a BACK button, I want a button to take me to the current cursor position (CMD-J will have to do), I want temporary markers that take me to that place with a click (markers that are real easy to set and clear). I'm not getting that with SEE or with Forgeedit. The biggie is that Forgeedit doesn't give me split windows and won't let me open another window with the same file. That's a killer for me. When I'm editing I often refer to other parts of the same document while editing in a certain area, and if I can't see it while typing then I waste time hoping around. Forgedit's nicest feature is the ease in which new modes are created and configured. Not really that much of a plus though, since once created you don't have to continually mess with them.
[Version 1.0]

Wings commented on 24 Feb 2008
I never could get it to open a disk. It'll open files but not the disk itself, so I wouldn't call this a disk browser. File browser, yep. Except on an external drive, where it wouldn't open anything on an attached SD card. I'm still looking.
[Version 1.3.3]

Wings commented on 22 Dec 2006
I see that if you have multiple users logged into one computer, there is no way to chat with one user without the other user being logged off. So, I'll keep looking for the ideal home network instant messaging app.

(Hint to developer: If you would assign different ports to other users on the same machine, you might get this to work with multiple users.)
[Version 5.0b1]


Wings reviewed on 30 Nov 2006
Hey, this is good. I re-encoded an 8.4MB 50-second 320x240 mpeg1 clip into h.264 using Quicktime's standard encoder and x264. Here's what I got:

With QT h264 I set the encode to High, data rate to Automatic. File size turned out to be 7.3MB and it took 55 seconds.

With x264 I had to set the quality to Medium-High to acheive roughly the same file size (setting it to High like in h264 encode resulted in a large file, 20-something MB). It took 45 seconds and generated a 6.3MB file.

The x264 was noticably better. It wasn't WOW! better but it was definately better. You had to look hard to notice that either of them were not as good as the original. And x264 did it with a smaller file. I like it. Nice going, whoever did this.
[Version 1.1]

Wings commented on 22 Nov 2006
I paid. I downloaded. I installed. Received the email with the magic activation number. iClock refuses to accept it. Emailed the developer and so far have received no response. This isn't good. I'll give them another day and then I'm calling my bank to cancel the transaction.
[Version 3.0.5]

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Wings replied on 23 Nov 2006
Got a reply from the iClock folks. They tell me my issue is with MacUpdate, not them. We'll see.
Wings commented on 12 Aug 2006
What I've always wanted in an app like this is the ability to UNrar a set when there is 1 or more missing pieces (and none or not enough PARs). Not useful for getting apps from the newsgroups, but at least for music or movie files, you'll get SOMEthing rather than nothing.
[Version 3.6]

Wings commented on 05 Aug 2006
What I want is an RAR expander that can tolerate a missing RAR file and STILL expand what is there, rather than quitting and just giving up. Sometimes I find a movie file or music file that's been RAR'ed but for some reason is missing 1 or more segments (newsgroups are infamous for this), and I'd like to see or hear whatever is available in the RARs.

Do it, and I'd pay for it.
[Version 0.8.5b2]

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Wings replied on 25 Aug 2006
Thanks Errorr, but I've tried that.
Wings commented on 26 Jun 2006
Shucks .... no internet play.
[Version 1.1.1]

Wings commented on 20 May 2006
I do hardware & software design. Have for many many years. I went to their site & downloaded the user manual, then read through the intro, titled "What Is Compass" (that's its new name, btw).

And I *still* don't know what this thing does.
[Version 1.0pb2]

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