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Wikno rated on 03 Dec 2013
[Version 3.5.4]


Wikno reviewed on 27 Aug 2013
I like this app because it allows you to switch between 4 different sources, and know which one you're using! Different formats, etc. with each one. It was working great then started crashing (1.02), so I emailed the dev, and mere hours later he had a new version posted and notified me of it in response! Looks very promising, and I'm looking forward to seeing this develope. Let's give some of those other lyric apps a run, and hopefully all of them will become better as a result!
[Version 1.03]

Wikno rated on 21 Aug 2013
[Version 0.16b]


Wikno reviewed on 20 Aug 2013
Wow... was getting ready to contact MU support about this bit and switch on a license I had been using for five months that is suddenly non-existent. Now I see I'm not alone. They responded saying that they "notified" customers that they accidentally gave people 3.x licenses when they meant to give away 2.x licenses... okay, but I've been using 3.x for months now, all my databases have been upgraded. They also offered me a discount on upgrading...? Seriously? I have multiple bundles of theirs I have spent lots of money. Where was this notification however? Where? I get emails from them about this release or that discount, etc. Never got any such notification. My email address is listed right there next to my license file. If posting a RESPONSE, as oppose to ISSUING A STATEMENT (a notification), on ONE software download site, is their definition, then they are really reaching here. I don't use MU exclusively, sorry. I don't live on here as I have my own opinions about the vocal community here. However, now I'm glad to see NO ONE stand up for koingo in this instance. Also, dear koingo, refusing to use the 'f' word, but instead abridging it, then quoting it exactly is yet another business no no... because you are still using... it doesn't offend me, it just drives the point home that you have NO IDEA HOW TO DEAL WITH YOUR POTENTIAL/CUSTOMER BASE.

Unfortunately, this whole ordeal also undermines macupdates mupromo credibility. I'm glad to hear that people have contacted them and their response is in the right direction... unfortunately if macupdate has no recourse in this matter, it will damage potential sales even more. What am I buying? When? I believe macupdate should 1, never do business with koingo again... including into the foreseeable future (30 years), including even if koingo gets bought 20 times... and should have a banner on the MUpromo site for the next 3 months, and make a statement in the comments of this software. And, further, NOT HAVE ANY DOWNLAOD LINKS TO ANY KOINGO SW ON THEIR SITE AND BADGE EACH LISTING PAGE WITH A SIMILAR BANNER EXPLAINING THINGS.

It's not that I can't afford a discounted data guardian 3 license, which I can't anyway, but that's beside the point haha, it's that it is absolutely such a violation of my civil and consumer rights. This isn't like it's an automobile recall, or a lease on experimental fleet of electric Rav-4's (which was very emotional to see) and they took the license back for my own safety or because I signed something that said they could. If they wanted to keep my data safe, they would be working/coding exclusively on this one product of theirs because the bugs are so horrendous! They should be giving it away daily because it's so dangerous! They made a mistake, took months to finally iron it out to their satisfaction, by basically walking into my digital home and stealing something from me.

I would like to point out that the license being reset bug was fixed in dataguardian 3.1 which is not listed here on MU as of this writing, but instead 3.0.9 is. 3.1 was released on the 19th of August 3013. WHat would happen is if I launched data guardian when not on the internet, it would ask for my email again. I had been doing this for months, very annoying since I move to multiple locations to work with my laptop, and of course if they had FIXED THIS BUG SOONER then we would all have a valid license files!

And now, an excerpt from their "Known Issues" web page (support.koingosw.com/index.php/Data_Guardian#Known_Issues):

-okay, so, no text, just a link? You couldn't be bothered to summarize this issue for me at all? Should I send that guy some money?

Importing into 1Password will duplicate record entries instead of syncing them. We've asked 1Password for a fix to this.
-Nice, so, should I switch to 1Password or not?

Possible memory leak if app left open for a long time? Maybe has something to do with autosave?
-is this a publicly available bugtracker? no, it's a one line entry on wiki page...

If you store the DB password in keychain, move the entry into a new Keychain Data Guardian will delete and recreate the "login" Keychain next time you access your database.
- wow, okay, good thing I NEVER do this. I still use secretbook 4.0.5 along side this not keychain (secretbook was a great piece software that was sold to some psycho company that increased the price like 10 fold or something and changed the name, fixed some minor bugs, and made it worse over all, oh, and slow.)

-Don't get me started on the issues with the mobile version.

Now let's have an excerpt from the release notes:

Version 3.1 — August 19, 2013
Very Important Bug Fix: Fixed issue with registration information not saving between launches.
-a little self serving... considering the current air of cheating/lying/etc.
-extra cute how it says "Very Important..." LMAO!!!

Version 3.0.9 — August 18, 2013
Very Important Bug Fix: Fixed a very rare bug that would cause databases to be erased on some systems if the timers were out of sync and a database was locked, and NEVER loaded, and the auto-save kicked in. Additionally, databases are no longer auto-saved redundantly if no changes have been made since the last save.
-wow, thanks for that... wait, what "timers," what are you talking about?

Version 3.0.8 — April 30, 2013
Bug Fix: Should no longer crash when re-ordering fields and the field name is told to redraw while it's being removed.
Bug Fix: Upgraded to latest Keychain APIs to improve stability.
-oh, so... the thing here is, Your keychain can still be wiped out... see "known issues"... sigh...
- this is the third consecutive update that address keychain related issues... and they still haven't fixed the deleting of your login keychain? what are they spending their time on!?

... (skip a couple less horrendous release notes)

Version 3.0.5 — February 25, 2013
New Feature: New default Presets value to only preserve original field values if they are not empty.
-NOT A FEATURE, this worked in 2.x, and you broke it 3.x therefore it's a FIX, since it's clearly an option that was SUPPOSED to be made available/working... this is like when apple removes something from an OS, then puts BACK in the following one. You're just leapfrogging feature inclusion then calling everything a NEW feature... ridiculous. (don't ask me to cite this, if you're an apple head you can look it up yourself very easily, hint use the wayback machine (archive.org) to view apple's own website)
New Feature: New records automatically start out in Edit mode.
-THAT IS NOT A FEATURE. That's like saying, when you put paper in the printer also put ink!
...(skip rest of 305 notes, even though there are some bad ones)

Version 3.0.4 — February 23, 2013
New Feature: Now automatically selects for editing the new field if adding one to a record.
-See record editing above in 305... same idea... not a feature...
(skip rest of 304)

-.... you get the idea...
they are using dozens of "New Feature" tags when they should use either their own "Bug Fix" or "Modification" tags. like:

New Feature: Quick Browser redesigned visually.

New Feature: Quick Browser now automatically sizes to columns to fit information.
-(imagine speaking very softly) if you have a computer program, that accepts data represented visually with characters that is meant to be retrieved at a later date, and that data is clipped visually and therefore not human readable... THAT IS A BUG NOT A FEATURE NOT YET IMPLEMENTED TO ALLOW THE INFORMATION TO BE READ!

[Version 3.0.9]


Wikno reviewed on 04 Dec 2012
Still works great under 10.8.2.

Tested on PW protected multipart (30+ pieces) archive.
Tested working (non-corrupted) file output.

I have tried GUItar, and a couple others. This is great, and… very non-bloated!
[Version 2.2]

Wikno rated on 09 Nov 2012
[Version 4.0.3]

Wikno rated on 09 Nov 2012
[Version 3.4.2]

Wikno rated on 09 Nov 2012
[Version 5.3.2]

Wikno rated on 09 Nov 2012
[Version 4.5]

Wikno rated on 27 Aug 2012
[Version 0.4.3]

Wikno had trouble on 28 Jun 2011
I just want to share my results of taking MacFool's advice from below:
Upgrading to this file:
was the best thing I ever did with my firefox.app.
That url is for US-English, you can trim it in the obvious fashion for your desired language.
Now I say 'upgrade' because that's what it feels like! I can use firefox again! (4.x-5.0 didn't work, and gave massive beachballs).
[Version 5.0]

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